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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Trophy Northwestern Ontario
November in Northwestern Ontario is prime time for big bucks. Whether you are in a pine woods near Kenora or a cutover north of Dryden, you never know when a trophy buck will show up. One hunt that really exemplifies this took place a few years back. It was early November and there was already snow on the ground. Our group got a late start and didn't get to the hunting area until after first light. I dropped my Dad off at his favourite spot and then took my oldest son Devin up to an area that had produced the previous year. Just another 500 yards up the road was an old cut along a chunk of green bush. This…
Testing the Waters: A Wealth of Kayak Knowledge
Learn to kayak this summer From the rocky shores of Lake Superior to the Toronto Harbourfront, Ontario is home to a wealth of stunning places to paddle; matched with world class instruction and expertise.   Take a dip in the waters of Georgian Bay near Parry Sound. White Squall, with 25 years of experience in kayak instruction, has classes running June through to September for every skill level. Try a workshop for beginners exploring essential strokes within a calm sheltered lake. Venture further out in the waters with one of many courses designed to fine tune your paddling technique. You can maximize your stay in the area by joining one of the weekend kayak trips exploring the nearby islands.  …
Snapshot: Capturing the Wild in Ontario
Photography workshops in the wilds of Ontario Ever wonder how photographers capture the vividness of autumn colours or the raw crisp edges of a rugged coastline?  Ever wish you could capture an extraordinary glimpse of a moose or rare bird? Bring your camera and come discover the nuances of nature photography from Ontario's best.  You can learn all the skills and techniques necessary to produce exceptional photographs; meanwhile taking time to explore some of Ontario's most unique landscapes.   Moose Photography in Algonquin Park   Algonquin Park is one of Ontario's most well known spots for canoeing and viewing moose.  Voyageur Quest offers the opportunity to combine a canoe tripping experience with some hands-on instruction in moose photography. This 3…
Lucrestyle Productions casting #Ontariosnowtrails in a good light
Back in 2007 when I first started the Lucrestyle Productions Youtube Channel I had no idea that 7 years later I would have over 300 video memories of my adventures. In fact back in 2007 I started filming with a small 1080p pocket camera and clunky analog security camera that required 12 AA batteries and several feet of cable just to capture point of view footage. A few short years later the GoPro entered the market and made the task of recording high quality video in the outdoors much easier! In fact these little high quality devices are so handy even professional motorsports media firms like SuperTraxx Media use them to capture the fun!  Each year as I ride the backcountry…
Kevin and Michele Vardy with their cow moose harvested in the Atikokan area of Northwestern Ontario.
We are following an old logging trail dead ending at a completed cut. My husband Kevin, an experienced hunter, shows me proof we’re on target - plenty of fresh sign indicating a cow and calf in the area. Making our way through the cut we find tracks so fresh the cow and calf are still standing in them! Incredibly excited, we cautiously retreat.  It's my first group moose hunt and we’re based at Finlayson Lake Resort, 20 minutes northwest of Atikokan. Situated on pristine Finlayson Lake, the resort offers ten new, yet rustic, housekeeping cabins along with 15 serviced campsites. Kevin and I have arrived five days ahead of the rest of our group of seven. I have the cow…
Try Camping, No Experience Required
Not having to buy all that camping gear makes trying it out very affordable Don’t have camping gear? or looking for more hands on learning? Check out these all inclusive camping packages, which include instruction on how to use all that gear.  Georgian Bay Islands National Park is offering an all inclusive camping experience that includes all equipment and activities, from pick-up in Honey Harbour and pre-assembled luxury tents to guided hikes, canoeing and campfires. Located in the south east corner of Georgian Bay, this park is only accessible by water, which means every campsite is an island site. It also means that you will be surrounded by canoeing , kayaking, hiking, boating and great swimming options. More information and reservations can…
Dogs just want to have fun!
