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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 09:43

2015 List of Fishing Derbies in Algoma Country

Here's the list of the 2015 Fishing Derbies happening in Algoma Country this year. You have a chance to win amazing cash prizes, experience great fishing competition and camaraderie among fellow anglers. We keep the list updated with the most current information so please check back. Chapleau Pike Ice Fishing Derby February 14, 2015 Chapleau, OntarioBig Cash Prizes.Tickets: $140.00Tickets available at Collins Home Hardware, Chapleau Village Shops, Pit's Bait and Tackle. For more information visit…
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 10:25

Top 10 Facts About Lake Huron

Algoma Country is bordered by both Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Since we've given you the Top 10 Facts about Lake Superior, it was time to share some interesting facts about Lake Huron. Below are 10 facts (plus a few extras!) that we bet you didn't know. 1. Lake Huron is the second-largest Great Lake with a surface area of 23,000 square miles -- slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia -- making it…
We've developed a handy little guide to help you when planning your fly fishing trip to Ontario's Algoma Country. This guide contains information about the fish species in our region, where to buy hand-tied flies that are best suited to our area's fishing, fly fishing gear, guide services and the types of fly fishing trips you can book in Algoma. For more information about fly fishing in Algoma Country visit the website Where to…
Algoma Country Tourism Staff are excited to announce the creation of the Ontario Fly Fishing Records Registry! Until now, fly fishing anglers have been catching and releasing their trophy fish but were never recognized for their catch. The Fly Fishing Records Registry will collect and publish stats and photos of all listed species that meet the minimum standards of size. Just think, during your next Algoma fly fishing trip, you'll be able to submit your…
The mere mention of ice fishing sends us into a bit of frenzy here at Algoma Country Headquarters -- we can't help it -- we love ice fishing. From the excitement of the tug on the line and bringing up a big Northern Pike, Walleye or Lake Trout from the dark, icy chamber below to the peaceful surroundings that draw you in as you spend time with family and good friends, ice fishing really offers…
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