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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Moored at Croker Island
By Mike Milne Islands hold an extra measure of charm for pleasure boaters. For me, it’s influenced by lingering literary memories of Joseph Conrad’s steamy landfalls in the South Pacific, Robert Louis Stevenson’s promises of treasure or adventure and Ernest Hemingway’s Gulf Stream getaways. There are less mystical and more mundane reasons for the attraction as well. For one thing, boaters don’t need to wait for a ferry or water taxi, but can arrive at an island on their own terms and in their own time. Personal watercraft are an even better way to go island hopping, with their maneuverability, all—round visibility and shallow draft. From the wild, hard-edged islands of Georgian Bay’s North Channel to the tamer Thousand Islands…
The Complete 2013-2014 List of Snowmobile Events in Ontario
Snowmobile season is here! Time to get the sled out and hit the trails. We love our snowmobiling in Ontario and it shows. With more than 200 clubs and over 33,000km of trails to ride, there is always something going on for snow fans.   This is the most comprehensive list of snowmobile events in Ontario. Check here throughout the season for what's going on in your area. If you have an event you would like added to the list send us a message using the comments box at the bottom of the page or email us at \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .     Winter 2013-14 Ontario…
Peter Wood bags that grouse along an old Bush Road north of the northern Ontario town of Elliot Lake.
As we rounded a curve on Highway 546, a flock of surprised spruce grouse flushed from the road’s edge. Encountering grouse along the highway was seen as a pretty good indication of the great hunting we would experience on this crisp September morning. Ten minutes up the road we unloaded our ATVs to begin a day of grousing on less-traveled trails. Marty Descoteaux, good friend, expert guide and owner of Elliot Lake Outfitting had invited me to enjoy a few days of hunting Elliot Lake’s extensive 300-kilometre ATV trail system. It was a grouse hunting opportunity I couldn’t resist. Marty, his son, Adrian, and I layered up in our orange hunting attire and rode abandoned mining roads and forest trails…
Flushing dogs like this springer are great in the thick stuff, where birds can be tough to hold for pointers.
It's cloudy with a chance of snow and a temperature of -5 Celsius. I climb into my layout blind, close my eyes and listen for the sounds of dawn. Minutes earlier, we'd put out two dozen goose decoys in the cornfield and now it's a waiting game. The snow around me is only a couple of inches deep and in places is trampled down from yesterday's feeding geese. Randy Sayles to my right lets out a practice call and scares me half to death. Doug Emery, lying in his blind 10 feet to my left doesn't flinch. Nerves of steel I guess. The three of us are here to intercept some of the hundreds of Canada geese that stage along…
Unleash Your Creativity in Ontario, Canada

