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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Ontario's Best Trails Are In the North—5 ATV Adventures Worth Trailering To
Editor's Note: Most people don't know just how big Northern Ontario really is. If Ontario were a hamburger, Toronto would be a pickle, the Great Lakes and James Bay would be the bun and the north would be the meat. 90% of Ontario is NORTH. That's where you get the truly great ATV trails. There's only one catch: If you want to get to the meat you've got to trailer your steed to get there. So how do you decide if it's worth a 5 hour ride to get to a trail when you could just bomb around your Uncle's acreage down the road? As mentioned above, Northern Ontario is huge. How I broke down where to find the best trails was…
The Planet D Reveal 12 Amazing Things To See On The Slate Islands
The Planet D, world-renowned travel bloggers, spent the summer of 2014 exploring Ontario, Canada. In this blog, they share the amazing things they saw on their kayaking adventure on the Slate Islands, Lake Superior. Imagine visiting a group of islands where you can witness rare wildlife and Arctic tundra plant life while paddling around dramatic sea cliffs in the middle of the world’s largest fresh water lake. The Slate Islands are located 13 km off the North Shore of Lake Superior, and to visit is an adventure you will never forget. They are home to the densest population of woodland caribou in Ontario, the cutest population of snowshoe hare, plus the world’s largest shatter rock cone on earth. Paddling The Slate Islands…
A massive 9 point big bodied buck harvested in North Western Ontario.
Whitetail enthusiasts around the world know about the legendary status of the western Canadian provinces for whitetail deer hunting, but the world rarely talks about Ontario. Having hunted here our entire lives as well as publishing Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine and the Big Game Records of Ontario, we know first-hand how much of an oversight this is as giant world-class whitetails roam in every corner of Ontario. We hunted early November with our good friends at Pickerel Creek Camp in the beautiful Patricia Region in Northwest Ontario, right near Ear Falls. The whitetail rut was clearly in full swing as we saw a nice ten point tending a doe in the middle of an old clear cut as we were…
Climb Above It All in Ontario
Whether you're a novice or an expert, there are hundreds of places for you to climb above it all in Ontario. From Thunder Bay and Red Rock to Marathon and Orient Bay on Lake Nipigon, this is the ultimate ice-climbing country, where dozens of ice-clad routes reach heights of over 90 m (300 ft.) and the waterfalls freeze so thick that the ice can stay until June. Agawa Canyon Four-Day Ice Climbing Adventure For the Intermediate to Advanced Climber, this Superior Exploration package is over four days in duration and takes place during the annual Agawa Canyon Ice Festival in March. Come take on the Agawa Canyon challenge! Ice Climbing (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels) Superior Exploration courses offer various levels…
A Match Made In ATV Heaven—The HATVA and KATVA Joint Ride
The Kawartha ATV Club and the Haliburton ATV Club joined together for their annual ‘Joint Ride’ on the August long weekend. The dreary Sunday weather did not deter members from Ontario’s two largest clubs from coming out to enjoy a day on the trails. The ride was hosted in the Haliburton region on the Pine Springs Road T2.8 trails, just west of Kushog Lake and bordering the Muskoka District. For those traveling from far, the Highlands Motel in Minden provided ideal ATV friendly accommodations.   The staging area was found on Pine Springs Road off of Highway 35 between Carnarvon and Dorset, Ontario. It accommodates many trucks and trailers, and proved to be an ideal spot for gathering for the…
Morning at the St. Charles Big Bear ATV Rally
Each April, the small town of St. Charles Ontario located just east of Sudbury, hosts the “Big Bear Rally” a huge ATV fundraiser ride that attracts over 700 riders each year. This is a great opportunity to check out some absolutely amazing trails on this guided group tour. St. Charles trails boast all kinds of mud, as deep as you want it, or you can choose to bypass the dirty spots and play it safe. All sorts of riders enjoy this event from the Boys with toys to the Moms and Daughters. Enjoy chili and a hotdog on the trail at lunch and a pasta dinner to complete this great family event. New friends made at the St. Charles Rally…
Burton Penner with his dogs on Caribou Lake
Editors Note:  Published February 11, 2013  Minus 35 degrees Centigrade this morning, good thing it is not cold! But I will plug the dogs in anyway. Speaking of the cold, I always find it interesting how it is only local people that will want to cancel if it is cold; and folks from far away are disappointed if it is not! Siberian huskies love the cold. The last ten days have gone by fast; the dogs and I have only had one day off. So today, is a good day to get new trail I've been working on for the last few months finally finished. I am excited to finally get to use this trail as it will cut off…
Today’s sturdy, modern snowshoes are neither big, bulky nor cumbersome and you can wear them under kind of footwear.  They so practical you forget you’re even wearing them.  And snowshoeing is fun.
When you're eleven years old, what is better than catching fat, sassy Northern Ontario walleye and tasty jumbo yellow perch on a sunny, warm, mid-March spring day? The answer is catching them after you strap on a pair of snowshoes and walk to your favourite ice fishin' hole. That is what my grandson, Liam and I did on the weekend and he is still talking about it.  Not the fish, necessarily, but the hike across the snow covered lake on our modern webbed feet. Like much of North America we've enjoyed record amounts of snow this winter in Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country.  And with the warming temperatures of late, it has made for some tricky travelling.  The ice is still…
Learn some tips and tricks for catching big Lakers.
