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Andre Klassen caught this 52.25" muskie on Eagle Lake mid October
These gigantic muskellunge are just a sampling of what was caught and released in 2014.    Some say the next world record muskie will be caught in Northwest Ontario. Judging by these photos, I wouldn't be surprised.  Dedicated muskie anglers live for the chance to catch a huge muskie which is referred to as the "fish of 10,000 casts". Although some of these muskies were caught trying to fish for walleye or bass! Congrats to all the anglers that caught (and released) these beautiful massive muskies in 2014. 50" Muskie at Totem Resorts Jim Winterle reeled in this huge 50" muskie at Totem Resorts on Lake of the Woods in September, 2014. Location: Totem Resorts on Lake of the Woods,…
The backend of the President's Suites in Haileybury
Temiskaming was once one of the most important and lucrative mining centres in the world. It was a rugged frontier where enterprising young men made quick fortunes. As the wealth of the community grew, so, too, did its cultural attractions, becoming known for a wide variety of theatre and architecture. Two of Temiskaming’s communities, Cobalt and Haileybury, proudly display the scars and splendour wrought by their mining heritage. In some ways, the former still has the authentic hardscrabble identity of a blue collar community, with modest homes and remnants of mining life on full display (including head frames and deep scars in cliff faces from blasting). The latter town showcases the lavish lifestyles of the mine owners, who used their wealth to create architectural gems that…
Get Your Paddle On — Canoeing for All Abilities in Temagami
What is more Canadian than a canoe? It is at once an ingenious invention of First Nations people, a quiet and surprisingly effortless mode of water transport and an enduring symbol of our connection to our beautiful wilderness. Ontario is unusually blessed when it comes to canoe habitat, with a quarter of a million lakes (not to mention rivers) dotting the province.     If you ask any canoeing expert for their must-visit Northern canoe locales, they will, without a doubt, mention at least one spot in Temagami. With eagle-eye panoramas from the fire tower, a variety of accommodation options, over 1,000 canoe routes and knowledgeable outfitters, Temagami is a great place for canoers of all abilities. Whether you’re looking to introduce the next generation…
Saturday Night Onion Soup
The morning sun glares off the massive silver steel vats through the open double garage doors of the brewery. A warm and comforting aroma fills the air, with an underlying hint of something sweet. It’s unexpected, as it’s very much unlike the final bottled product, and quite the contrast to the sterile and industrial look and feel to the atmosphere.     This was my first experience touring a brewery, which also happened to be Greater Sudbury’s craft beer brewery, Stack Brewing. As I was walking toward the brewery from the parking lot, I was greeted by Stack’s brewer, Michael Guillemette, who was walking out of the above mentioned open double garage doors. He showed me around the property grounds…
Double Header-Double Season: Wolf Lake and Blue Lagoon
One of the finest vistas in Northeastern Ontario, in any season, is the view from the top of Wolf Mountain. This special back roads destination overlooks Wolf Lake and leads you to one of the best “good ‘ole swimming holes” around: Paradise Lagoon, also known as the “Blue” Lagoon. Most canoeists who pass along the Chiniguchi River don’t even know the lagoon exists, as it lies off the portage and across from the main course of the river and associated waterfall. Passersby see the falls, but portage right past the lagoon. The water of this circular and seemingly bottomless lagoon is often described for its “Windex” like colour, and is surrounded by steep rock walls of granite and quartz. Its colour scheme is a hangover from…
Gigantic muskie in the late fall
2014 seems to have been an unusual year for weather, but a fantastic year for fishing!   2014 came in with a bang with -40C temperatures across the region. The cold weather and record amounts of snowfall continued well into the Spring. Summer finally came but so did the rains. Lakes across the region were at record high levels. Docks were underwater, people were sandbagging, but what were the fish doing? With the late spawn and high waters, it was a little bit harder to find the fish this year, but when they were found, look out! I wanted to create one article showcasing the trophy fish that were caught and released in Sunset Country this past year, but it…
 Enter to Win An Amazing Fly Fishing Trip with The New Fly Fisher in Algoma Country.
Fly Fishers looking for the ultimate destination, Algoma Country has it all! From huge Smallmouth Bass to aggressive Northern Pike, trophy fish abound in this part of Ontario. With the success of last year's Great 8 Day Fly Fishing Giveaway, we've once again joined forces with The New Fly Fisher and several partners to offer you another amazing fly fishing contest! The Contest The lucky winner and their guest will spend 5 amazing days fly fishing at one of the participating lodges of their choice. To make the fly fishing trip even better, you'll become a television star! The lucky winner will choose either Bill Spicer or Colin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher Television Show to guide them on…
It's Opening Day! Give The Gift Of Alpine Skiing This Holiday Season
Your Backyard Just got Bigger! Searchmont Resort officially opens it's doors tomorrow, Saturday December 20, 2014 for another great season of skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports! Searchmont's seven hundred and fifty foot vertical drop is known for its well groomed trails, natural rolling terrain and friendly staff. Since 1957, Searchmont has provided a beautiful place to enjoy a weekend away in a cozy, European-style chalet. Advanced skiiers will love the treed skiing sections and snowboarders can perfect their skills in the terrain park. If you're new to these exciting winter sports, you can expect instruction by top of the line, certified experts. Everyone can participate at Searchmont – a resort well-known for its adaptive ski equipment and accesible programming. Bring…
"A timeless experience unchanged by the passage of time..." Snowshoe the abundance of Sault Ste. Marie's wilderness terrain, forests, frozen lakes, water falls, along with a mix of off-trail hiking for the best taste of winter in the city! "Snowshoes "float" on top of deep snow by distributing the weight of the walker across the surface. Many anthropologists believe a basic snowshoe with this function allowed early humans to migrate across the top of the globe from central Asia to Canada, where Aboriginal groups eventually created and perfect hundreds of snowshoe designs. Most of Canada's first snowshoes were carved from birch or hard ash that was soaked or steamed to become pliable and then constructed using stretched animal skin and…
Guide and writer Ben Beattie can help you land big fish
Editor's Note: I follow Moosehorn Lodge's Facebook page and I am continually amazed at all the trophy fish caught at Lac Seul or nearby lakes. Ben Beattie is one of Moosehorn's guides and I've seen many, many happy anglers both young and old holding their trophy fish for a quick photo. Ben's love of the outdoors and fishing shows when he's out on the lake with those that book him for a guided fishing trip. Ben guides for Moosehorn Lodge plus he'll guide for other lakes in the area if you are staying at a different lodge. Check out his website at, it's truly worth it to spend a day out on the lake with Ben.    Whether you're a first timer…


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