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With hundreds of thousands of lakes, vast tracts of boreal forest and a rugged Canadian Shield landscape, Northern Ontario was made for outdoor travel. From fishing to ATVing, hunting to motorcycle touring, snowmobiling to boating, on this website you'll find a broad selection of stories, travel tips, and insights into the rich outdoor adventure culture that makes Northern Ontario what it is. Stories brought to you both by passionate experts who call this region home and world renowned travel writers, some of whom are visiting Northern Ontario for the very first time.

Eastern Ontario: Ride Osgoode Carleton Trails
Humans are irresistibly drawn to visit places of great significance or achievement. For Ontario snowmobilers, one such destination is located just southeast of the City of Ottawa, where the Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Club has their Ontario snowmobile trails. You should plan a pilgrimage there this winter when snowmobile conditions are good. Book into K’s Country Inn in Vars where Club Trail EO35 is right at your door, then head west and south into the heart of the Osgoode Carleton snowmobile trails near the towns of Metcalfe, Osgood and Manotick. Stop for lunch at the Riverbend Pub & Dining or the Red Dot Café at Osgoode. So you’re probably wondering: What’s so special about the Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Club? Well, they…
Central Ontario: Bracebridge
Snowmobiling on Central Ontario Snowmobile Trails near Bracebridge in Muskoka We'll start this 4-5 hour tour, which includes a snack stop, in Bracebridge, Ontario Canada.  Take TOP Trail D north out of town from Highway 118 on the pipeline, in the lower down town core of Bracebridge.  For those who may be coming from Lake Muskoka you'll enter the D7 system at Indian Head Harbour where Muskoka Sno-Bomber Secondary Trail 32 begins and will intersect with TOP D just north of town.  This is known locally as South Monk Drive and is a great way to start your excursion. Follow TOP D past C102D on north, past "Cormack Corner".  Look for the memorial plaque placed in memory of Bob Cormack, one of…
 It is not usual to catch lots of 30-39” pike with a fly. But there are even larger fish in this system.
Catching big northern pike on a fly is one of the true highs an angler dreams of. Catching big northern pike on a fly is one of the true highs an angler dreams of. At Esnagami Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario making dreams into reality is their specialty. Eric and Sue Lund run the lodge and are both hardcore anglers and fly fishers. They know where and how to catch the big pike that inhabit their lake. It is not usual to catch lots of 30-39" pike with a fly. But there are even larger fish in this system. Trophy-sized pike of 40 to 46" are frequently caught by anglers. Eric has had a strict catch and release rule for all…
Ontario: Canada’s Must-Ride Snowmobiling – Part 1
For most riders, it’s hard to get your head around how big snowmobiling is in Ontario, Canada. Each winter, I snowmobile about 5,000 kilometres there and still haven’t seen it all. Usually, I take off for a ten-day tour and never ride the same trail twice. That’s because the Province of Ontario is almost twice as large as Texas and much of it is criss-crossed with 32,000 kilometres (19,000 miles) of top-notch snowmobile trails. In fact, Ontario’s OFSC snowmobile trails rank as the world’s largest recreational trail system, with more kilometres of snowmobile trails than there are kilometres of Ontario highways! What’s more, Ontario has many popular tourism regions to assist riders in planning their snowmobile trips. During my years…
One for the Mantle
By Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Cottager  Northern Ontario anglers are famous for their tall tales about fishing. So what if I told you about Pleasant Cove Resort in Pointe au Baril, Ontario where mounted trophy fish are apparently so plentiful, the locals are giving them away. A buddy of mine, Frank, was walking the public dock at Pointe au Baril, when he spotted a very impressive walleye lying in the bow of a boat. What really caught his eye was that this trophy was already mounted. Thinking it would look great over his mantle, Frank asked to whom the fish belonged. An older gentleman replied that it was his, but he wanted to get rid of it. Suddenly, Frank found…
$200,000 in New Bridges for Eastern Ontario
TOP Trail A starts in Eastern Ontario and is a major gateway corridor to snowmobile into Northern Ontario via Mattawa and North Bay. Its genesis is in OFSC District 1 at the Quebec boundary just east of the Ontario Town of Alexandria. After TOP A turns west near Hawkesbury, it parallels the Ottawa River on an abandoned rail bed and then circles around the City of Ottawa. Between Alexandria and Ottawa, TOP A hooks snowmobilers up with some mighty fine, Quebec-style sledding. That’s why District 1 has partnered with local clubs, local government and the Province of Ontario’s Tourism Development Fund to invest almost $200,000 in refurbishing the 150-metre long South Nation Railway Bridge and another $10,000 or more on…
Big Beautiful Moose in Northern Ontario.
