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Add Cross-Country Skiing in Thunder Bay to Your Bucket List
If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of trying cross-country skiing, Thunder Bay is the place to do it. The city boasts world-class groomed trails, and it is easy to rent skis from the experts at Fresh Air. “We are so blessed for the skiing we have in Thunder Bay and in Northwest Ontario. Locally, we have Kamview Nordic Centre - the largest cross country ski club in the country with over 35kms of groomed trail,” says Al Cranston of Fresh Air. “We also have Lappe Nordic Centre, which is arguably one of the best racing centres in the country. Not to mention, over 50kms of trail at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (home of the Sleeping Giant Loppet, formerly the Sibley…
Walleye are one of the fish species caught through the ice
There's nothing like the taste of fresh fish in the middle of the winter, but these trophy fish were are released back into the water.   Hard water anglers can't wait for the ice to freeze to get out there to drop in a line. In Ontario's Sunset Country, we manly ice fish for walleye, lake trout, crappie and northern pike.  Sometimes bass or muskies are caught accidentally. Here are some of the biggest fish caught through the ice in 2014: 39" Lake Trout Caught at Moosehorn Lodge Eric caught this massive 39" lake trout on Lac Seul at Moosehorn Lodge. He reports that the fish swam away strongly. Location: Moosehorn Lodge, Lac Seul, Sioux Lookout Ontario Website: or…
Crissy caught this approx. 25lb trout on Lake of the Woods
Our clear cold Canadian lakes are ideal habitats for huge lakers!   Ontario boasts nearly 25% of the world's lake trout population. Lakers are found on many of the lakes in Ontario's Sunset Country. Lake trout like to swim in water temperatures around 52-53F or colder so how you'll be fishing for lakers depends on the on the time of the year. In early summer and the last half of September, they are often found in shallow water and are fun to cast spoons and plugs at. You can troll a lure just under the surface of the water and catch lake trout. In summer when the water warms the trout go much deeper and are often caught using downriggers. In…
Lace Up! The City's Best Outdoor Skating Rinks
Every year when I was a little girl growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, as soon as the ice froze, or the city announced the public skating rinks were open, my family and I filled up on hot chocolate, strapped on our skates, and skated until our toes froze. It's a great way to spend time as a family or an opportunity to enjoy the cool temperatures and be outdoors this winter! The City of Sault Ste. Marie operated outdoor boarded skating rinks, and the Art Jennings Speed Skating Oval are officially open for the season and there are no admission fees for enjoying these facilities. Here is a list where to find them along with Sault Ste. Marie's NEWEST…
Sandra Bartz caught this 46" northern pike!!
Notorius? Nasty? Notable? Nice? Noble? Whatever you like to call these massive Northern Pike, I'd call these anglers 'Happy'.   Northern pike roam in most lakes in Northwest Ontario. While some anglers don't like to catch these slimy fish, catching a huge northern pike is on my bucket list. Just look at these beasts. They are massive! While many fish are caught and released right away, we are fortunate enough to view these northerns that were photographed before they were released. The following northern pike were all caught and released in Ontario's Sunset Country in 2014.  44" Northern Pike at Big Hook Wilderness Camps Jake Newburn of Nebraska caught this 44" northern on June 2, 2014. Jake has fished yearly…
Kelly Haskett caught this 27" walleye on Lac Seul opening weekend
These are some great walleyes that were caught and released this past year in Ontario's Sunset Country.   Everyone loves to eat walleye, but these big ones were are released to live another day to go on to spawn next year. Larger 'eyes don't taste as succulent as the smaller walleye which is great for the fisheries in Northwest Ontario. Thankfully the trend is to release the large ones back into the water. Gone are the days of mounting these trophy walleyes on a wall. Today the taxidermists can recreate an exact replica with a photo and some measurements.   Take a look at these beautiful walleye caught in Ontario in 2014: 31.5" walleye caught at Big Eagle Lodge Riley Swindell was…
Bass fishing on Rainy Lake in August
 It's all about the bass, all about the bass.   Sunset Country has many lakes that have both largemouth and smallmouth living in them. The largemouth are found more often in the southern half of Sunset Country in lakes like Rainy Lake, Rowan Lake, Clearwater/Pipestone Chain, Lake of the Woods. Pound for pound, bass are the feisty fish to catch around here. Take a look at the following photos for just a small sample of the bass that were caught and released in Northwest Ontario in 2014.  25" Massive Smallmouth Bass Caught at Cozy Camp Paula caught this huge smallmouth bass on the English River near Cozy Camp. It was 25" long weighing an estimated 6-6.5 lbs. Location: Cozy Camp…
Andre Klassen caught this 52.25" muskie on Eagle Lake mid October
These gigantic muskellunge are just a sampling of what was caught and released in 2014.    Some say the next world record muskie will be caught in Northwest Ontario. Judging by these photos, I wouldn't be surprised.  Dedicated muskie anglers live for the chance to catch a huge muskie which is referred to as the "fish of 10,000 casts". Although some of these muskies were caught trying to fish for walleye or bass! Congrats to all the anglers that caught (and released) these beautiful massive muskies in 2014. 50" Muskie at Totem Resorts Jim Winterle reeled in this huge 50" muskie at Totem Resorts on Lake of the Woods in September, 2014. Location: Totem Resorts on Lake of the Woods,…
The backend of the President's Suites in Haileybury
Temiskaming was once one of the most important and lucrative mining centres in the world. It was a rugged frontier where enterprising young men made quick fortunes. As the wealth of the community grew, so, too, did its cultural attractions, becoming known for a wide variety of theatre and architecture. Two of Temiskaming’s communities, Cobalt and Haileybury, proudly display the scars and splendour wrought by their mining heritage. In some ways, the former still has the authentic hardscrabble identity of a blue collar community, with modest homes and remnants of mining life on full display (including head frames and deep scars in cliff faces from blasting). The latter town showcases the lavish lifestyles of the mine owners, who used their wealth to create architectural gems that…
Get Your Paddle On — Canoeing for All Abilities in Temagami
What is more Canadian than a canoe? It is at once an ingenious invention of First Nations people, a quiet and surprisingly effortless mode of water transport and an enduring symbol of our connection to our beautiful wilderness. Ontario is unusually blessed when it comes to canoe habitat, with a quarter of a million lakes (not to mention rivers) dotting the province.     If you ask any canoeing expert for their must-visit Northern canoe locales, they will, without a doubt, mention at least one spot in Temagami. With eagle-eye panoramas from the fire tower, a variety of accommodation options, over 1,000 canoe routes and knowledgeable outfitters, Temagami is a great place for canoers of all abilities. Whether you’re looking to introduce the next generation…


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