Northern Ontario, Canada

Mockingbird Hill Farm
A visit Mockingbird Hill Farm is like stepping onto the stage of old rural Algoma. The Farm is a working horse drawn replication of a homestead back in the 1930’s…it is a place where time is tethered. Mockingbird Hill Farm is singularly located on the edge of the wilderness and yet within the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie. Tourists often point to the bush across the road and ask me “What’s over there? I tell them Hudson’s Bay. I doubt there is another city in North America which such a decided and immediate link to the bush. The Farm is themed with rail fencing, historic buildings, crops, gardens, trails, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and bees. There’s lot’s to do and…
One Man's Search for the Infamous Gowganda Lake Grouse
Author's Note: The region around Gowganda Lake Ontario offers perfect conditions for creating a booming population of Grouse. Hence, it is a favoured destination for upland hunters and those wishing to quickly train a new hunting dog! A whispering fall breeze floats Aspen leaves to a colourful ground blanket. The sun shines brightly through the remaining kaleidoscope foliage causing my eyes squint. There is movement in the long grass ahead! My senses tweak alert and as a Ruffed Grouse takes to the sky! As I have done a hundred days before, my trusty 28 gauge finds my shoulder and one shot is fired off. Feathers mix with the falling leaves and i am assured of another evening feast! Fall Ruffed Grouse hunting…
The Call of Gitchee Gumee
"In any season, the rustic beauty of Lake Superior inspires me as an artist and photographer". Like gravity pulls us to earth, the majestic Lake Superior beckons to me. Camera in tow, I am summoned to escape to the vacant shores of Lake Superior. For me, Lake Superior is a place of comfort, peace, serenity and inspiration. As I drive over the crest of the mile hill, 20 km from Sault Ste. Marie, I catch the first glimpse of Lake Superior's North Channel. I'm overcome with the same feeling as crossing the St. Joseph Island Bridge to my parent's place. This feels like home. Today I'm hiking on the Orphan Lake Trail, in Lake Superior Park, an easy 160 km…
Story By Colleen Bennett
"My name is Colleen Bennett and David was my instructor"... Learn to SCUBA Dive & Explore the rest of the world. The largest, unexplored area of the world is the inner space. We are surrounded by water. It is hard to drive fifteen or twenty minutes in any direction without being near water in the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area.If you love being in the water swimming and snorkeling, scuba diving would be the next natural extension of the water sport. Through proper training, one will end up a competent, comfortable diver, who can enjoy this sport for the rest of their lives. There are some medical restrictions which are contrary to scuba diving but mostly if you can…
Northern Lights
Putting on the layers...first the socks, and long undies, a sweater, snowsuit, mitts, hat and a scarf. We would lay on top of what seemed to be a ten foot tall snow bank, making snow angels and daydreaming while staring at the sky; mesmerized by the Milky Way and brightly coloured dancing lights. First memories of the night sky and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are from my childhood and the Feelings of excitement and wonder that I felt back then return each time the opportunity presents itself to view these natural attractions. Aurora Forecast Canada's NorthThe Aurora Borealis is created by electrically charged particles hitting each other as they travel from the sun into earth's atmosphere. Researchers have determined that…
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, So Many Good Performances to Enjoy!
The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) adds to the reputation of Thunder Bay as a regional centre for the performing arts in Northwestern Ontario. Locally known as the TBSO, the Thunder Bay symphony has been around for over 50 years putting on concerts that appeal to a wide and diverse audience from pure classical performances in their Masterword Series, to a mix of modern and popular music with a classical twist in their Pops series, and children’s concerts. Going to a symphony performance can be an experience in itself. You will be especially delighted to know most of their major performances all take place in our Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, a professional 1500 seated arts centre considered “one of the…
Catch Thunderwolves hockey Friday and Saturday nights at Fort William Gardens
If you are visiting Thunder Bay  this weekend, check out fast paced university men's playoff hockey action at the Fort William Gardens. The Lakehead University Thunderwolves are now into the third round of OUA playoffs as they battle the Windsor Lancers for the West Division title this weekend. The Good Old Hockey Game It is no hidden secret that hockey is “Canada’s game”. Why? The game of hockey is something that is unique to the National Canadian identity. A Northern Ontario city like Thunder Bay, Ontario, is by no means a city that exists outside of Canadian hockey culture – it is deeply immersed it. From frozen backyard rinks, to local community arenas, the game of hockey can be found in…
A Fascinating Experience Touring the Islands of Lake Superior near Village of Rossport
We’re out on a tour of the gorgeous Lake Superior islands near the pretty village of Rossport (east of Thunder Bay) when guide Paul Turpin of Discovery Charters  points out a small rock sticking up out of the placid water. Rossport is about a two-hour drive east of Thunder Bay   “That’s called Jim’s Rock,” he tells me, straight-faced.   I turn on my camera to snap a photo and Turpin lets out a laugh.   “It’s also called Mark’s Rock or Paul’s Rock,” he adds. “It’s pretty much named after whoever I have on board.”   Turpin tells me he took a small boy and his family out on the lake a while back and told the lad the…
#RideNEOntario: Win a Legendary Snowmobile Adventure for Two on the Abitibi Canyon Loop
~ The Contest Is Now Closed - Thank You to All Who Participated! ~ Chart a course for a legendary snowmobiling adventure on the Abitibi Canyon Loop, one of Ontario's Top 8: Must Ride Snowmobile Loops. Freshly groomed powder highways, pristine pine forests and snow-sculpted landscapes are calling. Will you answer? There's only one thing standing between you, and an epic three day all-inclusive snowmobile adventure to the Abitibi Canyon, and that's a hashtag. Post your photos/videos publicly on one of the many social media channels with hashtag #RideNEOntario to enter. It's really that simple. #RideNEOntario  A lack of snow is your last concern on the Abitibi Canyon Loop. The Prize Northeastern Ontario Tourism in parternship with Ontario Tourism is giving…
The roar of the water falling into the deep gorge is amazing!
There are few things in the world better than something that gets undersold but over delivers.   It was a feeling I was to discover many times over a few days touring along the shores of mighty Lake Superior in northern Ontario   The first one was one of my favourites, a visit to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay.    Before making my first ever trip north of Parry Sound (and sorry about that), I’d been given a good deal of material about what I should see and do on my trip. All the brochures and tour books I received mentioned Kakabeka Falls, just west of Thunder Bay, as something worth seeing.   I didn’t like the cliché…


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