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Dale Hainer

Dale Hainer, born 1960 into a family of hunters, anglers, trappers and farmers, pursued a career with the Ontario Fire Service at age 19. Throughout his life, he maintained his roots to the land and shared his tales while being a professional outdoor writer, photographer and videographer. Retired at age 50 from the Service, he now spends countless hours creating more adventures to share with you. Member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada.

Monday, 10 March 2014 10:35

Pelee Pheasant Traditions

After a 90-minute ferry ride from Leamington, we step onto fabled Pelee Island. Located in the middle of Lake Erie and accessible only by boat or plane, Pelee is known for its winery and bird watching. But we’re here for the superb pheasant hunting. Only about 250 people live on the 42-square-kilometre island but Canada's southernmost inhabited region’s population swells during the pheasant hunt. Pelee Island birds are raised and released as part of an…
Author's Note: The region around Gowganda Lake Ontario offers perfect conditions for creating a booming population of Grouse. Hence, it is a favoured destination for upland hunters and those wishing to quickly train a new hunting dog! A whispering fall breeze floats Aspen leaves to a colourful ground blanket. The sun shines brightly through the remaining kaleidoscope foliage causing my eyes squint. There is movement in the long grass ahead! My senses tweak alert and as…
Thursday, 19 September 2013 14:16

Traditional Deer Hunt at Little River Lodge

by Dale Hainer Growing up in a family of old-style deer hunters who insisted on using doggers to push deer to waiting watchers, I was ecstatic when Little River Lodge announced it was offering traditional deer drives. Little River Lodge is nestled at the convergence of the Little Pickerel River and five lakes, with hunting grounds easily accessible by boat. I volunteered to be a dogger for the week and at 6 a.m. a hearty…
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 19:16

Finding a Sportsman's Utopia

I would like to fish every day. I would love to hunt every day! I dream of fishing every morning and hunting every afternoon! I woke up and found it at Golden Eagle Camp & Outfitting in Northeastern Ontario. Searching out my dream week was made easy via the web by visiting On the website, I quickly came across Golden Eagle Camp located between the towns of Matachewan and Elk Lake. Both communities offered fine services for…
How do you get 4 adult men to screech, squawk and giggle like school girls on the last day of semester? Drop them in on Algoma Country's Brunswick Lake Lodge for a week of FISHING! Watch as Ontario Outdoor Writer Dale Hainer takes you on a virtual adventure of Brunswick Lake Lodge. Having ventured to many remote Ontario outpost camps in my life, Brunswick Lake Lodge, situated in the historical heart of Algoma, was a…
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