I finally accepted a moose hunting trip with a group of friends that I have been unable to attend for the last several years. So on opening day I was in a tree stand, elevated fifty feet from the ground on the top of a hill overlooking a clear cut just north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. We had decided to head out the night before and did some calling hoping a moose would be attracted to the area. In the morning I was doing both Moose and Deer calls, as we had seen a lot of deer tracks while scouting, and it was shortly after the mid-morning mark that I heard a call from the far end of the clear…
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario native Kraig Coulter with a huge northern pike he caught using a dead sucker attached to a quick strike rig
If this past weekend was any indication, hold onto your hats.  Big, bold, beautiful northern Ontario trophy pike are moving shallow.  And man, oh, man are they hungry. As if to complement the spectacular fishing, the weather across Northern Ontario is almost ubiquitously gorgeous, warming up wonderfully, making it a joy to be out on the ice.  As a matter of fact, you better splash on plenty of sunscreen, or you'll risk resembling one of the "smokies" my grandson, Liam and I cooked for lunch over our campfire on Saturday. To tell the truth, however, lunch was a hit and miss proposition because the pike kept interrupting our banquet.  Seems every time we went to bite down on our savoury…
Mature cock birds from southern Ontario’s Pelee Island.
After a 90-minute ferry ride from Leamington, we step onto fabled Pelee Island. Located in the middle of Lake Erie and accessible only by boat or plane, Pelee is known for its winery and bird watching. But we’re here for the superb pheasant hunting. Only about 250 people live on the 42-square-kilometre island but Canada's southernmost inhabited region’s population swells during the pheasant hunt. Pelee Island birds are raised and released as part of an annual put-and-take hunt. This has been an annual event since 1932. With 8000 pheasants released for each of the island’s two-day hunts, there is no shortage of birds for hunters. Each hunt is limited to 700 participants but in the last decade  hunter numbers have…
Pete holds a Brace Lake Northern Pike that was caught in the evening within viewing distance of the lodge.
Often times here at Fish'n Canada the name of an outfitter or lodge operator comes up in conversation or is mentioned to us by an outsider. Many of them quite honestly we have never heard of. When we heard the name Brace Lake Outfitters however, we knew something had to be up since it definitely rang a bell. "I made a call to the lodge," says Pete, "and talked to Kyle Polesky the owner/operator. He gave me the lowdown of the accommodations as well as the fishing... lots of Walleye and some really big Pike. It sounded good to me!" With that we booked a shoot in mid July. To get to the lodge you fly in from just outside…
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    Winter Magic at Stokely Creek Lodge, Ontario Canada
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    Northern Ontario March Madness
    This week marks March break in Ontario when students get a much needed week-long pardon from school and studies. Although, I suspect whoever originally lobbied for the holiday was an ice angler, as "March Break" typically symbols the peak of the ice fishing season in Northern Ontario. Indeed, I always…
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    Love Your Dog, LOVE these Ontario Dog Festivals!
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  • Lend a Hand - Volunteer
    One of the best ways to get connected with Ontario snowmobiling is to volunteer for your local OFSC snowmobile club for a few hours. It worked for me. My time as a club volunteer gave me a deeper appreciation of the snowy miracle that is winter and enriched my sledding…
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  • Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    " Lake Superior- it should be on every paddlers' "to do" list.  It is the world's largest body of fresh water and the fact that the Canadian side is still mostly remote makes it very unique.   After paddling, relax at Rock Island Lodge."  Megan Gamble, Trip Coordinator and Guide…
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  • Find Your Inner Monkey In Ontario's Treetops!
    Find Your Inner Monkey In Ontario's Treetops!
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  • Snowmobile Rentals, Dealers, and Repair Shops in Ontario: The Complete List
    Snowmobile Rentals, Dealers, and Repair Shops in Ontario: The Complete List
    Ontario is the best place for snowmobiling. With tens of thousands of kilometres in trails, over 200 clubs and so many things to do it's no wonder so many people look forward to winter up here. With so many types of sleds and amazing places to ride them, renting can be a…
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  • Gargantua Harbour
    Gargantua Harbour
    Looking to take your family on the perfect Northern Ontario getaway? Look no further. Lake Superior's stunning beauty are on full display at this accessible hot spot; Gargantua Harbour.
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  • OFSC Video 5: Choosing Your Sled
    OFSC Video 5: Choosing Your Sled
    Got a question about how snowmobiling in Ontario works? Want to know how to get started? Looking for some behind the scenes info? Now there’s an easy and one-stop way to get all your answers… The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has released the second of a new suite of…
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