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It's Not All Forests: My Favourite Things To Do in Northeastern Ontario
Northeastern Ontario is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. But, it's also an area rich in culture with enough historical landmarks to make any history buff go crazy. My experiences continue to blow me away from meeting friendly locals and doing what they do, getting up close and personal with nature while exploring the great outdoors, learning about the region, and being spoiled by the many tourism operators in the area. Ironically, with each item I check off my bucket list, I learn of another "must-do" experience. I love how I somehow find a way to be a busy-bee in each region I visit, especially in one believed to be made up of mostly forests. It comes as…
 Bundled up against the bitter cold, the author, Kendal Ulsh and Mike Elkins show proof that smallmouth remain active right up to the bitter end of the open water fishing season.
Biologists categorize smallmouth bass as a warm water species. Despite this designation smallmouth remain active and feed often late into the fall when the water is anything but warm. Algoma Country has excellent smallmouth bass fishing! To receive free information about smallmouth fishing in our region visit Catching these fish in cool to downright cold water conditions is about understanding how the metabolism and activity level of the smallmouth bass slows down in the fall. Like all fish, smallmouth are cold blooded creatures, but smallmouth more so than walleye and pike start to get noticeably lethargic about the time the leaves have fallen and the first snow showers of the season threaten. As water temperatures drop and smallmouth activity…
Surreal reflection on Long Lake
A nice calm day + Sunset Country = a fantastic photo op.   One thing for sure is that everyone loves a good sunset photo. A reflection photo though, rivals the all and mighty sunset photo. With the amount of shoreline in Ontario's Sunset Country, your chance of seeing a beautiful reflection of the Canadian shield and Boreal forest is high. The following photos are a collection of the best reflection photos in Northwest Ontario that were posted on Facebook this summer. "The Rock" at Crow Rock Lodge One of the most talked about posts on the Sunset Country Facebook page this summer was this photo of "the Rock" across from Crow Rock Lodge. What do you see when you…
Images by Duncan Weller
Organic Garden Café415 Fort William Road344-1917 Hours:Tues to Thurs  11:30 – 6pmFridays 11:30 – 8pmClosed Sunday and Monday   A hidden treasure in Thunder Bay is a little vegetarian eatery that is worth seeking out: The Organic Garden Cafe.  Upon entering, you might wonder what it’s all about. The eatery is but a section of a much larger space, a brewery. There’s a lazy rustic handyman’s feel to the restaurant side, which gives it character. Their prices haven’t been raised in eight years, so the most expensive item on the menu is $8.25, and for meals as filling and healthy as these, that’s a steal!     A couple of fun quirks about the place are that you have to hit the…
Images by Heather Peden
There is no shortage of fabulous hiking areas in Northwest Ontario. While in Thunder Bay, be sure to take the short drive to Pigeon River Provincial Park. There's a hike for every skill level and an abundance of beautiful, scenic views to be enjoyed.   Our introduction to the trails of Pigeon River Provincial Park began with a quick study of the trail map planted beneath a tree on the edge of the gravel parking area just off Highway 593. The Old Logging Road Trail, it promised, would take us 2.5kms across the northwest quadrant of the park and eventually lead us to High Falls and a network of other trails branching off from the tourist center on Highway 61…
Images courtesy of FWHP
Trick-or-treating, dressing up, carving pumpkins, and gobbling candy: these are just some of the ghoulish joys of Halloween time for children and adults alike! If you are in Northwest Ontario and find yourself visiting Thunder Bay on a weekend in the month of October, you can partake in another fun Halloween experience by bringing your kids out to Fort William Historical Park for the Kids' Halloween Hoot! Geared towards children ages 6 – 12, the Halloween Hoot is a day of fun and games for the whole family, and offers a child-friendly alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. Youngsters are encouraged to come dressed up as ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches, and other scary creatures for what will be an afternoon of spooky…
Images by Duncan Weller
Waking Giant Coffee is located near the Women's Bookstore and Lot 66 on Court St in downtown Thunder Bay. "I'm kind of a lily pad in the upcoming downtown expansion," owner Jay Stapleton says. This new coffeeshop just opened in August 2014 and the space is a good size with eclectic seating. Along with your grandmother's couch there are lovely classic tables and chairs. A few of the bigger benches have salvaged bedframes employed as bench backs. The place has character. They serve espressos, macchiato, cortado, cappuccino, breve, and brews to order, along with teas and soft drinks. You can also purchase the gear necessary to brew your own coffees at home. He sells the beans too. "The more people drinking coffee the better…
Images by Fort William Historical Park
Startling shrieks and ominous sounds lurk in the background as you and your group wind through the dark, brooding night... apprehension grows... then suddenly, you see a ghastly figure in the corner of your eye... you begin to tremble..."AAHHHH!" - a bloodcurdling scream right beside you! Who is it? What is it? Hairs tingle on the back of your neck...what's next? What's happening??? Welcome to... Haunted Fort Night! At Fort William Historical Park. This is the stage set each year for what has become one of the most popular Halloween events in Thunder Bay  and all of  Northwest Ontario. Frightening scenarios formulated by devious minds transform Fort William Historical Park into a chillingly haunted territory at night. This haunted Halloween walk…
Images by Stephanie Reid
If the idea of having another plastic-wrapped sandwich or microwaved meal makes your taste buds shrivel, have no fear. There are many great lunch spots in Thunder Bay’s Waterfront District that can reinvigorate them in an instant. Here is a list of the top 5 lunch spots in downtown Thunder Bay (In alphabetical order because they are all too good to choose a favourite) 1. The Foundry – Open for lunch Wed-Sat 242 Red River Rd.   A more recent addition to the Waterfront District, The Foundry is the ultimate gastropub in downtown Thunder Bay, offering traditional bar-fare made with a significantly more, gourmet approach.  Designed to offer a traditional Irish pub experience without the terrible food, The Foundry’s menu goes far beyond…
Jade Wellness Studio
Whether you're traveling to the city for business, pleasure or just simply looking for a way to get moving, these most loved wellness studios offer something for everyone and every level of fitness. Stretch and strengthen while rejuvenating both your physical and mental balance. Drop-ins and traveling guests are warmly welcomed... Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. team will inspire you to move and help you achieve your fitness goals. They strive to help people enhance their fitness levels and achieve their health goals. Through stretching the tight strong muscles, while strengthening the long weak muscles, they will help you to achieve a balanced body both physically and mentally. There are programs that can be participated in on…


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