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UFC Legend Matt Hughes on the Hunt in Algoma Country

Matt Hughes steps out of the ring and into an Arctic Cat to explore the trails and hunting opportunities of Northern Ontario. But did he catch anything?

Avid hunter and nine-time UFC Welterweight Champion and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes took on a new challenge last fall: the wilds of Northern Ontario. On November 9, 2015, he landed in Algoma Country for a scouting mission in preparation for a moose hunting trip. His show "The Takedown" with Matt Hughes, Dirt Trax TV and Arctic Cat were along with him for the ride.

The day before he went out into the bush, Matt made time to drop by Algoma University for a reception, meet and greet and to give a pep talk on his time and experience as a collegiate wrestler. 

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After checking in at the Moose Horn Lodge in Chapleau they spent the day hunting for small game. Because the bush is so dense in Northern Ontario, they were hunting birds off of the trails. This gave them an opportunity to get to know the ATV trails in Algoma.

Matt had this to say: “There are endless trails up here in Ontario. You can go on for days and days and days and never hit the same trail twice. Whether you’re on an ATV or a snowmobile,it doesn’t matter—they’ve got all kinds of paths up here… And the views and everything else, I like to see the rolling hills and see the terrain of the area. All in all a great experience.”  

All counted, they managed to nab five grouse. Not bad!

The next day, Matt headed west, to Wawa and Wilderness Helicopters to get up in the air and scout the areas he'd go to for his moose hunting trip. 


Meet the Champ

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Born: October 13, 1973

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 170lbs

MMA Record: 45-9-0

As the nine-time World Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes is one of UFC's most popular figures. His travels as an ambassador of UFC have made him a household name, and Matt’s image as a champion, hunter, outdoorsman and devoted family man have endeared him to millions of fans outside the mixed martial arts world. 

Although he is retired from fighting, Matt continues his affiliation with UFC as Vice-President. 

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