Northern Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to thousands of miles of the best riding in North America – twisty backroads running over mountains, down valleys, and carving though pristine forests, along lakes and rivers and between massive rock-cuts. Visit for a complete set of riding resources – routes, maps, events, clubs, rentals and repair shop info – everything you need to know to plan your next epic ride.

"Am I Doing This Wrong?" A Solo Rider Reveals Her True Nature
Editors Note: KAT has been writing about her experiences as a new rider - something we've all experienced, but in her own unique way. While our coverage of The Planet D learning to ride this summer was an incredible whirlwind of transitioning from rookies to road kings, KAT's progression is likely more like most of what most of us experience. To read all of Kat's columns, click here! “There's more to getting to where you're…
The Planet D Ride Dirt in Peterborough and the Kawarthas
       In anticipation of their big ride around Lake Superior the glob-trotting duo known as The Planet D (Dave and Deb), have been racking up some serious kilometres along the paved asphalt roads of Ontario. Just as they were building some confidence on the street, we decided to thrown them a curveball in the form of dirt bike riding and proper off-road training. The man tasked for the job was off-road expert, Allan Lakas…
VIDEO: The Planet D Tackle Ride Lake Superior—July 19-28th 2014
     Ever wondered what it would be like to go from knowing almost nothing about motorcycling to becoming an experienced road master in just one season?  That's exactly what Deb and Dave of Planet D are doing in Ontario this summer. Check out the videos from when they learned to ride and then took it out to the roads of Bruce Grey Simcoe. It all culminates in a trip that many tried and true bikers…
Pride On Two Wheels—The Best Way To See A Parade Is To Ride It
Heidi Giblon is an artist, a teacher, and a rider. In 2008, she walked into a scooter store and rode out with a Piaggio Fly 150. Like many of us on two wheels, her spur-of-the-moment purchase changed her life. Bitten by the bug, her bikes got bigger and better, as did her rides. She now alternates between her Honda VLX 600 and her BMW f700GS. Every year, Heidi’s biggest rides occur in late June/early July with the…
KIMbits and KATtales—Moving Forward By Going Back to the Basics
“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” Jiddu Krishnamurti I’ve only been Harley-boot deep in this world for about eighteen months. Oh sure, I’ve attended Port Dover festivities for years and I’ve enviously watched riders from the sidelines for decades, but it’s been slightly more…
Deb and Dave on Northey's Bay Road
     After watching Deb and Dave of The Planet D conquer dirt bike riding, we were all curious how the skills learned on the trails would apply to the road - and there was just one more trip before they took on their Ride Lake Superior ride. For this last voyage before becoming bona fide touring riders, Deb and Dave hit the road in the region known as Peterborough and the Kawarthas, and we were…
Dave at Bluewater Park in Wiarton
     All summer long, the world-travelling duo of Deb and Dave (AKA The Planet D) have been exploring Ontario, Canada by participating in every adventure they can find. But none is more challenging (nor, in our opinion, more rewarding) than their ultimate adventure: to go from being moto newbies to Riding Lake Superior (Ontario's bucket-list route), in just one season.  Click here to find out how to follow the team as they ride Ride Lake Superior from…
Touring the Haliburton Highlands and Beyond—4 Must-Ride Loops
What a whirlwind of an adventure! When I left town in the dead of night, I had no idea what sort of shenanigans I would get up to over the next 5 days. I made sure to pack for all possible situations because you never know what can happen when you go on a long motorcycle trip. Rewind a bit to 6 weeks ago. My buddy Alex won the grand prize at a Stag &…
High Flying Fun Downtown—The 2014 Kingston Show N Shine July 26th
The 2014 Kingston Show N Shine Saturday July 26 — 12noon to 5pm Downtown Kingston in Front of City Hall Free! A no-brainer for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Kingston area, all around Ontario and New York, the Kingston Show N Shine is where to be on the last weekend of July each year. With custom bike displays of all types, sizes and brands, a huge Show N Shine and many other attractions, this free event also doubles…
KIMbits and KATtales—My Journey Begins
“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination…”   Drake   Newbie. Poser. Green. I’ve heard all of them. I AM all of them, for the most part.  Ankle-boot deep into my second season of riding, I know exactly what I am and what I am not. Newbie? Yeah. I’ll wear that name with pride. It’s a statement of fact, after all. Green? OK. But not the fresh, lime green that…


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