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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Fly fishing in Ontario offers a wide range of angling challenges, but also offers great rewards.
Every spring, the crew at The New Fly Fisher start comparing notes about the fly fishing season ahead: favourite streams we’ve been dying to get back to, new spots we’ve heard good things about, and our favourite lodges and outfitters from years passed. With 400,000 lakes, rivers, and streams in Ontario it can be daunting to know where to start, even if you’ve been fishing Ontario for decades. After long discussions, some thumb wrestling, and solitary reflection, we’re proud to present our list of the Top 10 Ontario Fly Fishing Hotspots we’re most excited about for 2014. What criteria did we use for picking a hotspot? Affordability, great fishing and accessibility were critical to our list. From April to November,…
Hunter and his dog in Northern Ontario Bird Camp
Every autumn throughout the province hunters gather in small but tight-knit groups to hunt moose, deer and occasionally bear. The idea of an upland bird camp was hatched years ago by a number of dedicated bird-dog aficionados looking to share the fellowship and traditions of a big game camp while testing our dogs on wild upland birds at various destinations across Ontario. As a proud member of the Full Choke Bird Camp, as we have come to call ourselves, one of the more memorable destinations was near Massey.  Seven hunters and ten dogs made the trip. Most of the dogs were pointing breeds including setters, Brittanys and a German wirehaired pointer. Just to keep things interesting, Steve Galea, one of…
Action packed adventure on the Turtle River
Editor's Note: James Smedley's is an outdoor expert. Read his story about tackling the Turtle River, one of Ontario's many whitewater adventure experiences, with his two daughters. The video is wonderful—you can almost feel the whitewater on your cheeks. My two teenage daughters are pretty fearless when it comes to moving water. Islay and Lillian’s eyes light up at the site of any visible drop in the river ahead. We’re on our annual family canoe trip—this year on Northwestern Ontario’s Turtle River, part of the Turtle River – White Otter Lake Provincial Park. So far the rapids have been exciting. Steep drops, fast current, large standing waves and virtually no mid-river hazards translate to thrilling runs that are not that difficult.…
How The Hardcore Snowmobiler Gets Through Summer In Ontario
Are you a “Hardcore Snowmobiler”?    Snowmobilers are known in the motorsports industry as one of the most loyal and dedicated groups of riders. Unlike other motorsports our sport is almost 100% reliant on weather unless you are amongst the few that are considered hardcore snowmobilers.   So for those of us snowmobilers that seem to have permanent brain freeze 365 days a year this article is for you! You are the riders that proudly display the “summer sucks” t-shirts at bbq’s and would generally be classified as somewhat obsessed by both our fellow riders and family. We are also the riders that persevere through whatever Mother Nature dumps on us and in some cases we have found ways to…
March Snowmobiling in Ontario
As winter in Ontario progresses into March, the snow line and snowmobile conditions typically begin to shift farther north. Ontario snowmobiling moves with it, initially to the North Bay-Mattawa area, then to Ontario Wilderness Region, comprised of OFSC District 14 and District 15. Here, in what is truly the Great White North, winter delivers exceptional trail riding throughout March break and often into early April. So this is an excellent time to plan your last ride of the season in Ontario, be it a long weekend getaway or full week of saddlebag touring. Ontario offers many different snowmobiling opportunities for March and our signature, self-guided tours are among the very best. So why bother re-inventing the wheel by trying to…
Planning your Canoe Trip
  “It’s not easy to choose one particular route.  We’re simply blessed by too many perfect paddling destinations in Ontario.  A favourite route really is the next one you're going on.”  Kevin Callan, Canadian author of Top 50 Canoe Routes of Ontario
Babe Winkelman visits Northern Ontario for some whitetail Deer Hunting.
Imagine the feeling of anticipation when you know you're going to be in whitetail paradise soon. Now think about the excitement that precedes a world-class fishing adventure for huge smallmouth bass. Well, can you even fathom the thrill of knowing that you're about to do BOTH things in the SAME trip? That's the emotion I'm dealing with right now as I prepare for a journey to one of my favorite places on planet earth: Pipestone Lake in northwest Ontario. Everything leading up to an experience like this is a treat. I love packing all the gear I'll need to make the trip a success, cleaning my rifle, loading the tackle box with the baits I'll use, heck – even doing the…
Dale Hainer casting into the shallow weedy waters of Lake St. Clair’s Mitchell’s Bay.
