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Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more inviting than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. This website is the official online collaboration of travel and tourism organizations across the region, bringing you travel tips and stories about Northern Ontario from writers around the world.

From the the wilderness of Sunset Country, Algoma Country, and Northeastern Ontario, to the charming neighbourhoods of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, and all points in between, this is where real Canadian spirit lives.
#RideNEOntario: Win a Legendary Snowmobile Adventure for Two on the Abitibi Canyon Loop
~ The Contest Is Now Closed - Thank You to All Who Participated! ~ Chart a course for a legendary snowmobiling adventure on the Abitibi Canyon Loop, one of Ontario's Top 8: Must Ride Snowmobile Loops. Freshly groomed powder highways, pristine pine forests and snow-sculpted landscapes are calling. Will you answer? There's only one thing standing between you, and an epic three day all-inclusive snowmobile adventure to the Abitibi Canyon, and that's a hashtag. Post your photos/videos publicly on one of the many social media channels with hashtag #RideNEOntario to enter. It's really that simple. #RideNEOntario  A lack of snow is your last concern on the Abitibi Canyon Loop. The Prize Northeastern Ontario Tourism in parternship with Ontario Tourism is giving…
Buskerfest 2013
Since 2004, the Sault Ste. Marie Buskerfest has hosted the best and brightest local, national, and international professional street performers for three days of free family friendly entertainment. Acrobats and stunt people, fire-breathers and swordswallowers, comedians and contortionists from around the globe have drawn thousands -- some from as far away as Green Bay, Wisconsin -- to the Sault's downtown core to enjoy the only festival of its kind in Northern Ontario. Queen Street is closed to traffic as Buskerfest presents these world-class and often infamous artists that inspire awe and spark the imagination.  Buskerfest aims to uplift and connect people, and strengthen our community through the promotion of interactive arts and the production of cultural events. It actively promotes…
Lake Superior
First Time Jitters I’ve driven down this very spot of Highway 17 hundreds of times before, each pass having no idea what adventure lied just off the road. Today, I’m about to find out. Near The Voyageur’s Lodge and Cookhouse in Batchawana Bay lies a 60-foot ice climb that both excites the mind and stimulates the senses. The cliff rests about a 20-minute hike off the highway. As I drive to the destination from Sault Ste. Marie, I can feel my heart pounding. The closer I get, the faster it beats. I meet with adventure guide Shaun Parent, who owns the Batchawana-based North of Superior Climbing Company. We first stop by his office to grab some gear. “It’s a really…
Colin McKeown gives a lodge review for Lodge Eighty-Eight on Esnagi Lake.
Editor's Note: Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher gives a lodge review for Lodge Eighty-Eight after his trip for big Northern Pike, Walleye and strong fighting Brook Trout. For more information about fishing in Algoma Country visit Since I was a young boy I have had a love of catching big Northern Pike. Now as an adult, I try to find new and exciting waters to catch them. Recently I had the pleasure of fishing on a lake system that not only boasted of big Pike and Walleye -- but also large Brook Trout as well. The lake is Esnagi Lake and the lodge I stayed at is Lodge Eighty-Eight. David MacLachlan and his family have been…
Java Hut - Serving Fuel for the Road
Java Hut Owner: Joe Skehar465 Memorial Avenue(Open 6am to 10pm most days) There are a lot of thick necks in this place. The skinny necks, wearing sweats, hoodies, ponchos, and slippers are tree planters from near Toronto. They’ve lined the Java Hut counter and laugh at how they might appear in their photo. They’ve just got back to Thunder Bay from cabins in the bush out by Fort Frances and Armstrong. They’ve strolled over from the Super 8 Motel to join the truckers, bikers, and company men. Most everyone who comes here is looking for fuel for the road. Honking huge slabs of pie sit like mountains between stacks of onion rings, fries, pancakes, bread and bacon. Order the pie with your…
The author with a nice Northwest Ontario bass!
Use These Tips to Catch More Fish! Editor's note: Co-inventor of the legenday lindy rig walleye lure, co-founder of In-Fisherman Magazine, and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee Al Lindner knows the way big fish think. In this exclusive article, Al shares some hard-earned secrets to help the Sunset Country angler conquer the most challenging species of the region. The fish are bigger and wilder in Northwest Ontario: read on, as Al tackles the big boys, species by species. Walleye Ontario has perhaps more walleye lakes than anywhere else in the world, and Northwest Ontario is home to some of the best walleye fishing on earth. On many waters, you need to do no more than cast a jig tipped with…
Take a ride in Algoma to see the fall colours.
