Northern Ontario, Canada

Collage of entertainment to expect for The Hunger 8
"The Hunger" is a Halloween event with a "mardi gras" atmosphere that takes over the entire downtown Waterfront District in Thunder Bay on the Saturday before All Saints Day, celebrated as Halloween. This year's outlandish music and performance spectacle at seven venues was held Saturday night October 26. Attendees this one night Halloween event in Thunder Bay’s North Core, have umbered in the thousands. With each yearly success word spreads, so an ever-greater turnout is expected to break the four thousand mark this year for The Hunger 8, and no doubt the number of people wearing traditional and wacky costume creations will also increase. To accommodate Hunger fans there will be 52 bands and DJs for this popular fundraiser for…
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For those who have never ventured far north, traveling to the Town of Moosonee or Moose Factory could be a mysterious prospect. Both communities are nestled along Moose River which connects to James Bay - Ontario's only seacoast. The communities served as port for one of Ontario's oldest settlements, and the original Hudson's Bay Company. Getting there adds to the air of mystery. The town is only accessible by plane, and Polar Bear Express passenger train - which makes regular departures from Cochrane, ON.   Photo from Mike Jacobs trip to Moosonee Northeastern Ontario Tourism's marketing team couldn't be more excited to travel to Moosonee/Moose Factory this week (October 7-10, 2013) in search of adventure, experiences and hidden gems.  If you've been considering…
A restaurant with a reputation breakfast and lunch specials.
Tina’s Breakfast and Lunch1170 Memorial Tina's Breakfast and Lunch is as their name says a wonderful choice for breakfast and lunch on your visit to Thunder Bay, especially if your here for a weekend of shopping. The diner serves all day breakfast till 3pm and is conveniently located on Memorial Avenue directly across from the new Target at Intercity Shopping Centre. The owner, Tina Law, is from a family of entrepreneurs so she was naturally prepared to create a lasting business. One method of doing so is not only to offer what everyone wants, a big honking breakfast in a well-lit and clean environment with booths and tables to choose from, but healthy options. At Tina’s there is no deep…
A breathtaking view of Lake Superior at Ruby Lake just east of Nipigon
  The hike to Ruby Lake, just east of Nipigon, Ontario on the north shore of Lake Superior is a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying the beautiful fall colours while soaking in the amazing views of Lake Superior.  So, lace up your hiking boots and make the trip along Lake Superior's north shore east of Thunder Bay to see these great vistas at Ruby Lake with family and friends.  Stand At The Top of Lake Superior The Anishinabek people refer to Lake Superior as Gitchi Gumme or "The Big Lake".  One of the best places to view the Big Lake is in the Nipigon area where some of the best hiking trails are located.     The trail…
Mountain Stream Orchard is nestled in backdrop of the Nor'wester Mountain range south of Thunder Bay
Tranquil Spot Where Apples Grow  High above the Slate River Valley on the rural outskirts of Thunder Bay, where corn stalks march across rolling fields tall and golden waiting to be harvested, is a small clearing of land, tucked amongst native pine forests, where apple trees grow.   The road to the Mountain Stream Orchard winds up into the Nor’wester Mountain range through trees that sport the first blush of fall.   If it were not for the sign propped amid fall wild flowers and spent thistles at the side of the road, it would remain a hidden gem. And as I turn off Oliver Creek Road, down a small dip in the driveway, I think Mountain Stream Orchard just…
Dr. Penny Petrone was a big supporter of the arts in Thunder Bay
Tickets to a live theatre performance at Magnus Theatre is a great to spend a night out on your visit Thunder Bay. Next on stage, from March 13-29, get your tickets for the critically acclaimed six-time Tony award winning play “Red” The Experience of Live Theatre One may ask, “Why do people go to see live theatre?”. Well, a live theatre experience may help to open our eyes, expand our cultural awareness or broaden our knowledge of the world. Theatre may similarly be an opportunity to relax and laugh, or to get out of the house for a few hours and have fun. However ultimately live theatre offers its audience members the opportunity to be transported to another world and…
Bust out of conventional travel and see your country with new eyes.
No service. For much of the ten hour return trip train ride into the Agawa Canyon, this is what you'll see on your phone -- no service. Take a deep breath. Do not panic. This is completely expected as you are truly heading into an area so remote that many spots you see during the tour are not accessible by car. In our modern world it's hard to believe that such places still exist, but one trip on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train and you're reminded of the breadth and depth of our great Canadian wilderness. Lack of access to our daily distracters -- think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram -- is a good thing, since distraction from the natural beauty that…
Family time facing the North Shore of Lake Huron
The Manitoulin Hotel & Conference Centre is a *new* and unique property located in the village of Little Current on Manitoulin Island. At first glance you'll notice the hotel's unique design, inspired by the history of the First Nations people of Manitoulin Island. Spend some time exploring the property, and you'll discover the beautiful cultural details. Stop in for a visit, a meal, or a stay. Be welcomed to a wonderful space and a warm, cultural experience. In the meantime, enjoy a photo tour of the hotel, restaurant and conference centre - A welcoming sight when you cross the Little Current swing bridge.   A modern take on traditional fire grounds.   Breakfast is served,       There…
Photo by Jenny Moore
"Meandering strips of corduroy-imprinted snow descend the slopes in front of me" The heavy snowfall from last night has tapered off and each snowflake calmly places itself on the freshly groomed base. The clouds slowly begin to separate allowing the sun’s morning rays to reach the tips of the hills rolling off into the distance. My mind is absent of the responsibilities that wait for me at the bottom of the mountain. The ageless beauty of the Northern Ontario landscape captures me and enables me to escape. It is my first run of the day. From my seat atop the peak, I strategically plot my course of decent focusing on each line of the unmarked, groomed trail in front of…
The Hub Trail: Sault Ste. Marie's Green Highway And The Four Memorable Hot Spots Along The Way
The Hub Trail is a 25-kilometre multi-use non-motorized trail system that circles around Sault Ste. Marie, connecting locations and fostering human-powered transportation. The natural charm of the trail is due to the endless mix of urban areas, rivers, amenities, wildflowers, meadows, attractions, waterfalls, hills, and scenic vistas. The Hub Trail serves many purposes: a short walk in the evening before sunset (south west portions of the trail are best), a commute to do business, or a long trek to the escarpment or lake. Almost anywhere you want to go, the trail will guide you there. Those using the trail will discover an abundance of scenery and adventure along the route as it links historical, cultural, and natural areas in the…


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