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The Best Ice Fishing In the World Happens Here

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Image Provided by Randy McAllister
 Check out a different kind of nightlife in Northwest Ontario!  Thunder Bay is home to two observatories and an astronomy club, and the long dark nights of winter are ideal for stargazing, catching a glimpse of a meteor and even, if you’re lucky, a sky filled with unforgettable northern lights. A time lapse video of the Northern Lights in Thunder Bay by local photographer DayVidZ/Ascension   1. Thunder Bay Observatory Image Provided by Randy McAllister Explore stunning views of the night sky with professional equipment that has the ability to view a billion “stellar objects” ranging from stars to meteors. There is also a 70-seat multiscreen “mini-planetarium” for viewing. Owner Randy McAllister (who keeps records of local UFO sightings) offers night…
The West Nipissing ATV Club
It's not unusual for a club to have a dress code. So when the email insisted I bring waterproof boots, warm clothing, rain gear and a helmet I thought nothing of it. When morning coffee conversation turned to chest waders, I became concerned. When my hosts began to don said chest waders, I began to second-guess my choice of boots. Next came bags of food stuffed into the top case of the ATV, and lastly, a chainsaw. Okay, now I’m intrigued. I've driven 388km (240 miles) northeast from Toronto to Mattawa in Northeastern Ontario and set up camp at the Voyageur Inn. Our ride to the trailhead after breakfast takes about 15 minutes. While the truck radio plays today’s latest hits my…
Community Theatre at its Finest and Funnest... err... Most Fun!
  As I drive south of Thunder Bay, out Ontario Highway 608 towards the Village of South Gilles, the snow is flying and it is clear that winter is upon us. While Northwest Ontario winters are known to be long and cold, a rural community theatre group has found a way to keep warm during the harshest of seasons. When I arrived at the South Gilles Community Centre to watch a dress rehearsal, I was greeted by some of the cast members and the production’s director Sharon Wasilewski. A small group gathered, while the rest could be heard bustling around backstage preparing for the rehearsal and the group began to explain to me a bit of the history of the…
It Starts Today: Festivals And Holiday Celebrations Come Alive In SSM!
"Sault Ste. Marie is truly fortunate with the inescapable reality of winter. Along with snow and crisp temperatures, this reality brings vibrant celebrations and festivals moving the whole city outdoors and embracing what the season brings. The snow is a major contributor to the country's identity and character and Sault Ste. Marie knows just how to celebrate it". Follow the footprints of winter and embrace the generous festivals and celebrations the community has planned just for you! Mill Market - November 20 (4pm to 10pm) Sheri Minardi PhotographyJoin Mill Market vendors from 4pm – 10pm on November 20th for festive nighttime holiday shopping from Sault Ste. Marie’s local crafters and artisans! Over 30 vendors will join together to bring you…
Find out what's behind the unique placenames in our area.
Looking at a map of Algoma Country, it's hard not to wonder where some of the place names originated from. Were these old place names used by explorers to name settlements on their New World maps? Ancient gathering spots by the First Nations People? Were these places named for local or national heroes, and people who made a significant impact on the area? Perhaps local folklore? Where the Name 'Algoma' Comes From 'Algoma' is a name of many different places throughout North America. Henry Schoolcraft was said to be the man who invented the word, which comes from 'Goma' an Algonquian suffix - gamaa for "lake" and the al prefix from the word Algonquian. The original text by Mr. Schoolcraft,…
The only other outdoor Christmas Village in Ontario: The Distillery, Toronto.
Pour la version française, cliquez ici From the 27th to the 30th of November, 2014, almost one hundred and fifty artisans, artists, acrobats, cooks, and carollers will transform the sleepy lakeside city of Temiskaming Shores into a Christmas Village filled with music and light. Taking inspiration from the strong francophone culture in the area, the Village Noël will have a New France theme, harkening back to beloved Christmas traditions of community, care, and delight in the unique and hand-made. Bursting with the best crafts from across the region, astonishing artworks, delicious fresh made treats, and beautiful handmade clothes, the Village Noël is meant to be the perfect weekend outing for families looking for some Christmas inspiration. Wander, eat, enjoy the…
The sun going down over Rainy Lake from the Noden Causeway
How many of these facts do you know about Rainy Lake?   While you may know that Rainy Lake is known for it's great fishing - namely feisty smallmouth bass, big walleye, huge northern pike and crappie, you may not be familiar with some of these facts about Rainy Lake, Ontario, Canada:  1 - Roughly 70% of Rainy Lake lies in Ontario, Canada and 30% in Minnesota, United States. 2 - Excluding the Great Lakes, Rainy Lake is the 5th largest inland lake in Ontario. Rainy Lake covers 92,100 ha (227,604 acres) and has over 2,200 islands of which over 2,000 are in Canada. Some of the main ones are Little American Island, Campfire Island, Dryweed Island, Big Island and Surveyor's…
Try something new this winter: go dog sledding in Algoma Country.
Discover a truly iconic Canadian winter experience in Algoma Country: dog sledding. You'll enjoy the thrill of being pulled by a fun-loving, energetic group of Siberian Huskies as they take you on an incredible winter sightseeing adventure. Évasion Nordik is a small family owned and operated dog sledding business in Hearst, Ontario. Owners Luc and Danielle Dubois have a passion for Siberian Huskies and share their love for their furry family by introducing them to people and discover dog sledding. A Passion for Dog Sledding Luc & Danielle's dream began over 8 years ago when they were living in Campbell's Bay, Québec. While living there, they met some amazing mushers and discovered dog sledding. They both fell in love with…
The Best Little Kayak Festival You’ve Never Heard Of - The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge in Timmins, Ontario
Timmins is an interesting place. A quarter of all the gold in the entire world has come out of Timmins. You could easily say that gold, and it’s plentifulness, is what defines Timmins. But the Timmins I saw one weekend in August during the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge changes that notion entirely. My home base for the weekend was Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa, a place I’ve stayed at often throughout my travels in Northeastern Ontario, but never for an entire weekend. The Front Entrance of Cedar Meadows Resort, Spa and Wildlife Park There are very few places in Ontario, let alone the North, that are as…magical as Cedar Meadows. Yes, it is a resort, but it’s more than that.…
Drop shotting is one of those little known fishing tactics that works well on walleye with both soft plastics and live bait. The author recommends spinning rods a No. 1 or 1/0 drop shot swivel hook and six to eight pound test fluorocarbon line.
Drop shot rigging is a wildly popular bass fishing presentation that just happens to work wonders on walleye too! I came upon this realization recently while fishing walleye at Kag Lake a fly-in destination owned by Leuenberger's Air Service out of Nakina, Ontario. My guest for the week was bass fishing pro Kendall Ulsh who helped me better understand how deadly effective drop shotting can be. On this particular trip fishing was outstanding and it didn't take long for my crew to catch enough walleye on traditional methods to put an episode of Fishing 411 TV in the can. With time on our hands, we started exploring other less orthodox methods of catching walleye and Kendall suggested trying drop shot…


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