I got a call from my good friend Gerry, "weather looks good for tomorrow, we doing this?" he asks. My answer was obviously yes! So the plans were made to hit Lake Ontario in the morning. We began our day at 9am. We launched the Lund and made the 10 mile run out into Lake Ontario to "Where the Lakers Haunt". We started in 40' of water by putting out magnum dipsy divers on each side of the boat paired with a spoon along with lowering the down riggers to about 10' off bottom also paired with spoons. We set our trolling speed to 1.8mph. Some days the trolling speed varies anywhere from 1.5-3.0mph. You have to find out what…
"There is no substitute for just doing it"
I heard the sounds of my posse fading away. The roar of snowmobile engines went quiet quickly, muted by the forest and deep mounds of snow. The trail was wide and meticulously maintained, making my inability to un-wedge my front ski all the more ridiculous. I had pulled to the right to let another rider pass, proper etiquette in a sport that behaves itself better than most drivers on the road. I happily waved my crew onward, deciding that nobody needed to see me try to put my machine into reverse. It isn’t pretty. They say you should try everything once. And they are right, this elusive ‘they’, who apparently have endless resources to go higher, faster, further. What if…
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  • Go Wild on a SUP Safari in Algonquin Provincial Park
    Go Wild on a SUP Safari in Algonquin Provincial Park
    When I paddle my canoe through the twisting creeks and grasslands of Algonquin Park, I often wonder what creature of the north is tromping through the marshlands on the other side of the tall grasses that tower around me. At times, my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I…
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  • Ontario Snowmobiling: Muskoka
    Ontario Snowmobiling: Muskoka
    One of the best things about the Muskoka Snowmobile Region (MSR), located in the tourism region called Explorers’ Edge, is its easy access for the six million plus population of Southern Ontario. From downtown Toronto it's barely two hours until you're riding smooth Ontario snowmobile trails operated by the OFSCin…
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  • Ice Fishing on Lake Wanapitei
    Ice Fishing on Lake Wanapitei
    Lake Wanapitei located on the north eastern end of Sudbury and offers for various species; including Pickerel, Lake Trout and Pike. Once the ice is thick enough, Rocky’s on the Lake offers Heated Portable Ice Huts for the ice fishing enthusiast. They will set you up with a drilled hole, where…
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  • Fall Colours - The Lake Temiskaming Loop Tour
    Fall Colours - The Lake Temiskaming Loop Tour
    Fall Rides The leaves are changing colour and there is no better time to head out onto the open road. We've spent the last week touring all over Ontario, exploring the Lake Temiskaming Loop Tour and finding all the best place to visit, stay, and side routes to take -…
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  • July 4 & August 29 - Full Moon Social and Paddle, Burlington
    July 4 & August 29 - Full Moon Social and Paddle, Burlington
    Celebrate the summer season in the Burlington Beachway Park with a full moon social beach party and paddle under the stars. Enjoy live music on a torch lit beach then go stand-up paddling in the glowing moonlight.   FIND OUT MORE  
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  • Get Away to the Almaguin Highlands, Ontario
    Get Away to the Almaguin Highlands, Ontario
    Leave your ‘To Do” List at Home If you´re looking for a slower pace and a relaxing getaway, make Fern Glen Inn your relaxation destination. Nestled on 120 acres just 20 km north of Huntsville, Muskoka, you’ll find the perfect blend of thoughtfully-appointed B&B accommodations, wholesome yet indulgent meals, and…
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  • Spectacular Rides in Ontario's Highlands: Haliburton and the Ottawa Valley
    Spectacular Rides in Ontario's Highlands: Haliburton and the Ottawa Valley
    The incredible thing about Ontario is that riding a mere hour or two outside of some of its busiest cities brings you to regions like Ontario's Highlands, which stretch from the Ottawa Valley to Haliburton. Quiet, green, and rugged, much of the area remains a wilderness to this day. And…
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  • Livin' on the Edge: Three Riders Experience Parry Sound By Ground, Water and Air
    Livin' on the Edge: Three Riders Experience Parry Sound By Ground, Water and Air
    This Fall, Parry Sound is getting a visit from three well-known female riders who are adventuring across the region by every motorized means - from ATV to dirtbike, hovercraft and airplane. Bear Claw Tours, Georgian Bay Airways and Air Rider Hovercraft have teamed up to bring three seasoned riders to Ontario to ride…
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  • Northern Ontario's Incredible Gold Rush Tour
    Northern Ontario's Incredible Gold Rush Tour
    What exactly is The Gold Rush Tour? This premier Northern Ontario trail destination is perfect for any snowmobiler in search of adventure, cool scenery and an overall epic trail experience. Developed by several regional tourism representatives, together with media partners, the Gold Rush Tour manages to connect all the communities…
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  • Choosing Your Snowmobile
    Choosing Your Snowmobile
    Today’s clean, advanced technology snowmobiles are as quiet, reliable and state of the art as automobiles. And like autos, new sleds offer many features and benefits to make your sledding as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Typically, new participants in Ontario should look at a “touring” model in the popular…
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