Northern Ontario, Canada

Sunset over Lac Lu, Ontario, Canada
Whether you vacationed in Ontario's Sunset Country or not, these photos from the summer of 2014 may just entice you to plan a trip next year.   If you've never been to Ontario's Sunset Country, it's really hard to grasp just how beautiful it really is up here. Between Thunder Bay and the Manitoba border there are over 70,000 lakes, rivers and streams. Some people think Ontario ends at Thunder Bay. I may be prejudice, but I think our area of the province happens to be the most scenic and the following photos of Northwestern Ontario prove just that.  Most of these photos were shot by the lodges and resorts in Northwest Ontario, by guests in the area, some locals…
Fall into Fun at Pumpkinfest
A visit to Gammondale Farm in the Slate River Valley is a great way to enjoy the splendour of the autumn colours if you are planning a trip to the Lake Superior region this fall. You will find that September and October is the perfect time to take the 40 minute drive to Thunder Bay from the Ontario-Minnesota border to visit Northwest Ontario. You will be amazed by the vivid red and auburn hues from the leaves of the hardwood trees against golden brown fields in the landscape of the rugged Nor’wester Mountain range. Come and celebrate the fall harvest, Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween at Gammondale Farm at the 20th Annual Pumpkinfest. Pumpkinfest runs for four weekends during the month of October…
Algoma Fall Festival
President of the Algoma Fall Festival, Donna Hilsigner welcomes you to the 42nd Algoma Fall Festival in Sault Ste. Marie! "This October you'll have a fantastic seat as music, arts and creative expression take over streets, our theatres and our gallery. An outstanding line-up of Canadian and international talent and unique events include The Group of Seven in Algoma, Northern Ontario's first Nuit Blanche and Celtic Colours in Algoma. Celebrate the season and blaze the night away with Entertainment on Fire!" Buy Your Tickets Here! "Our mission, as the Algoma Arts Festival Association, is to enhance life for the people of our northern community by bringing to them the experience of excellence in the visual and performing arts. The Algoma Arts…
Close encounters of the Moose-kind
My trip to Timmins had me experiencing some of the best of what northeastern Ontario has to offer. There is no better way to explore one’s country than by becoming a traveler within it. Timmins allowed me the opportunity to explore more within my home country and I was kept busy with endless activities from roller derby, laser tag, indoor golf, fitness classes, to getting up close and personal with nature, and beyond. Timmins offers a plethora of adventures for the young and old. As a big kid at heart, it’s no surprise that the big kid in me came out in Timmins. Trying to sum up some the best of Timmins is a hard task seeing as I’ve visited a few times. Yet, when I…
Where Will The Great Spirit Circle Trail Lead You? To Manitoulin Island
A visit to Manitoulin Island is so much more than a visit to the world’s largest freshwater island. Yes, it is an outdoor lover’s playground housing scenic waterfalls and spectacular views, but it is also a destination where one can discover and learn about history and culture. Our travels around Manitoulin Island followed the Great Spirit Circle Trail, an aboriginal experience giving us a glimpse into the lives of the Anishnawbek people. There are 7 First Nation Reserves on Manitoulin Island, and if you have always wanted to learn more about this rich culture, this is the place to be immersed in Aboriginal traditions.   Lobby of Manitoulin Hotel & Conference Centre   Our tour of the Great Spirit Circle…
Rossport Coastal Trail
Driving the north shore of Lake Superior offers jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the big lake. And now, when you want to stretch your legs, it’s easy and convenient to take a stroll on the newly opened Rossport Coastal Trail (about two hours east of Thunder Bay or 15-20 minutes west of Schreiber and Terrace Bay). Get a closer look at the ancient rocks, native vegetation and hidden coves and take in views of Superior’s ever-changing waters and the nearby archipelago of islands. Hikers on the Rossport Coastal Trail The 1.5 km-trail hugs the shoreline between the pretty and historic village of Rossport (at the east end, near a small playground) and the Rossport Roadside Park (a rest area). You can easily travel…
Welcoming Sign at the Museum
Power down the tablet and pop out the earbuds: you’ve got a few days left to check out old-style pioneer living at the newly reopened Founders’ Museum and Pioneer Village on Hwy 61, just south of Thunder Bay. The attraction is packed with an incredible array of artifacts, from vintage hats and pinball machines to antique tools, cameras, cars and a railway car, all housed in buildings painstakingly reproduced to match the originals. Antique car in the Founders' Museum Garage The site is the result of the efforts of Fred Goodfellow, who purchased the property in the 1960s with the idea of creating “hands-on history.” “He would go around to local farms and homes and see if there were any…
My first photo of North Bay, ever.
I guess you could call me a local. I was born and raised in Sudbury, ON, and transplanted to North Bay, ON for post-secondary in 2008.  Growing up here, I found there were two common threads among young people. First, you have to get a car or your life is over. So much of the north was designed for driving. Second, when you're old enough, you have to move away. My friends and I were guilty of groaning that 'there's nothing to do here'.    It wasn't until I began work at a local tourism association, that I realized how wrong I was to complain. The moment I began to explore, and see Northeastern Ontario with new eyes, I fell in…
Barbless 51" muskie caught at 10:15pm one night after full moon early August 2012
This writing is dedicated to the memory of Jack Burns. Gone, but never forgotten. To honor his memory and methods, I pinch down all the barbs on my casting baits. "Catch a nice one and let it go. Let them all go." DFDB! In my 23 years (as of 2014) of working & running Mylie's Place Resort on Lake of the Woods in Morson, Ontario, Canada, I've become very active in the promotion of CPR (Catch, Photograph & Release) fishing practices. There are all kinds of ways to improve the chances of successfully releasing a fish in whatever species you might be targeting or hook up with incidentally. One the most often overlooked is using barbless hooks. There are some…
Even though you may be fishing for steelhead, don’t be surprized to catch a “bonus” brook trout, Chinook salmon or even a magnificent Atlantic salmon like this beauty landed in the St. Mary’s River in downtown Sault Ste. Marie.
Sometimes, I think I should be a travel advisor. At least, that is what I was thinking the other day when I received an email message from a fishing buddy who lives in southern Ontario and had driven the mind-numbing "freeway" route across Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota to get to a conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He wanted to know if I could suggest a "more relaxing and scenic" route home that would bring him across Northern Ontario. Knowing how much my friend loves to wade pristine waters and fish for frenzied, chrome-sided steelhead, it took me all of ten seconds to send him a reply. "Take the Trans Canada Highway along the picture-postcard North Shore of Lake Superior," I suggested,…


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