Northern Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to thousands of miles of the best riding in North America – twisty backroads running over mountains, down valleys, and carving though pristine forests, along lakes and rivers and between massive rock-cuts. Visit for a complete set of riding resources – routes, maps, events, clubs, rentals and repair shop info – everything you need to know to plan your next epic ride.

Always in Season—The Niagara Cherry Blossom Ride
May has always been a special month for me, even before motorcycles. Not only is it the month I arrived here on earth, but there’s a palpable energy in the air as everything bursts into life after a long, cold, and dark winter. Growing up on the family farm in Niagara, the cycles of nature governed our lives—and our fortune. May symbolized the welcome array of fine colour, the excitement of new growth and the…
The Grand Algoma Tour - #1 on the Top Ten Ontario Motorcycle Routes for 2013
Editor's Note: The Grand Algoma Loop is once again Number 1 on the Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in Ontario. Read more. Algoma Country stretches from the North Channel of Georgian Bay, deep into the northernmost wilds of Ontario. Here you'll find glorious swathes of untamed boreal forest, glittering lakes around every sweep and turn, massive cliffs and mountains and a combination of the best motorcycle roads that make up the Grand Algoma Loop. This past…
Rubber Side Down—Adventures of a Touring Girl in Ontario
In 2007, I decided that I wanted to ride a motorcycle. I did not have a brother, boyfriend or father who rode—I didn’t even have many friends who rode. I just knew that it was something I wanted to experience for myself. So, in April 2007, with very little education on the matter, I purchased a second-hand Kawasaki Ninja 500EX. As an added incentive, it had recently been in an accident and I could have it…
Ten Tips for Riding Through Ontario
Ontario; home to some of the world's best motorcycle cruising. Thousands of riders will be embarking on cross-country trips that include riding in this massive province, so we've put together a few tips on things to consider when planning the section that runs through our province. Read on!   1. Ontario is 1/4 the Width of Canada Canada's most populous province is also the most gifted in terms of sheer pavement - we are a quarter of…
The Best of Ontario Motorcycle Touring Bucket List
When it comes to satisfying the desire to travel and explore I often turn to the distant and exotic as the only means to quench the travel thirst. It’s “the grass is always greener somewhere else” mentality. Then I open up a road map of Ontario, browse a web site like this or skim a few forums and instantly a season full of adventures materializes.  In the past four seasons I have managed to clock…
Celebrate International Female Ride Day and Just Ride—May 2nd, 2015
Attention Women Riders in Ontario and around the Globe! International Female Ride Day© is almost here! Get your ride ready and call your fellow female riders for the ninth edition on Saturday the 2nd of May. Women motorcycle, scooter and trike enthusiasts will take to the planet’s roads to “JUST RIDE”. International Female Ride Day has established a dedicated and growing force of female motorbike enthusiast’s through its one-of-a-kind globally synchronized motorcycle ride action. It has brought women together through motorcycling…
Ride Manitoulin
Events are a great way to connect with the motorcycle community at large, make new friends or just to keep up with old ones. Charity events are often conceived to help those in need. Whether it be for an issue as widespread as prostate cancer or as specific as a wheelchair ramp in your town, getting together with other riders is a great way to make positive changes in your community. It also happens to…
The Happiness of Loneliness—Solo Ride Through Ontario's Highlands
What’s the essence of a great road trip? Is it just good company, or good roads, or good times? Can it be just one or the other? Or do you need all three? Like any die-hard rider, I believe you can get by with just one, but the more you have, the better the ride gets.  I managed to get my hands on a Honda F6B for an extended test ride and the first thing…
Women in Ontario Motorcycling - Part 3
A Special Feature Part 1 | Part 2 |Part 3 Editor's Note: Below we present the final instalment of our 3-part series profiling women in Ontario motorcycling. Not women AND motorcycles, but women who actually RIDE.    Jennifer Occupation:Insurance Underwriter, Motorcycle Instructor, Professional Motorcycle Racer Why She Rides:Jennifer got into riding on the back of her husband’s bike. “Now you can’t get me off them,” she proclaims. This is evidenced by her other career…
Women in Ontario Motorcycling - Part 2
A Special Feature -   Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Editor's Note: Below we present the second of our 3-part series of profiles of women in Ontario motorcycling. Not women AND motorcycles, but women who actually RIDE.      Margot Occupation:Real Estate Investor and Landlord Why She Rides: Margot started riding 14 years ago and her current bike is a 1993 CBR 600 F2, which she considers “retro cool.” Her first introduction…
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