Northern Ontario, Canada

Discover a Garden of Eden nestled in Lake Huron.
How many people travel great distances to find extreme relaxation? How many look for a place to lose themselves in thoughts of serenity and tranquility? For those lucky enough to call St. Joseph Island home, they must not look anywhere except their own back and front yards, and bask in natures glory, a true Garden of Eden anytime of the year. Recently, someone near and dear to my heart was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. When she was given the news, she told me she wanted to spend her time on St. Joseph Island, a place she had called home for more than 30 years. For her, St. Joseph Island had been a great place to raise a family, own…
story and photos by Carter Dorscht
I’m sure everyone’s anxious to get out onto the water, once the ice completely melts, and start catching some fish from the boat.  As I drove over the St. Joseph Island Bridge each day over the past few weeks, more and more open water was emerging, which was exciting.  Heavy rainfall the last few days has made most of the ice disappear, and everywhere I can see is open water for the most part.  Even though ice fishing was a ton of fun this year, it’s time to get back onto the open water!      Smelting season is upon us and I got out for the first time April 27th in Gawas Bay on St. Joseph Island.  I would say…
New Post Falls
 Follow two easy steps to travel inspiration in Northeastern Ontario.  Step 1: Watch the Video   Step 2: Uncover Even More  So...there's so much to explore and experience in Northeastern Ontario it may be hard to know where to start! We've listed more info below, on the attractions & festivals featured in our new promotional video (in order of appearance). We hope you'll choose to embark on a legendary adventure—or two—this year.   Northern Lights Festival Boreal Northern Lights Festival Boreal is a long-standing tradition in Sudbury, and invites the global community to Bell Park to enjoy soulful music, local food, and all-around good times with family and friends. The 2014 line-up has been announced and will welcome the likes of…
The author’s quest to catch trophy pike started in Ontario over 25 years ago and every season he looks forward to another chapter in this ongoing saga.
Northern Pike are one of Ontario's most abundant game fish. Nicknamed a lot of colourful labels like gators, water wolves, snakes and a few other descriptive names not suitable for a G-rated blog, the thing about pike and pike fishing is that anglers either love them or hate them. Personally, I fell willingly into the "love" category the first time one of these torpedo-shaped predators darted out and grabbed my lure inches from the boat! Pike are notorious for following baits and striking at the last possible second. The aggressive attitude pike typically display makes them a little easier to catch than some other species but, more importantly, those aggressive strikes create a rush that's hard to duplicate with any…
Kenora Police constable Don Milliard and masked bandit leave the CIBC bank on Main Street second before a police bullet strikes the robber, detonating the explosives he was wearing.
From a bank robbery to World records to a Dragon's Den success story, our little corner of the Province has some cool stories.   Whether you are a local or a visitor to Ontario's Sunset Country, you may or may not know some of these interesting stories about Northwest Ontario. Here are 6 stories about our area, how many of them are you familiar with? CIBC Bank Robber's Identity Still Remains a Mystery Over 40 Years Later It was like a scene from a movie. On May 10, 1973, a man armed with a pistol, rifle and dynamite strapped to his chest walked into the CIBC on Main Street in Kenora. He walked directly into the Bank Manger's (Al Reid)…
Experience the breeze of a sail on Lake Superior
A sailing adventure on Lake Superior with Sail Superior is something you will want to put on your bucket list of things to do on your visit to Thunder Bay this summer. You’ll find Captain Greg & his crew at Thunder Bay’s Waterfront in Prince Arthur’s Landing – Marina Park. Captain Greg ties up sail - Thunder Bay Harbour - Photo by Goh Iromoto Sail Superior’s 2014 Line Up includes a varied range of options from a 90 minute harbour cruise to multi-day big lake adventure. And don’t forget you can now book your sail on-line. HARBOUR SAILING TOURS: 90 Minutes Sail up close to lakers, salties, massive grain elevators, lighthouses and wonder at the massive break wall. Daily departures: 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and…
Crystal Creek Hiawatha
Your own personal tour guide takes you down some of Sault Ste. Marie's most picturesque cycling routes—straight to the best sticky buns in the North! Where to ride in the Sault: A Cyclist’s Resource Guide To Sault Ste. Marie If you’re thinking of making the Sault your destination for a cycling holiday, in town for work, or a Saultite new to cycling, here are a couple favourite road routes, two spots for mountain biking and a few other resources to get you started. Directions are abbreviated as R (right), L (left), N (north), E (east), S (south) and W (west). (Sylvan Valley - Photo by Ian Dunlop)Riding west to the rocky beach and bluffs of Gros Cap on Lake Superior…
Elk Lake Eco Centre
Northeastern Ontario is BIG. Roughly 170,000 square kilometres big. This endless landscape of outdoor opportunities is broken up by large city centres and smaller communities. Sudbury, North Bay and Timmins are a few of the larger cities in Northeastern Ontario and serve as regional hubs for business and commerce. These hubs are surrounded by 'true northern' natural landscapes, which create a unique setting for business and events alike. We've compiled a list of some of our most unique meeting places across Northeastern Ontario:   10. Elk Lake Eco Centre       Elk Lake Eco Centre is, in a word, serene. With the embellishment of the outdoors, it's the perfect location for weddings or work, educational and outdoor adventure getaways. The…
Story by Duane Moleni
Have you ever played cricket? Flamenco, Salsa or Merengue sound like fun to you? Want to learn about the National Museum of Immigration? Ever hear of a Tribe Called Red? You are in for a treat Sault Ste. Marie. Here's your chance to expand your horizons during one weekend. All you have to do is come and join the fun. The time to Celebrate Difference is now. How fun does that sound?  Come learn, share, laugh and love. Mark your calendars for May 2 - 4 and plan to attend Passport to Unity (PTU). This annual multicultural event presented by the Sault Ste. Marie Career Centre packs a lot of punch into a 3 day festival. Citizens from across the…
Beautiful smallmouth bass!
Rebekka Redd, host of the New Fly Fisher TV Show, explains why you'll love fly fishing in Sunset Country and she adds some great fly fishing tips too. Of all the places I've fishing in the world, I'm proud to say my favourite is also my home. Northwest Ontario is a gorgeous spread of land with thousands of natural clean, clear lakes, rivers and streams that are hard to beat when it comes to fishing. No matter what the season, Northern Ontario will capture any fisherman's attention, boasting amazing fisheries with trophy fish being common. Its fishing will rival any other sport fishing in the world. Renowned for its wide variety of species of fish, one in particular is highly…


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