Northern Ontario, Canada

2014 Pride Parade - Photo by Brian Holden
  In 2010, just five days before Christmas, a group of wonderful and enthusiastic folks crammed into a small, but cozy, union office space to discuss and ultimately plan a week-long LGBTQ pride event for the city of Thunder Bay. Throughout the years, there have been many initiatives, programs, centres and events that have transpired, specifically for people, and friends and families of the LGBTQ community. All this was accomplished through individuals - activists and advocates fueled with their passion to create safe and positive spaces throughout the city. The foundation was laid preparing an opportunity for like-minded people to come together. Video of the 2011 Thunder Pride parade   Two friends and mothers, one two-spirited, one the mother of…
Stonehenge Conundrum in Northeastern Ontario
Myth or belief, maybe it is like the Loch Ness monster? You see what you want to see; you think what you want to think. What’s more fun than a mystery where you can write the ending? On a back road near a unique shoreline is a configuration of huge boulders that pose more questions than answers. The unusual aggregation of these rounded rocks may not have the same visual impact as Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument on the Salsbury Plain in England. No one seems to be sure how these huge, rounded rocks arrived and when? Why does the alignment match exactly with the rising and setting of the sun on the winter and summer solstices? One person has spent…
A Family Paddle on Lake Temiskaming/Upper Ottawa River
It’s true that Lake Temiskaming deserves the same respect given to other large water bodies, like Lake Superior or Lake Nipigon. But it’s also true that it’s an absolute paradise to paddle. Combine it with the upper stretch of the Ottawa River, right to the town of Mattawa, and you’ve got one perfect canoe or kayak trip. My wife, daughter, dog and I paddled this route a few years back, with another family. It added up to 120 kilometers and eight days. It didn’t have to be that long of a trip. There’s lots of access points along the way. But that’s the beauty of it. We were able to float for that entire distance, with only one portage to deal with.…
Using Jerk Baits to Catch Northeastern Ontario Brook Trout
Over the last few seasons, the spoons and spinners of my trout box have been sharing their quarters with an increasing number of minnow baits. Rooting through my bass and walleye gear is becoming regular procedure before sliding the canoe into the inland lakes that Northeastern Ontario brook trout call home. I'm looking for small, slender minnow baits, particularly those that suspend. Traditional trout favourites are still in rotation but small suspending jerk baits are seeing a lot more submersion time than spoons and spinners, especially in spring. Jerk baits are usually associated with pike, walleye or bass but truth is the stop and start suspending action holds a universal attraction for any fish that feed on minnows. This of…
Visit New Post Falls Before it is Reduced to a Trickle!
“All history,” the saying goes, is “contemporary history.” People instinctively turn to the past to help understand the present or “it isn’t often we can turn back the clock.” There is one journey to a destination in Northeastern Ontario where you will enjoy a breathtaking vista, a towering gorge and revel in the sounds of the roaring water as it plunges into a pool many tens of metres below. Because of the narrow gorge it has a great deal of mist. One of the most scenic accessible but unknown waterfalls is about to change and it is going back to what it once was.   Goin' Back It won’t be long until construction for a new hydroelectric development will be…
Traveling Between Canada And The U.S.? What You Need To Know
If you're planning to travel between Canada and the U.S. this summer, there are some important pieces of information and updates you need to know. Find out what they are here! U.S. Visitors To Canada For US Visitors entering Canada, you must have a Passport or valid travel document.  For further information, visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative website. Please direct all inquiries or questions to the nearest Immigration office in your community. Any questions about entry to Canada may be addressed to: Canada Immigration Division, Canada Employment and Immigration Centre, Ottawa, ON K1A OJ9. For Canadian Customs Information call: 705-941-3063For US Customs Information call: New Restrictions On What You Can Bring Into Canada Currency Exchange To obtain the…
Canoeing Killarney’s Northern Access - Less Crowds and Easier Portaging
A few years back I volunteered to paddle and portage the newly expanded section of Killarney Provincial Park - a section between the Panache Lake area and the northern range of the La Cloche Mountains. I re-discovered some perfect canoe and kayak routes through Panache, Bear and Walter Lakes - all connecting to the neighboring lakes already in the park. I recorded them in my guide book - A Paddlers Guide to Killarney and the French River. Since then, I’ve traveled back. I love it here. The main reason is simple - there’s less people. Most paddlers choose to keep to the areas where white quartzite and crystal clear lakes dominate. The northern range has a subtle charm to it’s…
What's New In The Soo? Here's The Scoop!
OutSpoken Brewing OutSpoken Brewing, the first brewery to operate in Sault Ste. Marie since the closure of Northern Breweries in 2006, celebrated their official launch of its storefront on May 1, 2015! Located at 350 Queen Street East this local brewery has growlers ready for grabbing including Pottswurth Maple Breakfast Stout, Rabbit's Foot IPA, Split Shot Ale and Lagered Ale. It was more than two years ago when first sat down with owners Vaughn Alexander and Graham Atkinson to discuss their plans to supply locally crafted micro brew to the Sault public. Photo Credit: Take a look for yourself and watch Local2's video about how things roll at OutSpoken Brewing OutSpoken growlers filled with a brew of…
Great Northern Experiences: There Are So Many Things To Do!
Sault Ste. Marie continues to hold an impressive reputation for "Great Northern Experiences"! Here are some exciting opportunities of things to see and do for locals and tourists alike! Bird Watching / Nature Observations Sault Naturalists of Ontario & Camping Bell's Point Beach Campground158 Highway 17 B 705-759-1561 Blue Berry Hill Motel & CampgroundHwy 17 North, Goulais, ON 705-649-5631 or 1-800-811-4411 Glenview Cottages & Campground2611 Great Northern Road 705-759-3436 or 1-800-668-3100 KOA Campground501 Fifth Line East 705-759-2344 Lake Superior Provincial ParkHwy 17 North, Wawa 705-856-2284 Lion's Club Point Des Chenes Family RV Park & Campground57 Point Des Chenes Drive 705-779-2696 Ojibway Park2628 Hwy 17B, Garden River 705-248-1520 Pancake Bay Provincial ParkHwy 17 North, Pancake Bay 705-882-2209 Fishing Ministry of…
My Son the Hurricane at Loplops on April 25 at 9:30pm
Sault Ste. Marie brings unique opportunities to the city including some of the best entertainers, artists, festivals and events in Northern Ontario! Here is your 2015 list of festivals and events from April until December 2015 that you don't want to miss! April 24 - 25, 2015Sault Ste. Marie Festival of Beer 2015 This event is a must on every beer lovers list and never disappoints. It has sold out the first three years and there is no sign of change in the trend this year as momentum is building and they are expanding the boundaries. Lots of great tastes to choose from! Lop Lops wants to help expand the public's appreciation of beer to celebrate quality, craftsmanship, and Canadian…


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