Northern Ontario, Canada

Frozen for about 1/3 of the year, Algoma Country has a wealth of ice fishing opportunities on waters big and small.
Ice and snow are a given for the people of Ontario who live in the tourism district known as Algoma Country. From the Manitoulin Islands in the east to Nakina in the west, Algoma Country is located in the heart of Ontario and along the northern edge of the snow belt. Safe ice is generally set up by early December and anglers can almost guarantee the ice fishing season will last through March. Ice and snow locks up Algoma Country for clearly a third of the year. In this part of the world when the weatherman hands you lemons, you make lemonade or lemonade sickles as the case may be. Ice fishermen target a host of species in Algoma Country…
The Sky's the Limit at Sudbury National Snowcross Championships
Rockstar Energy National Snowcross Championship racing action came to North Eastern Ontario February 28th to March 1st for the Sudbury National Snowcross Championships. The event was presented by Blackstone Golf Club, G-Force Racing and NORTRAX, and was held at the Blackstone Golf Club in Sudbury, Ontario. The Sport 600 final on Saturday saw 15 riders battling off the start line! The Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) has been organizing, promoting and regulating snowmobile racing competitions in Canada since its inception in 1994. Snowcross is one of today’s most popular forms of snowmobile racing. Much like motocross, snowcross consists of tracks that feature tight turns, banked corners, whoop sections and a variety of jump sizes for all kinds of high-flying action!…
Ice Cave on Lake Superior at Coppermine Point.
This is the perfect time of year to get out and explore the ice formations in Algoma sculpted by the wave action of the Great Lakes. Pack a picnic, put on your layers of clothing and head out to admire Mother Nature's work. Lake Superior, the largest Great Lake north of Sault Ste. Marie is a winter wonderland. There are many areas to explore some more rugged than others. Pointe Des Chenes Pointe Des Chenes Park is a nice area to snowshoe or walk out onto the ice. Ice ridges have been formed by sheets of ice colliding and forming ridges out on Lake Superior. You have to watch you do not hit these at night on your snowmobile as…
Father and daughter hoisting nice eating-sized Nipissing walleye caught from inside the on-ice bungalow
“Can we stay another night?” Lillian asks as we sit down to our feast of barbecued steak and salad under the warm glow of propane lights. “We haven’t even spent our first night,” I tell my young daughter, “you might not even like it.” She looks around knowingly at the 10x20-foot ice bungalow complete with bunk beds, table, chairs, propane furnace and kitchenette. “Oh I like it here”, she says with all the conviction a ten-year-old can muster.     Earlier today we met outfitter Rob Hyatt for snowmobile delivery toward a cluster of rectangular metal-clad ice fishing shacks set amongst the pine capped islands of Lake Nipissing’s Callander Bay. More than 2000 ice huts dot the surface of Ontario’s fourth…
Play, explore and learn in Thunder Bay with Big Boreal Adventure.
When my family moved to Thunder Bay four years ago, we started exploring our new city and it wasn’t long before we started seeing cedar posts with round metal engravings on them—one at Vanderwees Home and Garden, another at Chippewa Park, a third at Vickers Park. Was it some kind of public art project, we wondered? Then we discovered it was nature-based scavenger hunt called the Big Boreal Adventure. Here’s how it works: you pick up a free kit—a laminated map and a spiral-bound guidebook—at any of the Thunder Bay libraries, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Wilderness Supply or a variety of children’s resource centres. There are 38 posts all over Thunder Bay in both rural and urban areas. What…
Visit Kakabeka Falls - There's a Reason, Every Season.
Kakabeka Falls, a 25-minute drive west of Thunder Bay, is a no-brainer for a spring, summer or fall destination—consider the awesome majesty of the falls, the quiet trails and beach at the provincial park, and the opportunity to sample the treats at the wide variety of ice cream shops in the village. Related: Reasons to Stop in Kakabeka Falls But winter? As a matter of fact, yes! I had heard good things about a diner-style restaurant called KB Checkers, on the north side of Hwy 11/17 as you enter the village. When I arrived for lunch, I discovered that the restaurant had undergone a name change (but fortunately not a menu change) the previous week and was now The Eddy, with…
Ontario Northland's Polar Bear Express train
Northeastern Ontario has an abundance of nature and outdoor opportunities, but have you ever wondered what lies in the heart of that remote and untouched wilderness? You can find out for yourself when you book a train-in outdoor getaway with Shooting Star Camp, North to Adventure's Lodge Eighty Eight or when you jump aboard the Polar Bear Express. Whether you’re a seasoned rider of the rails or it's your first time, consider the many advantages rail transportation provides, such as a relaxed atmosphere and quality service, the enjoyment of the drive without the traffic, the beautiful back country scenery, and the affordable ride with generous baggage limits. Travelling by rail also has a nostalgic appeal and a certain element of…
Explore Greenstone on Skis
  Quality of life is as important to the residents of Northwest Ontario as it is to visitors and there is no shortage of calming, stress-relieving, natural sites to explore in the region.   In winter, the nordic ski is the preferred method of exploration and Greenstone is unique as it offers 2 Cross Country Ski Clubs within a 30 km distance. It is just a short drive along Highway 11, from Geraldton to Longlac and you can ski 2 different trails. Ski rentals, day passes and a place to stay make it easy for you and your family to spend a day skiing the trails in Greenstone. Related: 10 Things to Do in Greenstone The Geraldton Nordic Ski Club trails are situated…
Mountain Lions, Foxes and Bears, Oh My!—Tracking Footprints in Ontario’s Northeast
If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of Ontario’s most majestic creatures or simply learn more about the creatures you share a habitat with, animal tracking is a great skill to add to your wilderness toolkit. Northeastern Ontario, with its sly red fox, beautiful snowshoe hare, iconic black bear, magnificent moose and elusive lynx, is a great region to track animals by studying footprints left in fresh snow and earth. The study of animal footprints dates back to prehistoric times where hunters used tracking to gather food. But you don't have to be out catching your dinner in order to read the landscape and locate fascinating animals. Tracks can be discovered as close as your backyard or nearest provincial park.…
One of the more intricate entries at the snow sculpture competition at the 2015 Kenora Winter Carnival
  Which Snow Sculpture Would You Choose as the 2015 Winner? The cold wind did not deter the artists from carving these snow sculptures for the Kenora Winter Carnival.  For me, the highlight of the winter carnival is seeing the snow sculptures that line the Harbourfront in Kenora. 8 artists or groups worked hard to carve these beautiful sculptures for the snow sculpting competition. With the theme being wildlife this year, many carved out hearty Canadian animals that live in Northwest Ontario. Moose, deer, bear, otters and wolves all wander our forests and swim in our lakes.  I really have to give these carvers extra credit this year. In the few weeks they had to carve, the biting wind howled…


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