There it is again, a sound so sweet to the ears of every motorcyclist at one with their machine and revelling in the beauty of their environment. It's such a beautiful sound; footrests gently kissing the asphalt through another bend, as the laws of physics are briefly challenged. And then the bike is lifted upright once more and prepared for another turn. It's a truly delightful moment in motorcycling, made perfect by the scenery through which this blacktop snakes and twists. I'm on a fairground ride, lost within a Jackson, Lismer or Carmichael painting of the Canadian great outdoors. This is the landscape that provided the inspiration for the famous Group of Seven artists and it's easy to see why,…
Robin Ranger and his band perform at Gargoyles Grill & Ale
There's no shortage of food or entertainment in Thunder Bay and plenty of great places to sleep after all that fun. Thunder Bay has a band to cover every genre of music, except mariachi and even that is a possibility. The Northwest Ontario city is a stopping point for touring musicians on the road and local bands play just about every night of the week. Gargoyle's Grill and Ale located near the waterfront in the entertainment district, serves up Canadian fusion cuisine with live music weekly. The menu features an eclectic selection of appetizers with seasonal ingredients and the weekly roster of local bands is sure to impress just about any music lover. I was lucky enough to catch Robin…
49th Apparel
Sault Ste. Marie features some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in all the world, making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. But what is a confirmed city girl like me to do in a city of 75,000? Well, as I quickly found out, there’s plenty to keep an urban dweller busy, too. Sault Ste. Marie’s downtown core is a seven-block stretch running along Queen St., and is chock full of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and museums that I discovered during my girl’s day out!   Before I set my credit cards on “stun,” though, I head in to fuel up with my customary cup of coffee. Fortunately, I had my pick of places to enjoy a fine brew—from casual…
Collage of entertainment to expect for The Hunger 8
"The Hunger" is a Halloween event with a "mardi gras" atmosphere that takes over the entire downtown Waterfront District in Thunder Bay on the Saturday before All Saints Day, celebrated as Halloween. This year's outlandish music and performance spectacle at seven venues was held Saturday night October 26. Attendees this one night Halloween event in Thunder Bay’s North Core, have umbered in the thousands. With each yearly success word spreads, so an ever-greater turnout is expected to break the four thousand mark this year for The Hunger 8, and no doubt the number of people wearing traditional and wacky costume creations will also increase. To accommodate Hunger fans there will be 52 bands and DJs for this popular fundraiser for…


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    It's sports show season; come visit Sunset Country at these 5 shows
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  • The Ultimate Fishing Experience - Muskie!
    The Ultimate Fishing Experience - Muskie!
    Not Another Fish Story In Sunset Country, we mean business when it comes to the subject of muskie fishing in Ontario! In this part of the Province, the muskie live long and grow to enormous sizes. Some of Ontario's most famous muskie waters are located in Sunset Country. Everyone has…
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    Cool off at one of the top beaches in Kenora
    Take advantage of the numerous public beaches on Lake of the Woods and surrounding lakes in Kenora. Kenora is lucky enough to be situated on Lake of the Woods and surrounded by other lakes such as Rabbit Lake, Black Sturgeon and the Winnipeg River. Out on Lake of the Woods…
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  • Rainy River: A Birder's Paradise!
    Rainy River: A Birder's Paradise!
    Birding in the Rainy River District The uniqueness of the Rainy River region creates a range of habitat for diverse species of birds. The lakes and waterways in addition to the mix of northern, southern and prairie natural environments (northern spruce and jackpine to southern hardwoods such as ash, elm and basswood)…
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  • Where Anglers Come Together in the Race for the Top Trophy Fish!
    Where Anglers Come Together in the Race for the Top Trophy Fish!
    Nothing beats catching the winning fish in a Sunset Country tournament! Every year visitors from all over the world come to experience and make ever lasting memories in the beauty of Sunset Country.  Many individuals fall in love with Northwest, Ontario and return each year bringing friends and family. Some…
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  • Packages & Vacations at Piebird Bed and Breakfast
    Packages & Vacations at Piebird Bed and Breakfast
    Piebird Bed & Breakfast is set in a century home with lots of soul near North Bay, Ontario. Hosts' Yan and Sherry welcome their guests with homegrown vegetarian meals and a relaxing, happy atmosphere. Dinner Delight $245 (private rate) per couple includes one night accommodation and fresh-from-the-field dinner for two…
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  • West Nipissing - A Sensational Place to Vacation
    West Nipissing - A Sensational Place to Vacation
    Fantastic scenery, rich culture and great fishing. This is what the West Nipissing area is all about and it is a lovely place to visit. Steeped in rich tradition and culture, the communities of West Nipissing take pride in their heritage, which dates back to the early days of the…
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  • Quetico Provincial Park: Wilderness Canoeing at it's Best
    Quetico Provincial Park: Wilderness Canoeing at it's Best
    Atikokan - Your Gateway to Quetico Park For the wilderness canoeist, the name Quetico conjures up images of giant white pines, crystal clear lakes and some of North America's best wilderness canoeing. Quetico Provincial Park, located in Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country is for many canoeists, the ultimate place to paddle.…
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  • Top Ten Reasons Why Algoma is the Best Place to Sled
    Top Ten Reasons Why Algoma is the Best Place to Sled
    It's all about the white stuff and Algoma has it, tons of it and that makes us a must do destination for sledding! Here's our Top Ten Reasons why Algoma is the BEST place to sled: 1. We are home to 2,000 miles of groomed trails! You don't have to…
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  • A Stay at Cedar Meadows Resort in Timmins
    My recent stay at Cedar Meadows was just like all the other great nights.  
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