Northern Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to thousands of miles of the best riding in North America – twisty backroads running over mountains, down valleys, and carving though pristine forests, along lakes and rivers and between massive rock-cuts. Visit for a complete set of riding resources – routes, maps, events, clubs, rentals and repair shop info – everything you need to know to plan your next epic ride.

Algonquin Park Route - Adventurizing a Classic
“I left your house this morning about a quarter after nineCoulda been the Willie Nelson coulda been the wineWhen I left your house this morningIt was a little after nineIt was in Bobcaygeon I saw the constellationsReveal themselves one star at a time” So what does the Tragically Hip have to do with our ride? Nothing; but since the first waypoint on my GPS was the same as the title of the song it seemed…
Motocross Track - Beginners Experience
All throughout my life, dirt bikes had never really been my strong suit. After a self inflicted crash due to a bad case of whiskey throttle, into a tractor grading blade and cutting myself up pretty bad on an YZ250 a few years back, I never got into dirt biking. I was always convinced that it wasn’t for me and preferred four wheels and horse back riding than dirt bikes, and I was incredibly scared…
The North Shore
More and more, people around the world are choosing to live in cities. Yet, very few have the luxury of still living within a day’s ride of unspoiled natural beauty to match any in the world. For those in Southern Ontario, though, Lake Superior is closer than you think—and more stunning than you thought possible. Ride Lake Superior is an epic, 2,100-km motorcycle ride that starts and ends in Sault Ste. Marie and crosses from…
KIMbits & KATtales—Roads to Success
 “We are torn between a nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.” – Carson McCullera Freedom means something different to everyone, but there is a certain consistency in how those of us on two wheels think when it comes to defining what freedom means to the collective ‘us’. Riding is freedom. At least, that’s what…
The Great Canadian Bike Rally – 18th Annual National H.O.G. Rally in Kingston, Ontario
  Editors Note: Jess Kline recently completed an epic road trip on the Night Rod to the Bikers Reunion in New Liskeard; you can read all about her route here. But this trip took her to one of Ontario's most culturally significant towns for an extra-special event, the Harley Owners Group Rally. Check out her take on this quintessential Canadian Bikers Rally below. The bright sun sparkling off chrome parts, the low rumble of engines,…
Perfect blue sky, endless tarmac, and not a car in sight… what’s not to love?
Some get into it so they can bring their friends over, and with pride, present the extraordinary set of antlers mounted on the wall. Some do it for the thrill of the hunt. A motorcyclist is no different. For some, the satisfaction of figuring out how to take a bike apart and put back together again is more of an adventure than taking it onto the road. For others, owning a shiny, fast object of…
"Am I Doing This Wrong?" A Solo Rider Reveals Her True Nature
Editors Note: KAT has been writing about her experiences as a new rider - something we've all experienced, but in her own unique way. While our coverage of The Planet D learning to ride this summer was an incredible whirlwind of transitioning from rookies to road kings, KAT's progression is likely more like most of what most of us experience. To read all of Kat's columns, click here! “There's more to getting to where you're…
The Planet D Ride Dirt in Peterborough and the Kawarthas
       In anticipation of their big ride around Lake Superior the glob-trotting duo known as The Planet D (Dave and Deb), have been racking up some serious kilometres along the paved asphalt roads of Ontario. Just as they were building some confidence on the street, we decided to thrown them a curveball in the form of dirt bike riding and proper off-road training. The man tasked for the job was off-road expert, Allan Lakas…
VIDEO: The Planet D Tackle Ride Lake Superior—July 19-28th 2014
     Ever wondered what it would be like to go from knowing almost nothing about motorcycling to becoming an experienced road master in just one season?  That's exactly what Deb and Dave of Planet D are doing in Ontario this summer. Check out the videos from when they learned to ride and then took it out to the roads of Bruce Grey Simcoe. It all culminates in a trip that many tried and true bikers…
Pride On Two Wheels—The Best Way To See A Parade Is To Ride It
Heidi Giblon is an artist, a teacher, and a rider. In 2008, she walked into a scooter store and rode out with a Piaggio Fly 150. Like many of us on two wheels, her spur-of-the-moment purchase changed her life. Bitten by the bug, her bikes got bigger and better, as did her rides. She now alternates between her Honda VLX 600 and her BMW f700GS. Every year, Heidi’s biggest rides occur in late June/early July with the…


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