Lush marshes and deep weedy flats surround the north shore of Lake St Clair. We slowly exit the access channel from Bass Haven Outfitters into shallow Mitchell's Bay and see no reason to get the boat up on plane. My son-in-law, Troy McAdams, drops the bow mount trolling motor and we start fishing. It's late summer and the visible marsh vegetation has started to turn brown. This pushes the fish off that structure and into the surrounding weed flats and channels. It doesn't take long to confirm the presence of two-pound pike and largemouth bass. Not only is the sun keeping the shallow waters warm and the fish aggressive, it allows me to peel off my jacket and absorb the…
Whitefish, like this beauty that Liam Whetter caught in Lake of the Woods, are among the most widespread and plentiful sportfish found right across Northern Ontario
You don't have to convince buddy JP Bushey that it is "better to be lucky than good."  The whitefish wizard was fishing his home waters of Lake Simcoe recently - The Whitefish Capital of the World - when he snagged a small zebra mussel that was glued to one of the rocks on the bottom.  After picking the tiny clam off his hook and tossing it onto the snow, he noticed a piece of shell, no bigger than a pinhead, stuck to his snow pants. He flicked it into the hole and watched his sonar screen wide-eyed as the biggest whitefish of the day came roaring up a dozen feet off the bottom to eat it. Now, as Bushey will…
The Complete 2015 List of ATV Events in Ontario
There's so much to do in Ontario for fans of ATVing. With so many great trails and clubs it's no wonder the calendar is always packed with something to do. Planning for the 2014 season is well under way. If you have an event you want listed drop us a line at \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Events are subject to change. Check with organizers for event status and check with local authorities about ATV laws in the area before heading out.  Please go to the bottom of the article to add your event through our form. Upcoming Ontario ATV Events   April 2015 ATV Events 25, Ompah…
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    Connect with Nature though an Arts in the Wild Adventure Ontario offers a wide variety of rich experiences perfect for both professional and aspiring artists. Explore Ontario’s natural wonders under the guidance of renowned artists, artisans, photographers and sculptors. Visit museums and galleries to see landscapes brought to life by…
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  • Winding through Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe Counties
    Winding through Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe Counties
    Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe counties are nestled between the shores of Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, and Lake Simcoe. From hundreds of kilometres of shoreline, to Canadian Shield rock cuts, to Escarpment cliffs and rolling meadows, the diversity of riding terrain here is unparallelled. The Bruce Peninsula On the eastern shore…
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  • Hard-Watering At Loon Lodge
    Hard-Watering At Loon Lodge
    It's 9 a.m. and my father and I along with four other anglers are traveling to ice huts aboard the Temagami TTC, a snowmobile shuttle built and named by John Moskwa. John and his wife, Jenny, own and operate Loon Lodge, an island retreat on Lake Temagami. The March sun…
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  • The Algoma ADV—Ride Report
    The Algoma ADV—Ride Report
     Back to Algoma ADV - Route and Accommodations   View Algoma ADV in a larger map   Day 2 It rained into the early AM and the day started off a bit damp. But, no big deal… it would keep the dust down. We had a buffet breakfast at Wakomata…
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  • Northern Ontario: Sequin Trail
    Northern Ontario: Sequin Trail
    Day1  Launch from the Quality Inn, Parry Sound C103D (Seguin Trail) to Trail 711711 to Magnetawan (lunch at Schmeler House)C104D to TOP C (gas at Duck Rock Resort in Dunchurch)TOP C to Pointe au Baril (Overnight at Pleasant Cove Resort)Day2 (Pleasant Cove Resort) C south to Trail 401401 to 400 Loop…
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  • Motorcycle Journeys in Northeastern Ontario
    Motorcycle Journeys in Northeastern Ontario
    Northeastern Ontario feels a little different from the south. The towns and cities are even more friendly and relaxed, and the space between them is much greater. The trees are taller, and the landscape more wild. And the roads . . . well, the roads are bigger, longer, twistier, and more…
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  • Hiking with Children: Tips to Avoid Tedium
    Hiking with Children:  Tips to Avoid Tedium
    By Michelle McChristie  Superior Outdoors Magazine    In northern Ontario, a great hike is never far away and hiking is a great family activity. My husband and I introduced our children to hiking before they could walk with the help of a baby jogger for smooth trails and a packsack-style…
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  • Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    I am a huge fan of riding in Ontario - it doesn't matter if it's ATVs, PWC, motorcycles or snowmobiles, I love to ride. So it was to my great pleasure to find out I'd be doing a snowmobile tour in Ontario's Highlands this past winter. You can read a…
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  • Marinas in Ontario - By Region
    Marinas in Ontario - By Region
    PLEASE NOTE: This list is a work in progress, being updated on an ongoing basis. If we've missed anything, feel free to comment below, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This is the most comprehensive list of marinas in Ontario.  If we’ve missed anything, please feel free to comment below!…
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  • Rubber Side Down—Adventures of a Touring Girl in Ontario
    Rubber Side Down—Adventures of a Touring Girl in Ontario
    In 2007, I decided that I wanted to ride a motorcycle. I did not have a brother, boyfriend or father who rode—I didn’t even have many friends who rode. I just knew that it was something I wanted to experience for myself. So, in April 2007, with very little education on…
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