Unleash Your Creativity in Ontario, Canada

Connect with Nature though an Arts in the Wild Adventure Ontario offers a wide variety of rich experiences perfect for both professional and aspiring artists. Explore Ontario’s natural wonders under the guidance of renowned artists, artisans, photographers and sculptors. Visit museums and galleries to see landscapes brought to life by the renowned Group of Seven and other Canadian artists. Or create your very own masterpiece. Ontario will both inspire and delight you! Unleash your creativity with an inspiring Arts in the Wild Getaway below!   Photograph the Fall in Killarney   Exercise your creativity with popular instructor and internationally renowned outdoor photographer Rob Stimpson. Based at Killarney Mountain Lodge, this three day workshop allows you to explore Killarney Village and…
The Complete 2014 List of ATV Events in Ontario
There's so much to do in Ontario for fans of ATVing. With so many great trails and clubs it's no wonder the calendar is always packed with something to do. Planning for the 2014 season is well under way. If you have an event you want listed drop us a line at \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Events are subject to change. Check with organizers for event status and check with local authorities about ATV laws in the area before heading out.    April 2014 ATV Events 11, 12, 2014 Discover ATVing Ontario, Vaughan, ON Two days of demo rides, seminars and everything ATV taking place at the…
The Best Guided ATV Tours In Ontario
Taking a guided ATV tour is the perfect way to get an idea of what this sport is all about. You get a hands-on experience with trained professionals on reliable equipment in settings that are quintessentially Ontario. PLEASE NOTE: These operations change all the time. Local by-laws can have a big effect what kind of tours are available. Always check with local authorities for current rules around on-road and off-road riding. Ride at your own risk and do not ride without tour your operators. Here are some of the best places offering ATV tours in Ontario. If you know of company that should be added to the list please let us know using the comments option at the bottom of the…
All Roads Lead to Bonfield—Braappy New Year 2014!
All roads led to Bonfield, Ontario this New Year's for a group of sledders from across the province. Friends who met through snowmobiling, coming together to enjoy some great early season northern riding, and also of course to celebrate the kick-off into 2014 of snowmobile season.   After meeting Darcy and Joanne at the OFSC's Annual General Meeting 2013 and hearing of their lodge—Cedar Gables—it was very clear to all of us that this would be our New Year's destination. The fact that it's located right on the trail was a bonus. Packing on the morning of the 29th, after having enjoyed some amazing early season riding in the Kawarthas, our expectations were high for a great 3 day trip.…
Moose Photography Safari in Algonquin Park
"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." - Ansel Adams     It's time to rekindle your enthusiasm and passion for outdoor photography. You'll be inspired, surprised, amazed and wowed at these nature and landscape photography workshops offered by some of Ontario’s best professional photographers.  Night Skies Workshop with Barry Wojciechowski April 5th 2014 at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park - Visitor Centre       Learn techniques for capturing wonderful night-sky images.         Awakening Woods and Waters Photography Workshop wtih James Smedley  May 29th to June 1st, 2014 at Naturally Superior Adventure's Rock Island Lodge, Wawa   Spring is a magical time when Lake Superior tributaries…
Northern Ontario: Sudbury Two-Day Loop
Snowmobiling in Ontario on Northern Ontario Snowmobile Trails Near Sudbury Looking for a great two day tour on Ontario snowmobile trails that is far enough from Toronto's city life, yet close enough for a quick getaway for the weekend? Head for the Sudbury area. OFSC The Sudbury Trail Plan Association gives you a great snowmobile conditions launching from the Chateau Guay Motel on Hwy 17 East.  It has all the amenities you need to start your tour from food, lodging and fuel. Just call to book ahead for your reservation/trailer spot. Rest up and charge your camera batteries for a great day or riding in the the morning. Day 1 – Before lunch Try the Wolf Mountain /Chiniguchi northern Loop. This ride contains a…
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Events Calendar

  • Spectacular Rides in Ontario's Highlands: Haliburton and the Ottawa Valley
    Spectacular Rides in Ontario's Highlands: Haliburton and the Ottawa Valley
    The incredible thing about Ontario is that riding a mere hour or two outside of some of its busiest cities brings you to regions like Ontario's Highlands, which stretch from the Ottawa Valley to Haliburton. Quiet, green, and rugged, much of the area remains a wilderness to this day. And…
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  • Algoma ADV Adventure Touring—Bikes By Type
    Algoma ADV Adventure Touring—Bikes By Type
    A Special Feature: Motorcycle Adventure Touring in Algoma, Ontario More Articles in this Special Feature:   Adventure's really in the mind. You can take any bike anywhere. For our recommended adventure touring routes in Ontario, we're generally targeting the big bore bikes, with displacements ranging from 650 to 1200.…
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  • Trail Bike Riding In Ontario—An Insider's View on Where to Ride
    Trail Bike Riding In Ontario—An Insider's View on Where to Ride
    Trail bike riding in Ontario seems to be a closely guarded secret even though our province has more trails available to off-road motorcycles (ORM) than some European countries and most US states. A German rider recently visited my house and told me there are no public motorcycle trails in Germany…
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  • Getting Started on ATVing in Ontario—Buying a Vehicle, Insurance, Permits and Regulations
    Getting Started on ATVing in Ontario—Buying a Vehicle, Insurance, Permits and Regulations
    ATVing is the ideal way to experience the great outdoors of Ontario. The unparralleled scenery and diverse terrains of the extensive trail systems, combined with the vibrancy and camaraderie found in the many excellent clubs explains the growing number of individuals, couples and families taking interest in the sport.  It's tempting to…
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  • Limerick Lake Fishing
    Limerick Lake Fishing
    Chuck and I chalked up another good fishing and boating season at Limerick Lake. We always enjoy our visits to Northern Ontario, especially at the lodge and meeting the friendly cottagers around the lake. Even my wife, Nancy, became a full-fledged bass angler at Limerick and always looks forward to…
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  • Great Rides in the Greater Toronto Region
    Great Rides in the Greater Toronto Region
    Don't let the skyscrapers and busy streets fool you; for the rider who knows where to look, there is plenty of two-wheeled pleasure to be found in Canada's biggest city!  Toronto and surrounding region boasts a large and vibrant community of motorcyclists of every stripe, and many of their local…
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  • Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    " Lake Superior- it should be on every paddlers' "to do" list.  It is the world's largest body of fresh water and the fact that the Canadian side is still mostly remote makes it very unique.   After paddling, relax at Rock Island Lodge."  Megan Gamble, Trip Coordinator and Guide…
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  • Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    I am a huge fan of riding in Ontario - it doesn't matter if it's ATVs, PWC, motorcycles or snowmobiles, I love to ride. So it was to my great pleasure to find out I'd be doing a snowmobile tour in Ontario's Highlands this past winter. You can read a…
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  • Go Snowmobile Training in Ontario
    Go Snowmobile Training in Ontario
    Going snowmobiling in Ontario is great fun and easy to do, but as with any other motorized vehicle, it’s prudent to insist on a thorough orientation from an experienced snowmobiler before embarking on your first ride on Ontario snowmobile trails. Such an orientation should be part of the program offered…
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  • New OFSC Videos Showcase Ontario Snowmobiling
    New OFSC Videos Showcase Ontario Snowmobiling
    Got a question about how snowmobiling in Ontario works? Want to know how to get started? Looking for some behind the scenes info? Now there’s an easy and one-stop way to get all your answers… The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is releasing a new suite of 10 short Go…
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L'Ontario en français

