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James Smedley

Professional photographer and writer James Smedley's contributions to US and Canadian books, magazines and newspapers have earned him over 40 National and International awards. James is an assignment and stock photography represented by several top agencies. In addition to teaching photography workshops, James is Travel Editor at Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine. Visit James at

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Monday, 16 June 2014 16:00

Attawapiskat Pike of Beteau Lake

  Back in 2009 I heard about a new camp being constructed on the Attawapiskat River. The river had gained legendary status as a hotspot for trophy pike and walleye and the thought of brand new water was intriguing, so I contacted Eddie Geurgis, the man behind the venture. As we spoke it became obvious we shared a common passion and quite unexpectedly he invited me up to test fish his new camp in September. …
Remote Brooktrout Backed up with Pike and Walleye In the spring of 2012 I discovered that Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps in Nakina had reopened an old outpost camp on Dusey Lake, a large widening of the Dusey River located right in the heart of trout country. I’ve paddled the river many years previously and it always stood out as one of the finest trout rivers I’d ever fished. A call to Seven Lakes confirmed an…
Sault Ste. Marie's Naturally Gifted character is only enhanced by its proximity to Lake Superior. The spectacular coastal landscape north of the city is easily accessed via the TransCanada Highway, where visitors can enjoy several parks established along the largest of the Great Lakes and the inland lakes and rivers of Algoma Country. A half-hour drive from town and located within the embrace of a large bay, warm water, a long sandy beach and washroom/picnic…
Wednesday, 05 March 2014 14:37

Embrace of Superior’s Slate Islands

“It must have taken a run at it,” I say as I set the hook into what feels like a heavy fish. My light spinning gear is taxed heavily as the canoe drifts over clear water betraying the deep structure that undulates beneath. We are surrounded by an amalgamation of islands and inlets with shorelines ranging from sheer granite bluffs to beaches of fine brown sand. The scene is complete when Neil Simpson folds a…
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 15:47

Exploring Geraldton’s Kenogamisis Lake

"That looks like an obvious spot," I say to my Dad as I point to a narrows where the dark waters of Kenogamisis Lake are funnelled under the Highway 11 bridge just east of Geraldton. I throttle back and lower a two-ounce bottom bouncer trailing a leech as the current draws us through the narrows. Just as we emerge from the shadow of the bridge a sharp tugging prompts me to set the hook. My…
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