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James Smedley

Professional photographer and writer James Smedley's contributions to US and Canadian books, magazines and newspapers have earned him over 40 National and International awards. James is an assignment and stock photography represented by several top agencies. In addition to teaching photography workshops, James is Travel Editor at Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine. Visit James at

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 14:37

Embrace of Superior’s Slate Islands

“It must have taken a run at it,” I say as I set the hook into what feels like a heavy fish. My light spinning gear is taxed heavily as the canoe drifts over clear water betraying the deep structure that undulates beneath. We are surrounded by an amalgamation of islands and inlets with shorelines ranging from sheer granite bluffs to beaches of fine brown sand. The scene is complete when Neil Simpson folds a…
Thursday, 27 February 2014 11:42

Sioux Lookout Snapshot

Moosehorn Lodge, near the community of Sioux Lookout, is not a bad place to be if you are an angler. I suspected as much when booking the trip to a destination surrounded by so much water. Fellow angling fiend Gord Ellis and I have spent the last couple of days plucking lake trout from Vermillion Lake and walleye from Minitaki with friend and fishing guide, Ben Beattie. Today we hit giant Lac Seul for muskellunge.…
Thursday, 20 February 2014 09:41

Fly Fishing the Far North

I've always wondered if it would be possible to tire of catching brook trout on a fly. It's never happened and I strongly suspect it never will but, as an insatiable trout angler, it's fun trying. And if there's any place to overdose on big brookies it's the far north's Sutton River: fabled trout waters flowing 100 kilometres from Hawley Lake north to Hudsons Bay. After flying hundreds of miles north to the headwaters of…
Friday, 14 February 2014 16:18

Guide to Successful Family Ice fishing

"Islay's got a fish," says my four-year-old daughter Lillian. Islay, two years her senior, is furiously reeling a small jigging rod. A tiny perch rockets out of the hole, stubbornly gripping the worm in its teeth. On seeing its peril the wise little fish releases its hold and arcs into a perfect swan dive back down the hole. Tears well up in their eyes as the five-inch trophy disappears with a flick of its tail.…
Thursday, 05 December 2013 08:43

Winter Success on Oba Lake

Our crew of six adults and five children assembles at the Algoma Central Railway Station in Hawk Junction under grey skies. At around 3 p.m. the train rolls in and long ramps are lowered before loading snowmobiles, sleds and mountains of gear into the baggage car. We sink into the reclining chairs of the passenger cars and watch the winter landscape roll by as the train gets up to speed. After an hour and a…
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