  • L’Ontario français

    L’Ontario français Vous planifiez des vacances en Ontario? Vous voulez parler français? Alors, bienvenue!400 ans de présence françaiseIl y a 400 ans, à la demande de Samuel de Champlain, Étienne Brûlé quitte la vallée du Saint-Laurent pour découvrir les Pays-d’en-Haut. C’est ainsi qu’un…

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  • Le 25 septembre, on fête en français!

    Le 25 septembre, on fête en français! Saviez-vous que le 25 septembre est la journée officielle des Franco-Ontariens et des Franco-Ontariennes? En fait, c'est le 25 septembre 1975 que le drapeau franco-ontarien a été hissé pour la première fois à l'Université Laurentienne à Sudbury et cet événement a retenu…

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  • Les jumelles Dionne viennent de North Bay!

    Les jumelles Dionne viennent de North Bay! Le 28 mai 1934, la naissance de cinq fillettes identiques dans une simple ferme du village de Corbeil a mis la région sous les feux de la rampe du monde entier. La possibilité d’avoir des quintuplés est évaluée à moins…

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  • Sudbury en français

    Sudbury en français Sudbury, c'est une ville où la francophonie est bien vivante.De 9 h à 12 h 30Visitez Science Nord, à Sudbury. Ce centre des sciences met en vedette quatre étages d'expositions interactives et de démonstrations en direct. Le centre présente une superbe galerie…

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  • Terre Dynamique à découvrir !

    Terre Dynamique à découvrir ! La terre sous nos pieds cache des trésors à découvrir. Particulièrement autour de Sudbury, car cette ville est bien connue pour ses gisements de minéraux tels le nickel et le cuivre. Pour plonger dans les entrailles de la terre, une visite…

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  • Coups de coeur d’une mordue du plein air

    Coups de coeur d’une mordue du plein air Annie Pouliot est une globe-trotter. Et c’est en Ontario qu’elle retrouve son havre de paix. Pour cette Torontoise, faire du camping, c’est s’ouvrir à toutes les joies du plein air. De là, elle part à l’aventure, sac au dos.  et…

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  • Sorties de détente et de relaxation

    Sorties de détente et de relaxation Lorsqu’on met les pieds dans les grands espaces du nord de l’Ontario, un processus de relaxation se met tout naturellement en branle. Après tout, on s’éloigne de la ville et du stress, et la vue de cette nature immense procure…

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  • À l’affût de l’histoire : tournée des musées du nord-est de l’Ontario

    À l’affût de l’histoire : tournée des musées du nord-est de l’Ontario Pleine de rebondissements, l’histoire du nord de l’Ontario mérite d’être préservée et partagée. Au nord-est, la colonisation de ses terres immenses et ses succès miniers teintent son histoire d’une couleur unique. Découvrez-là en visitant les nombreux musées voués à immortaliser ce…

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  • Terre précieuse : les mines de l'Ontario

    Terre précieuse : les mines de l'Ontario Le nord de l’Ontario a un riche passé minier. La présence d’une multitude de gisements attire les investisseurs d’ici et d’ailleurs depuis plus de 100 ans. Pour s’imprégner de l’époque des durs travaux des mineurs jusqu’à la réalité technologique et…

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  • Le paradis des motoneigistes

    Le paradis des motoneigistes Ciel bleu, neige étincelante et paysage à perte de vue ou sentiers boisés de pins aux branches lourdes de neige ? Ces panoramas et bien d'autres plaisirs s'offrent à vous en choisissant le nord de l'Ontario comme destination pour votre…

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