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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Fly & Hike Adventure with Georgian Bay Airways, Ontario, Canada
Soar Over the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve  Get out and enjoy nature on this truly unique experience with Georgian Bay Airways! You’ll be flying over the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, one of 15 UNESCO World biosphere reserves in Canada. The eastern coast of Georgian Bay is considered the world’s largest freshwater archipelago. During this experience, you will fly to a remote Georgian Bay Island, where you can explore its natural beauty, and the bay's rugged coastline. You can hike the trails and shorelines and photograph the remains of possibly the most famous Georgian Bay shipwreck The Waubuno.  The Waubuno was a sidewheel steamship that sailed between Collingwood and Parry Sound during the 1860s and 1870s transporting people, supplies and animals.  Early in…
Motorsports Head-to-Head—Snowmobiling or ATVing?
Editor's Note: With the City of Greater Sudbury having recently passed a new by-law allowing ATVs on public roads all-year round, and just as snowmobile season is set to kick off, what better time to explore the relative pros and cons of two of the most fun outdoor activities that we have? Here in Ontario, we're lucky enough to have plenty of trails and destinations for each, which begs the question, to snowmobile, or to ATV? Snowmobiling or ATVing, That is the Question As a bit of a motorsports fanatic, I'm fortunate to have so many great routes, trails and places to travel here in Ontario. I've been working in the motorsports industry as a media person for a long…
Boaters Battening Down the Hatches in Ontario—Part 2: Lake Nipissing Regions
Click here to return to Part 1 - Batten Down the Hatches—Cruising Lake Nipissing The West Arm The West Arm area of the lake is historic and very unique. The two cuts that you pass through going from Warren Bay to Monetville alone are worth the trip. There are two bridges where Highway 64 crosses the route. Both offer 5.3 meters clearance, which is plenty for an express cruiser like ours. If you have a flying bridge, check your specs! Where Highway 535 crosses the route at the island is another story. We were able to pass under the northerly bridge by lowering our biminy and removing our light standard—our official clearance is 9.5 feet, which means the clearance was…
Living in Harmony with Nature at Northern Edge Algonquin
" If someone at the Edge is stoked about doing something, they are encouraged to do it" says Greg Waters (steward, gardener, kitchen guru, designer, builder at the Northern Edge Algonquin).   This has resulted in an unique, an award-winning Algonquin Park solar-powered nature retreat that nurtures guests with organic and locally raised food in a handcrafted surroundings designed in harmony with forest.       
Northern Ontario: Sudbury Loops
Snowmobiling in Ontario on Northern Ontario Snowmobile Trails in Sudbury Area Start off this three day Ontario snowmobiling tour in OFSC District 12 at the Sportsman Lodge on Kukagami Lake for all your full amenities, then brace yourself for a gorgeous trip as you make your way around some of the best trails Ontario has to offer. Day 1 Ride out and  stop on Wolf Mtn. - Proceed to Rocky's for lunch and fuel up. After lunch Tour around Lake Wanapitei to Coniston and back to Trails Leave Sportsman heading north-east on C206D – past trail 78 totrail 76. Turn left on 76 to Wolf Mtn After seeing the view retreat to trail C206D and once again turn north east–continue on…
OFSC Video 3 - Day on the Trails
Got a question about how snowmobiling in Ontario works? Want to know how to get started? Looking for some behind the scenes info? Now there’s an easy and one-stop way to get all your answers… The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has released the third of a new suite of 10 short Go Snowmobiling Ontario videos that will introduce you to all the fun and adventure of Ontario snowmobile trails. They are targeted to new participants, riders wanting to travel around for the first time and to visitors to our province. The videos also provide valuable tools and tips for families starting to ride together and for city folk looking for a great new winter activity. And if you are…
Jeff and Jason Matity traveled from Regina, Saskatchewan specifically to catch crappies in Northwestern Ontario.  Judging from the smiles on their faces, it looks like they weren’t disappointed.
