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Food Trucks at City Hall Thursday Event
On your next visit to Thunder Bay you may be amazed at the food truck frenzy that has hit Northwest Ontario's largest metropolitan centre on the shores of Lake Superior. These food trucks, like in other large urban centres, no longer serve just hot dogs and hamburgers but offer fine food on four wheels. Barbecupid, Success in First Year “In my opinion, owning a food truck is like having seven restaurant locations a week. I bring the restaurant to the customer instead of making the customer come to the restaurant,” says Mike, the owner of Barbecupid with an upbeat view of the food truck business. With sellout sales of his deep fried pickerels, Mike, is stoked about the response he’s…
Warm Your Soul, With These Seventeen Fall Fairs & Events
As a send-off to another great summer season and a celebration of a bountiful harvest, Northeastern Ontario communities host fall fairs and events with food, competitions, music and dancing. And with the days becoming shorter and the leaves changing colours, nature lends a hand in creating photographic opportunities to capture those moments with the family. We invite you to fall into the season with a hike up the Cup and Saucer or drop by Leisure Farms for pumpkin picking. And at the end of the day, enjoy a hot cup of apple cider to warm your soul. To start you off, here's a listing of fall fairs and activities for you and your family and friends to enjoy together:  High…
A unique dining experience in Kakabeka Falls
Their motto is “Chefs need to be trained, Cooks are born”. This may explain the flavourful inventions served up at the Metropolitan Moose Beanery & Cafe by Julia Miles and her husband Steve. Their goal is to exceed your expectations for breakfast, lunch or dinner at their locally-run restaurant known as “The Moose” on a visit to the tourist town of Kakabeka Falls, just 25 minutes west of Thunder Bay. Met Moose exterior fall Kakabeka Falls is the natural attraction that draws thousands of visitors to the Thunder Bay area each year. However, the unique log cabin eatery known as “The Moose”, located smack dab in the middle of village of Kakabeka Falls, has become a destination as popular as…
View from the Lookout at Pancake Bay, overlooking the resting place of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Planning your fall colour getaway in Northern Ontario has never been easier, especially if you know where to find fall colour reports in the area you're interested in visiting. Fall Colour Reports across Ontario The number one resource is the Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report: The Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report website shows colour percentages and leaf fall counts at the start of the season, peak times and the end of the season. All the provincial parks are listed and the website makes it easy to find information for park activities, park locator map, and important information you need when planning your visit. Remember to check back regularly for up-to-date reports from Ontario Parks! Follow Ontario Parks: and…
At the edge of Cup & Saucer Trail
Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world. With an area of 2766 km2 it could take weeks to truly explore all its freshwater lakes and rivers and to hike its countless trails. Located just a two-hour drive from Sudbury or a two-hour ferry ride form Tobermory, Manitoulin Island is an outdoor lovers playground. We had the opportunity to explore the island from Little Current to Providence Bay and here are some of our suggestions of things you should check out during your own trip to Manitoulin.   1. Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail  The Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail is a trek that you do not want to miss when visiting Manitoulin Island. It offers a chance…
Hiking at Chippewa Falls on Hwy 17 North.
People are planning their getaways in Ontario right now, in search of the place that will have the most spectacular fall colour viewing. Living in Algoma Country, we're lucky because we get to experience the change from summer to fall first hand: clean crisp air in the mornings, the new fresh scents that blow off an autumn breeze, the sounds of Canada Geese overhead, and the soft crunchy sound that fallen leaves make as you step on them. And the colours! The brilliant, breathtaking rich golds, vibrant reds and fiery orange colours -- all the things that others dream of seeing and believing. That's why we're inviting you to experience a real fall colour season with us in Algoma this…
Merla Mae - It's the sign of great ice cream in Thunder Bay
Ice Cream! It’s no hidden secret that we all scream for some form of it on a hot summer day, especially if you are on vacation; however, in Thunder Bay, Ontario almost everyone screams for Merla Mae Ice Cream! Look for the Merla Mae sign if you are looking for an ice cream treat on a hot summer day. What is Merla Mae Ice Cream you may ask? To put it simply, it is ice cream with a long-standing reputation for being the best soft ice cream in the city. Locals and visitors alike eagerly anticipate Merla Mae’s opening each year as the weather starts to heat up in Thunder Bay around the May long weekend. Merla Mae dates back to…
Paddling on Lake Superior in Thunder Bay Harbour with a great view of the Sleeping Giant
I admit it.  I hadn’t thought of paddling within the city limits of Thunder Bay until last summer when friends invited me on guided kayak tour on the McIntyre River and Lake Superior’s Thunder Bay Harbour.  Now I’m hooked on it. Our group of five paddlers (including two novices) and two guides set out about a mile from the river’s mouth.  Kayaking on this river – which is actually 47.5 km long and drains a watershed of 15,410 hectares -- was kind of surreal:  the waterway was peaceful and calm, as if we were wilderness kayaking somewhere, but peeking over the banks at times you could glimpse shopping malls, parking lots, busy road traffic and electrical towers. Interesting contrast. We…
Looking For Something Different To Do This August? Here Are Your Marching Orders!
August an exciting month at historic fort on beautiful St. Joseph Island! Looking for something different to do this August? Come explore Fort St. Joseph, the national historic site located at the southern-most point of picturesque St. Joseph Island. There are several ways for visitors of all ages and interests to explore this isolated outpost that was once a thriving community of soldiers, Aboriginal people, and fur traders. Feel the breeze off the St. Mary's River as you picnic on site, walk among the ruins of the fort, or explore walking trails within this bird sanctuary. Dress up as a British soldier; view military and cultural artifacts demonstrating the British and First Nation's alliance, and learn about the fur trade.…
Haileybury Golf Course
With a variety of greens to choose from, Northeastern Ontario offers an experience for everyone, whether you're a beginner, a pro or anything in between. Not sure which one to try out? Here's a list to start you off:       Black-River Matheson   Black River Golf & Country Club1515 Hwy 11S, Matheson, ON, P0K 1N0 Phone: 705-273-3055 Website:    Callander   Osprey Links Golf Club207 Osprey Crescent, Callander, ON Phone: 705-752-5225 Website:    Cochrane   Lee Golf Club450 2nd Ave., P.O. Box 305, Cochrane, ON, P0L 1C0 Phone: 705-272-5005 Website:    Espanola   Espanola Golf & Country Club309 Golf Course Road, Espanola, ON, P5E 1A3 Phone: 705-869-4729   French River   French River Golf Course655 Golf…


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