We get so many great questions from Ontario travelers and one in particular has just kept coming up: “Where are the best places in Ontario to take your pet on vacation with you?”. Here’s just a few of our picks. Add your own suggestions and favourites in the comments section!  Note:  Original blog was created by Ontario Tourism.   PAMPERED VACATIONS Woodhaven Country Lodge  The motto at Woodhaven Country Lodge says it all: “If your dogs sleep on your bed at home then they can sleep on your bed at Woodhaven”.  You and your dog can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities.               For dogs that can’t be off-leach in an open environment, the…
Mark Freeman 408 in Mattawa
Brilliant colours, crisp fall air, ATVs and adrenaline. This was the scene in Mattawa, Ontario this fall as I rode with some of the most skilled off road enthusiasts I had ever come up against. In my quest for the ultimate ATV ride this was surely a contender. I enjoy all types of ATV riding, and our three guest riders came from three quite different backgrounds. Mark Freeman, (Youtube MarkFreeman408) has been racing ATVs as long as he can remember. A quick view of his Youtube channel or Facebook page will give you some idea of his racing success, but also of his rather adventurous extracurricular activities. Mark loves to play, and he is exhilarating to watch, but his passion…
Hunter and his dog in Northern Ontario Bird Camp
Every autumn throughout the province hunters gather in small but tight-knit groups to hunt moose, deer and occasionally bear. The idea of an upland bird camp was hatched years ago by a number of dedicated bird-dog aficionados looking to share the fellowship and traditions of a big game camp while testing our dogs on wild upland birds at various destinations across Ontario. As a proud member of the Full Choke Bird Camp, as we have come to call ourselves, one of the more memorable destinations was near Massey.  Seven hunters and ten dogs made the trip. Most of the dogs were pointing breeds including setters, Brittanys and a German wirehaired pointer. Just to keep things interesting, Steve Galea, one of…
Keith, Paul & Kevin Beasley showing off some big beautiful Ontario Bears
Ontario just might be the world’s best kept secret when it comes to black bear hunting but living and hunting here means that we know different. With hundreds of thousands of acres of thick boreal forest for the bears to find cover in, Ontario has one of the best bear populations in the world and also boasts some of the largest weights and skull sizes. Ontario bear hunters take home many Boone & Crockett bears each year. Whether we’ve got a bow or a gun in our hands, we love fall bear hunting. A bear is at his peak body weight during the fall and having a bear as big as a Volkswagen Beetle come up close and personal can…
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  • Ice Fishing on Lake Wanapitei
    Ice Fishing on Lake Wanapitei
    Lake Wanapitei located on the north eastern end of Sudbury and offers for various species; including Pickerel, Lake Trout and Pike. Once the ice is thick enough, Rocky’s offers Heated Portable Ice Huts for the ice fishing enthusiast. They will set you up with a drilled hole, where you can reel…
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  • Testing the Waters: A Wealth of Kayak Knowledge
    Testing the Waters: A Wealth of Kayak Knowledge
    Learn to kayak this summer From the rocky shores of Lake Superior to the Toronto Harbourfront, Ontario is home to a wealth of stunning places to paddle; matched with world class instruction and expertise.   Take a dip in the waters of Georgian Bay near Parry Sound. White Squall, with…
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  • Big Country Rides in Algoma
    Big Country Rides in Algoma
    When people ask me where they should ride next, Algoma is always near the top of my list. The serpentine roads hug the southwestern shores of Lake Superior, and run through dense boreal forest where you'll find more moose than people, while the cities and towns are as friendly and interesting as…
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  • Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    Snowmobiling in Ontario's Highlands - Your One Stop Resource
    I am a huge fan of riding in Ontario - it doesn't matter if it's ATVs, PWC, motorcycles or snowmobiles, I love to ride. So it was to my great pleasure to find out I'd be doing a snowmobile tour in Ontario's Highlands this past winter. You can read a…
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  • Gargantua Harbour
    Gargantua Harbour
    Looking to take your family on the perfect Northern Ontario getaway? Look no further. Lake Superior's stunning beauty are on full display at this accessible hot spot; Gargantua Harbour.
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  • Destination Polaris Visits Algoma and Explorers' Edge this Fall
    Destination Polaris Visits Algoma and Explorers' Edge this Fall
    This fall the Fox Sports TV show "Destination Polaris" will be riding two of Ontario's pre-eminent ATV touring destinations. Their first stop will be riding in Elliot Lake, part of Algoma Country, where they'll be riding the club trails of the Elliot Lake ATV Club. They'll arrive in Ontario via…
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  • OFSC Video 5: Choosing Your Sled
    OFSC Video 5: Choosing Your Sled
    Got a question about how snowmobiling in Ontario works? Want to know how to get started? Looking for some behind the scenes info? Now there’s an easy and one-stop way to get all your answers… The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has released the second of a new suite of…
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  • Snowmobiling In The Lap Of Luxury—Video
    Snowmobiling In The Lap Of Luxury—Video
    Have you ever wanted to go snowmobiling in Ontario? Or are you an experienced sledder who wants a change of scenery and doesn’t know where to start. Dan Arcand’s Muskoka Sports and Recreation might just be the perfect solution. This one-stop sled tour and rental operation serves up the easiest…
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  • Escape the 400s - The Great Waterway
    Escape the 400s - The Great Waterway
    Running along the St. Lawrence River into Lake Ontario in the southeastern corner of the province, The Great Waterway is home to what we consider the worst offender on the list of 400 highways - the 401. Between Toronto and Montreal this highway is one of the most bleak and…
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  • The View from the Top of the Giant
    The View from the Top of the Giant
    Hiking to the Top of the Sleeping Giant  By Michelle McChristie, Superior Outdoors Magazine The Sleeping Giant is one of Canada’s most iconic landforms—one that you cannot miss if you drive through  Thunder Bay . The “Top of the Giant” trail at  Sleeping Giant Provincial Park  is a challenging hike with a…
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