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Caribou Expeditions: 5 Sea Kayak Day Trips Just An hours' Drive North Of Sault Ste. Marie!
"From our base on Lake Superior in Northern Ontario (since 1994) we provide guided sea kayak and canoe tours, white-water river trips, including wilderness overnight camping, lodge-to-lodge kayaking, kayak instruction, and outfitting." Mike and Colleen Petzold, owners of Caribou Expeditions, are avid paddlers who have lived in the area for over two decades. In addition to our local excursions, we frequently kayak the St. Lawrence and the Barrier Reef in Belize. Mike Petzold, Owner and Guide Mike founder of Caribou Expeditions, 1994, and former professional biologist, has been guiding for over a decade. Having received four star certification from the British Canoe Union, as well as Instructor Certification from paddling Canada. Colleen Arvisais, Owner and Guide Colleen has guided trips…
Memorable experiences on the water await in Thunder Bay
People are naturally attracted to water! With Lake Superior on the doorstep, and number of rivers connecting to the lake within city lmits, your connection to water is not too far away. The views are fantastic and the experiences like kayaking and tubing get you in the water to cool off on a hot summer day. Go Wading in Superior Lake Superior is—let’s face it—really, really cold. You may not want to take a full swim in it, but there are lots of opportunities to go wading, investigate interesting rocks and driftwood and gaze out at the lake. Take a 30-minute drive south of the city on Highway 61 to Little Trout Bay Conservation Area, a protected bay on the big lake.…
Waterfront splash pad is one of Thunder Bay's newest attractions!
Summertime and water were made for each other. And with the world’s largest freshwater lake right at our doorstep, plus inland lakes, rivers and water attractions, Thunder Bay offers plenty of family-friendly ways to cool off, splash around and have a ton of fun. While there is lots of swimming fun to be had at the city’s indoor and outdoor pools, remember you don’t have to actually go swimming to enjoy the water! Check out these get-wet options. Try All Three Splash Pads Thunder Bay is home to three splash pads, each with their own unique personality. And bonus: there is no charge for any of them! Marina Park - Prince Arthur's Landing The Marina Park splash pad is the most popular…
Skateboard Plaza at Marina Park
The installation of the state-of the art skateboard/BMX plaza at Marina Park five years ago created a wave of interest in Thunder Bay that continues to build. The 25,000-square-foot (2,323-square-metre) state-of-the-art park, which won a 2010 Parks and Recreation Ontario Excellence in Design award, is getting a lot of attention. “It’s considered one of the best parks in the country,” says Thunder Bay Skateboard Coalition chairman John Kelly. Amazing Numbers For Waterfront Plaza Kathy Ball, operations coordinator for Marina Park, is thrilled with the Coalition’s hard work and involvement, which definitely contributes to the success of the park as a visitor attraction. “Last summer, 10,000 skaters used the plaza, and that’s only counting the users after 3pm,” she says. “Lots…
Trout like this laker are often found in larger inland lakes and the Great Lakes like this one from Lake Huron. Lakers provide steady action all summer long for those who understand how to fish with “attractors”.
Editor's Note: In his newest blog, Fishing 411 host Mark Romanack offers his tips and tricks for using "trolling attractors" for when you're fishing for Lake Trout in Algoma Country. To read more tips & tricks by Mark Romanack, see the list of blog links below this article. For more information about fishing trips for Lake Trout in Algoma Country visit the website Lake trout, or gray trout as many call them, aren't trout at all! Actually lake trout are members of the char family and like all chars they require exceptionally cold and pollution free waters. Fortunately, Algoma Country has no shortage of world class lake trout fisheries. Lake trout are found in a wealth of in-land lakes…
Heading out for a paddle on Lake of the Woods
SUP is the fastest growing water sport & I can see why!   SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is hot right now, so hot in fact that it is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It's definitely really popular with the locals, tourists and summer residents in Sunset Country. I've seen paddlers out on Lake of the Woods and Wabigoon Lake and really wanted to try it out. Lucky for me, Dustin Shore from Boardanyone in Kenora volunteered to take me for a paddle on beautiful Lake of the Woods. Paddleboarding on Lake of the Woods While paddleboarding first came to Kenora around 5 years ago, Hawaiian pro surfer Laird Hamilton can be attributed to bringing the sport mainstream. During the…
Fishing With Carter Dorscht: Tips And Tricks For Catching Walleye!
Carter Dorscht shares one in a series of articles exploring the fishing culture based in SSM and the nearby lakes! I hope everyone has been out catching lots of fish! Many people seem to be taking advantage of the new smallmouth bass season in Zone 10 as well. Hopefully this continues in the zone and the lake trout populations will begin to rise in lakes where the introduced bass started to take over. Also, the weather is definitely an improvement over the harsh winter we had, but there is much more room for improvement. One of the most prized fish species to catch in the area is the walleye. There are many different effective ways to catch walleye, but I’m…
The Mermaid on Rainy Lake Before and After
After having a long, cold snowy winter, Sunset Country is getting hit with the worst flooding in years.   If it wasn't bad enough that we had winter that wouldn't end and left us wondering when the ice would go out in 2014, but the heavy rains in the last month or so have really pushed the water levels dangerously high. The Rainy River District is currently flooding and the high water is working its way up to Lake of the Woods. Folks along the Rainy River have been sand bagging for days, hoping to stop the river from spilling it's banks. It has been many years since the river has been this high. Riverside homes and businesses have had…
Buzz Ramsey is a leading authority on trout fishing with spinners. He recently joined the author in filming a brook trout fishing show for Fishing 411 television that showcases the awesome fishery Algoma Country provides.
Some lures are more effective at catching certain species than others. When it comes to catching walleye, jigs are king. For catching smallmouth bass a crankbait that imitates crayfish is hard to beat. For pike the casting spoon reigns supreme and for targeting the brook trout Ontario's Algoma Country is famous for, the "go to" lure is an in-line spinner. Locally known as "specks" or "speckled trout" the brook trout is exceptionally attractive, but this fish is actually not a trout at all. Brook trout are members of the char family like their close cousin the lake trout. Occasionally a naturally occurring hybrid is produced known as the splake. Splake display the primary colors of a brook trout and the…
Celebrating a Local Food Festival: Your Guide To A Fun Filled Saturday In SSM
Your Saturday Itinerary! EAT Algoma on Queen Street: Celebrate A Local Food Festival! Get ready to celebrate local food and farming as downtown hosts EAT Algoma. On Saturday, June 14, RAIN (Rural Agri-Innovation Network) will bring Sault Ste. Marie's first-ever local food festival to Queen Street. The "Farm to Fork" theme will bring country life to the city, and serve as unique opportunity to connect farmers, restaurants and consumers. Square 1 (East to Brock) will be lined with tents featuring farm-fresh food vendors, live animals and kid's activities. Enjoy live music and a drink under the Festival of Beer tent. The highlight of the event kicks off at 5:00 p.m. with Restaurant Food Challenge Competition. Three local restaurants (Embers, Gnarly…


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