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World Class Fishing on Wawang Lake

Northern Pike Trophy Fish caught in Wawang Lake

One of the greatest attractions to Northern Ontario, aside from its immense beauty, is its world class fishery. If you are interested in experiencing what the north has to offer than you are certainly interested in Wawang Lake. This 5,000 acre lake offers great fish habitat to explore, such as sand bars, shoals, weed beds and islands - perfect for exciting fishing and even trophy walleye and pike. 

After a 140 mile (225 km) drive from Thunder Bay you will find yourself at Wawang Lake Resort, the only resort on the lake. Hosts Terry & Tami Kaliska will welcome you and make you feel at home while sharing their knowledge of the area and what you can expect during your stay. You will be offered cabins that are clean and with many modern amenities that you may be accustomed to and can easily accommodate you and your fishing buddies. The area will also present you with many exciting things to do such as canoeing, mountain biking, hunting, nature photography and, of course, fishing.

You will certainly want to take advantage of the boat and motor rentals so that you may get out there and try your luck at reeling in your next shoreline lunch or maybe the next trophy walleye. Guide services are also available to enhance your experience. Monster fish are not uncommon in Wawang Lake with confirmed reports of a massive 37” (15 1/2 lbs) walleye and a 50+” (38 1/2 lbs) northern pike being caught, and released. Resort visitors have been very successful in proudly displaying their catches on the O.F.A.H. Ontario Angler Awards website showcasing all that the lake, and resort, have to offer.

Whether your ideal trip is fishing for trophy fish or a peaceful canoe trip while soaking in all that the north has to offer, Wawang Lake is certainly a place to be.

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