What is the most popular sportfish in North America?  If you said bass, walleye, trout or salmon you'd be close, but you'd also be wrong.  Those fish certainly have large, devoted followings but they don't hold a candle to panfish, in general, and crappies, in particular.  And for good reason. Black crappies are found just about everywhere, grow big quickly, offer tremendous sport and make for the most amazingly nutritious and delicious table fare.  So what is not to like? Oh, and did I mention, Ontario offers some of the best black crappie fishing on earth, especially, right now, in the winter? "It was crazy," buddy Pete Garnier gushed the other day, "I literally caught a good fish on the…
Hiking Guide to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
A Special Feature By MONICA PRELLE Posted on the Matador Network JULY 23, 2012   This post is part of Matador’s partnership with Canada, where journalists show how to explore Canada like a local.  All photos by Monica Prelle.   ON ANY GIVEN DAY, in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, you can identify more than 100 species of birds. “Hear that?” Parks Canada’s Greg Stroud asks me. Stopped mid-stride, he sang back to an ovenbird that was perched in a tree overhead, “teacha, teacha, teacha.” We heard quite a few ovenbirds that day, and identified a host of others — Magnolia Warbler, Black-capped Chickadee, Swainson’s Thrush, and Winter Wren. From up on the rock formation itself, the Sleeping Giant feels alive. The forest…
Eleven year old Liam Whetter beams with pride over the ten-pound lake trout he caught trolling with a Jet Diver in a small lake in Northern Ontario
Talk to most anglers visiting Northern Ontario on a fishing vacation and they'll tell you they'd dearly love to catch some of the magnificent lake trout for which the province's North Country is justifiably famous. I mean, the biggest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior, is filled with giant trout. Ditto for all of the other stellar lake trout hot spots like Lake Temagami, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, Lake Nipigon and Trout Lake to name just a few. In fact, the "big boys" offer such phenomenal fishing, they often, unfortunately, overshadow the thousands of small and medium size gems that dot the Northern Ontario landscape, like a string of exquisite pearls on a necklace, from east to west. As…
Each winter, Ontario rolls out the white carpet welcoming you to the best snowmobiling and snowmobile conditions in the world. Today’s reliable, clean technology sleds make it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone to ride Ontario snowmobile trails, regardless of their age or lifestyle. Wherever you live in Ontario, snowmobiling is easy, affordable and accessible. And afterward, relax and savour your good memories while enjoying the warm hospitality of our trail accessible winter lodgings and cozy restaurants! Nothing compares to the enchantment and fun of snowmobiling. Skim down an Ontario snowmobile trail operated by the OFSC, whisking around corners and cruising along straight-aways. Experience snow flakes twinkling like little diamonds as you ride. Enjoy a trailside hot chocolate, while your kids…
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  • Travelling in Northern Ontario, Canada
    Travelling in Northern Ontario, Canada
    Northern Ontario is constant surprises, space to be alone, an unending supply of scenic wild spaces : the vista of a mighty river with the Laurentian Mountains behind; thousands of lakes to paddle and fish. It is a wealth of hiking trails, friendly people, good food, uncluttered roads and amazing…
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  • Sledding in Ontario's Northwest Region
    By Chris Sherwin Created with flickr slideshow. Sometimes in life we get presented an opportunity that cannot be refused.  This was the case for myself this past March.  I was in Thunder Bay on a trip for work, when I received an email asking if I was interested in taking…
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  • The Cartier Loop - Ontario Snowmobile Tour Loops
    The Cartier Loop - Ontario Snowmobile Tour Loops
    BACK TO Ontario TOUR LOOPS - Main   OFSC District 12 Destination: Sudbury Hashtags: #RideCartier #RideNEOntario Before you head out, please check to make sure that the trails are available, using the OFSC's Interactive Trail Guide.  If you enjoy seeking adventure that is steeped in history, and offers mysterious sights that will tingle…
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  • Northern Ontario: 3 Days from Sudbury
    Northern Ontario: 3 Days from Sudbury
    Snowobiling on Ontario Snowmobile Trails in the Sudbury Region By snowmobile to the Sportsman Lodge: You can get to the lodge / Chiniguichi Loop from the east or west by existing D trail east of Sudbury on trail C206D which will take you to the lodge, continuing past the lodge to sled the Chiniguichi loop. From the north…
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  • The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    "Getting close to a wild animal is a unique experience, both exciting and unforgettable.   One afternoon, I almost jumped out of my canoe when an otter popped up right beside my paddle and snorted!  Canoeing through the mist at sunrise is dramatic, but watching a 1,000 lb bull moose…
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  • ATV Trails in Ontario's Ganaraska Forest—Video
    ATV Trails in Ontario's Ganaraska Forest—Video
    One of the main benefits of writing about ATVs for a living is having a chance to explore trail systems across the United States and Canada during new vehicle introductions. However, that sometimes means missing out on ride areas in your own backyard. When Honda Canada invited to Ontario's Ganaraska Forest…
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  • Ontario PWC Riding Between Pembroke and Mattawa—Video
    Ontario PWC Riding Between Pembroke and Mattawa—Video
    For PWC enthusiasts, Ontario’s Ottawa River is a must-ride destination. You can ride the full 700-kilometre (434-mile) round trip between Pembroke and Temiskaming Shores in four easy days. For a quick weekend overnighter, try the shorter 330-kilometre (200-mile) return ride between Pembroke and Mattawa. Here’s what to expect… The City of…
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  • Eastern Ontario: Morrisburg to Calabogie
    Eastern Ontario: Morrisburg to Calabogie
    Snowmobiling on Ontario Snowmobile Trails in Eastern Ontario In OFSC District 1, there are new things that you can do everyday---but you always wait until “next time”--- well---maybe today is the best time for you to “just go for it”. Come and ride Eastern Ontario. Each Signature Loop in District One…
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  • Friends, Community and Good Causes—Why I Ride a Motorcycle in Ontario
    Friends, Community and Good Causes—Why I Ride a Motorcycle in Ontario
    It was back in the summer of 1983—I was a curious teenage girl from a small village called Mindemoya, on Manitoulin Island. My cousins were in their twenties and ride in from Toronto for a tour around the island. As their motorcycles sat in my parents' driveway, I couldn't help…
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  • The Best Snowmobile Club in North America
    The Best Snowmobile Club in North America
    The Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Trail Club of Ontario has won the International Snowmobile Club of the Year for 2012, leaving its members on the Top of the World. That award is the culmination of a very good year as last season this snowmobile club won a club of the year…
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