Northern Ontario, Canada

Fly Fishing: An Angler's Paradise Downtown Sault Ste. Marie
One day, I stood beside a wild river in Northern Ontario and watched an Ojibwa guide put on a fishing clinic. The young man set up near a small pool that was the only area of calm amidst a boisterous cascade. Each of his casts yielded chunky walleyes that were played with great efficiency and wordless nonchalance before being promptly released back into the river's depths. This was a man in his element, truly at one with the natural world. His only show of emotion came when he inadvertently hooked a northern pike—and a good sized one at that—and shook his head ruefully and groaned. This angler's prowess was not unusual for Algoma, where catching your limit often entails nothing…
Sounds Local: A Guide To Festivals Of Sound and Live Music Of The North
Over the past 25 years, I've performed in several local musical groups, and played on recordings, on radio, and at live events. I've helped organize local music festivals, and I currently operate a recording studio. I've travelled all over Michigan, Ontario, and even as far as London (UK) just to see a concert. So when I tell you that some of the best music you'll find anywhere has come from Sault Ste. Marie, hopefully you'll find reason to trust me and to read on. I'm going to assume that you've just arrived in town, perhaps on business or maybe for pleasure and you're sitting in your hotel room, right now, reading this Visitors Guide. Perhaps you're reading this particular article…
Park It Up North: A Half Hour Drive From Town To A Provincial Park Paradise
Sault Ste. Marie's Naturally Gifted character is only enhanced by its proximity to Lake Superior. The spectacular coastal landscape north of the city is easily accessed via the TransCanada Highway, where visitors can enjoy several parks established along the largest of the Great Lakes and the inland lakes and rivers of Algoma Country. A half-hour drive from town and located within the embrace of a large bay, warm water, a long sandy beach and washroom/picnic facilities make Batchawana Bay Provincial Park a favourite destination for day-trippers. Pancake Bay Provincial Park is also centred around the clean, clear and refreshing waters of Lake Superior that wash up on a three kilometre long sand beach. The addition of a 325 site campground…
That's Italian: The Best of Italy In Sault Ste. Marie!
Italian culture and traditions are alive and well in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Their renowned love of life, of family and, most of all, of great food and wine, are a rich part of the city's heritage and continue, to heavily influence the vibrant character of the community. Italians began immigrating to Sault Ste. Marie in record numbers in the late 1940s, when the manufacturing and construction industries were experiencing a post-war boom. They were fleeing a European continent ravaged by war, and a homeland embroiled in economic chaos. The Sault offered the promise of a new life, with good jobs to be had at Algoma Steel. As a result of this influx, Italians are currently the largest ethnic group…
Typical TSBS Launch Point
We sat down with Dave Lafontaine, Chair of Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series, to talk fishing, lakes and tournaments. Dave has been organizing the TSBS for over 18 years, and it has become the largest bass tournament series in Northern Ontario.                          Dave (left) posing with a tournament attendee JM: What is Temiskaming Small Mouth Bass Series all about? DL: The Temiskaming Small Mouth Bass Series is a live release tournament. There are 9 tournaments spanning the entire summer, and 1 bass classic to end the year. The series was developed to expose the general public to Northeastern Ontario fishing opportunities, and to promote live release fishing. The series is…
Sault Naturalists
Appreciation, preservation and conservation, this club has a mission! The Sault Naturalists of Ontario and Michigan is a club with a mission to promote the appreciation, preservation, and conservation of our natural heritage. One way we do this is to get out most every weekend and peddle, paddle, hike, ski and snowshoe through some of the most beautiful and rugged country in Algoma.One of our favorite destinations is Gros Cap, located at the far west end of Prince Township and accessible from the end of Highway 550 (Second Line) approximately 20 minutes west of town. The site is an unparalleled setting of natural, historical and cultural significance on the Superior Heritage Coast. Cobble beaches, 90 meter high craggy rock faces…
Head North for the Best Ride of the Year
March Break has come and gone, and across Ontario, families have fond memories of a real wintry holiday that some say has been long overdue. Others stayed home indoors; plans perhaps interrupted once again by old man winter and his arctic antics. It has been quite a few years since over 80% of the OFSC's snowmobile trails have been available for exploration this late in the season and, by all indications of the current weather patterns, there are still a few snowmobiling weeks remaining.  Today is the first day of spring! Yes, believe it or not, it is March 20th, 2014—which is the spring equinox; this is the time of year when the days and nights are approximately equal. The…
It's hard to beat the taste of freshly caught walleye.
Enjoy Fresh Fish Beside a Clear Canadian Lake The majority of visitors to northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country come here to enjoy the great fishing we have to offer. There are literally thousands of lakes and hundreds of resorts and lodges you can choose from. After a successful morning of fishing, enjoy one of the tastiest delicacies found anywhere, fresh walleye for shore lunch. Ask anyone who's been up here fishing, nothing can beat heading out on one of our beautiful lakes, catching some nice walleyes and frying them up with some potatoes and beans. I'll take this setting over a restaurant any day.   A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a shore lunch with…
Conquering the Canyon—Our Journey to Cochrane, Ontario
CONTEST WINNERS!!! This winter, we offered you a chance to win a legendary snowmobile trip for two. We received a truckload of entries, and now, we proudly present... our lucky winners! Read on below... Hearing the answer to a question that you already know the answer to can be just as deflating as being surprised by it. Last year, we called the Toronto Police Service and asked if we could take our snowmobiles out on the city streets. At the time, they were at a standstill—the city had stopped almost completely due to a snowstorm. Also, we had just seen someone do it—ride their sled right up a main street! As it turns out, you can’t do that. For a…
McIntyre Headframe, Timmins, ON
We asked, "Do you want to win an all-inclusive snowmobile trip for two to Abitibi Canyon?", and we got an overwhelming response thanks to social media fans. The contest rules were simple, use the hashtag #RideNEOntario in the description of a public social media post before February 10, 2014, and you were entered. We were overwhelming happy about the response, and we consider these 90+ photo submissions to be a testament to how awesome it is to snowmobile in Northeastern Ontario!! The 2013/14 #RideNEOntario Contest Submissions: A.Reavy - Hitting the trails, Feb 10 A.Kinach - Jan. 05 A.Ciampini - Feb 08 A. Cunningham - Feb. 06 A.Zopf - Feb.06 B.Farrar - Feb 05 B.Slabich - Not in Ontario, but worth…


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