Northern Ontario, Canada

Big Screen Lure for Film Festivals and Movie Events in Thunder Bay
Movies, video and film are the exciting mediums these days. It’s what people pay to see, what they discuss in coffee shops and how they fantasize as a route for success, fame and a means to express themselves. Some of this expression in recent years has become part of the cultural fabric of Thunder Bay. The city boasts three local film festivals along with sporadic independent film showings and events that make a visit to the city even more worthwhile if you are a film/movie buff. Generating Local Interest in Movie and Film Thirteen years ago, my brother Eric Weller made the first feature-length film in Thunder Bay in 70 years—a horror/comedy, Zombie Massacre. He now teaches at Confederation College…
Will we be ice fishing on Saturday?
With one day left to the walleye opener and the start of the May Long weekend, many people are wondering, can I get out on the lake?   Some lakes are open and some, unfortunately, are not. With the record cold winter and a miserable cold spring, Mother Nature has just not been good to us. Last weekend I wrote an ice out article that updated conditions with one week to opener. While last weekend was hot and sunny and *gasp* summer-like, this week saw below freezing temps and even some snow! This morning there was a layer of frost on my windshield. I know, it's not what you wanted to hear but believe me, it's really not what we…
Spring walleye are a great catch!
On your visit to Thunder Bay this spring make sure to bring your fishing rod as there is some excellent urban walleye angling to be had right in the city limits. The Kaministiquia River, the Current River and Boulevard Lake are a couple great spots to try with quick access from anywhere in the city. Kaministiquia River The largest of Thunder Bay's 11 streams and rivers also has its most diverse fishery. The Kaministiquia is a large, deceptively swift river that features holes that go down 40 feet or better. In the section from the Highway 61 bridge to the river mouth, anglers will find plentiful walleye and northern pike. Less common are rock bass and crappie.  The actual mouth of the…
Gord Ellis with a big north shore steelhead
Some of the finest wild steelhead fishing in Canada is found on Lake Superior’s north shore between Thunder Bay and Wawa in Northwest Ontario. Drew Myers with average sized Lake Superior SteelheadThese coastal streams range from tiny rivulets to the enormous Nipigon River. Lake dwelling rainbow trout start their run in late April, but action peaks in mid-May. However, there are usually a lot of fish to catch right into June, and the action can be fast and furious. Averaging about 5 pounds, hard-fighting steelhead take gaudy flies of orange, red and chartreuse with relish. In the slower waters, float fisherman using spawn bags catch the lion's share of steelhead. In Thunder Bay, the Neebing and McIntyre Rivers provide anglers a lot…
When will the ice go out in 2014?
Will the ice be gone for May Long Weekend and Walleye Opener?   UPDATE: Read the ice conditions the day before walleye opener here. Every year visitors and locals wonder, and often bet on, when the ice will go out. It can vary greatly—this year will probably at least 4 weeks later than in 2012. The 2013/2014 winter was one for the record books in both snow and cold temperatures. Last year was a really late ice out and I believe it will be around the same time this year. The lakes in the southern area of Sunset Country like Rainy Lake will go out first, then the lakes around the center like Lake of the Woods and Eagle Lake.…
Discover a Garden of Eden nestled in Lake Huron.
How many people travel great distances to find extreme relaxation? How many look for a place to lose themselves in thoughts of serenity and tranquility? For those lucky enough to call St. Joseph Island home, they must not look anywhere except their own back and front yards, and bask in natures glory, a true Garden of Eden anytime of the year. Recently, someone near and dear to my heart was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. When she was given the news, she told me she wanted to spend her time on St. Joseph Island, a place she had called home for more than 30 years. For her, St. Joseph Island had been a great place to raise a family, own…
story and photos by Carter Dorscht
I’m sure everyone’s anxious to get out onto the water, once the ice completely melts, and start catching some fish from the boat.  As I drove over the St. Joseph Island Bridge each day over the past few weeks, more and more open water was emerging, which was exciting.  Heavy rainfall the last few days has made most of the ice disappear, and everywhere I can see is open water for the most part.  Even though ice fishing was a ton of fun this year, it’s time to get back onto the open water!      Smelting season is upon us and I got out for the first time April 27th in Gawas Bay on St. Joseph Island.  I would say…
New Post Falls
 Follow two easy steps to travel inspiration in Northeastern Ontario.  Step 1: Watch the Video   Step 2: Uncover Even More  So...there's so much to explore and experience in Northeastern Ontario it may be hard to know where to start! We've listed more info below, on the attractions & festivals featured in our new promotional video (in order of appearance). We hope you'll choose to embark on a legendary adventure—or two—this year.   Northern Lights Festival Boreal Northern Lights Festival Boreal is a long-standing tradition in Sudbury, and invites the global community to Bell Park to enjoy soulful music, local food, and all-around good times with family and friends. The 2014 line-up has been announced and will welcome the likes of…
The author’s quest to catch trophy pike started in Ontario over 25 years ago and every season he looks forward to another chapter in this ongoing saga.
Northern Pike are one of Ontario's most abundant game fish. Nicknamed a lot of colourful labels like gators, water wolves, snakes and a few other descriptive names not suitable for a G-rated blog, the thing about pike and pike fishing is that anglers either love them or hate them. Personally, I fell willingly into the "love" category the first time one of these torpedo-shaped predators darted out and grabbed my lure inches from the boat! Pike are notorious for following baits and striking at the last possible second. The aggressive attitude pike typically display makes them a little easier to catch than some other species but, more importantly, those aggressive strikes create a rush that's hard to duplicate with any…


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