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Framed by Lake Huron and Lake Superior, Algoma is home to 25,000 square miles of REAL Northern Ontario wilderness. Discover adventures ranging from wilderness vacations in the great outdoors to the urban experience in Sault Ste. Marie, or in one of our small towns and villages. Indulge in your favourite activities like fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing and epic touring routes. Here you’ll find stories written by expert authors and local writers about the best of what Algoma has to offer. When you find something you like, visit, our official website with all the resources you'll need to plan your trip.
The Great Northern Ride brings snowmobilers together to raise money for local youth.
The 14th Annual GNR - Northern Ontario's Big Loop Through Algoma Never before has a group this large snowmobiled through this part of the country and what makes this ride special is friendships and raising funds year after year. The GNR (Great Northern Ride) Charity stayed in their in home province of Ontario this year. This incredible fundraising group has raised over 1.5 million dollars for handicapped children over the past 14 years and they…
Find out what's behind the unique placenames in our area.
Looking at a map of Algoma Country, it's hard not to wonder where some of the place names originated from. Were these old place names used by explorers to name settlements on their New World maps? Ancient gathering spots by the First Nations People? Were these places named for local or national heroes, and people who made a significant impact on the area? Perhaps local folklore? Where the Name 'Algoma' Comes From 'Algoma' is a…
Building a snowman is just one of the fun winter activities to do in our region.
Opening your front door to see mountains of snow reminds you that you're truly in the North! Algoma Country really does have the types of winter you hear about on the news -- the towering snowbanks, the sub-zero temperatures. But what the news doesn't tell you is that winter creates another season of adventure in our region. There are countless activities here to keep you active and having fun. Here are 10 winter activites you…
Try something new this winter: go dog sledding in Algoma Country.
Discover a truly iconic Canadian winter experience in Algoma Country: dog sledding. You'll enjoy the thrill of being pulled by a fun-loving, energetic group of Siberian Huskies as they take you on an incredible winter sightseeing adventure. Évasion Nordik is a small family owned and operated dog sledding business in Hearst, Ontario. Owners Luc and Danielle Dubois have a passion for Siberian Huskies and share their love for their furry family by introducing them to…
Drop shotting is one of those little known fishing tactics that works well on walleye with both soft plastics and live bait. The author recommends spinning rods a No. 1 or 1/0 drop shot swivel hook and six to eight pound test fluorocarbon line.
Drop shot rigging is a wildly popular bass fishing presentation that just happens to work wonders on walleye too! I came upon this realization recently while fishing walleye at Kag Lake a fly-in destination owned by Leuenberger's Air Service out of Nakina, Ontario. My guest for the week was bass fishing pro Kendall Ulsh who helped me better understand how deadly effective drop shotting can be. On this particular trip fishing was outstanding and it…
Algoma Country is home to some of the finest Nordic skiing in the world.
With an average snowfall of 10 feet, there are many winter outdoor adventures in our region: cross country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, ice climbing and snowmobiling. The Algoma region is home to some of the finest Nordic skiing in the world from well groomed trail systems to bold back-country treks through snowy landscapes of frozen lakes, ice falls and winter wildlife. There are many great places to cross country ski here and below are four…
 Bundled up against the bitter cold, the author, Kendal Ulsh and Mike Elkins show proof that smallmouth remain active right up to the bitter end of the open water fishing season.
Biologists categorize smallmouth bass as a warm water species. Despite this designation smallmouth remain active and feed often late into the fall when the water is anything but warm. Algoma Country has excellent smallmouth bass fishing! To receive free information about smallmouth fishing in our region visit Catching these fish in cool to downright cold water conditions is about understanding how the metabolism and activity level of the smallmouth bass slows down in the…
Algoma has a vast network of trails that run through breathtaking scenery.
Hello my Snowmobile friends, it's Luc here better known as "The Groomer Guy"! It is the time of year that that we all wait for the big snow fall to come and to go out riding, it's the time of year that we begin to plan our upcoming snowmobile trips for the new season. As many of you are planning right now I would like to take this time to invite you guys to try…
View from the Lookout at Pancake Bay, overlooking the resting place of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Planning your fall colour getaway in Northern Ontario has never been easier, especially if you know where to find fall colour reports in the area you're interested in visiting. Fall Colour Reports across Ontario The number one resource is the Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report: The Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report website shows colour percentages and leaf fall counts at the start of the season, peak times and the end of the season. All…
Lake Crossings are well marked and make for a fast ride.
Editor's Notes: Algoma Country Tourism Staff received this photo blog from Howard J Elmer and Stephen Elmer about their ride in Algoma on the snowmobile trails which took them to Elliot Lake and Blind River areas last winter. Below is what they had to say about their trip. For more information about snowmobiling in Algoma visit Algoma Country takes in the north shore of Lake Huron right over to Superior where it meets with…
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