Northern Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to thousands of miles of the best riding in North America – twisty backroads running over mountains, down valleys, and carving though pristine forests, along lakes and rivers and between massive rock-cuts. Visit for a complete set of riding resources – routes, maps, events, clubs, rentals and repair shop info – everything you need to know to plan your next epic ride.

Dave at Bluewater Park in Wiarton
     All summer long, the world-travelling duo of Deb and Dave (AKA The Planet D) have been exploring Ontario, Canada by participating in every adventure they can find. But none is more challenging (nor, in our opinion, more rewarding) than their ultimate adventure: to go from being moto newbies to Riding Lake Superior (Ontario's bucket-list route), in just one season.  Click here to find out how to follow the team as they ride Ride Lake Superior from…
Touring the Haliburton Highlands and Beyond—4 Must-Ride Loops
What a whirlwind of an adventure! When I left town in the dead of night, I had no idea what sort of shenanigans I would get up to over the next 5 days. I made sure to pack for all possible situations because you never know what can happen when you go on a long motorcycle trip. Rewind a bit to 6 weeks ago. My buddy Alex won the grand prize at a Stag &…
High Flying Fun Downtown—The 2014 Kingston Show N Shine July 26th
The 2014 Kingston Show N Shine Saturday July 26 — 12noon to 5pm Downtown Kingston in Front of City Hall Free! A no-brainer for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Kingston area, all around Ontario and New York, the Kingston Show N Shine is where to be on the last weekend of July each year. With custom bike displays of all types, sizes and brands, a huge Show N Shine and many other attractions, this free event also doubles…
KIMbits and KATtales—My Journey Begins
“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination…”   Drake   Newbie. Poser. Green. I’ve heard all of them. I AM all of them, for the most part.  Ankle-boot deep into my second season of riding, I know exactly what I am and what I am not. Newbie? Yeah. I’ll wear that name with pride. It’s a statement of fact, after all. Green? OK. But not the fresh, lime green that…
How Do You Do Dover? A New Tradition is Born Every Friday 13th
There is only one day a year that I book off work – it’s not my birthday or Christmas, its Friday 13th. Everyone at work thinks I’m just superstitious, but my biker buddies know the real reason I book that day off each year… DOVER. One word that has so much meaning hidden in it.  I’ve attended the Port Dover Friday 13th motorcycle rally for three years in a row now; it’s become a family…
Dave of The Planet D at Motorsoul Riding School
     This summer, power blogging couple Dave and Deb of The Planet D have undertaken an incredible challenge—to go from "never having touched a motorcycle before" to becoming bona fide touring riders in the space of one motorcycle season. Can they do it? What does it take? Check out the video below, and read on! I've been following Dave and Deb's career, off and on, for the last few years. Their story is pretty great: tired…
Hightailing It in the Highlands—"Fleeing the Police" on the Calabogie Road
Editors Note: Ontario's Highlands are quickly becoming a favourite touring destination for motorcyclists from around the province, Quebec and the U.S. In response to this growing interest, a new website has been created to celebrate the road building craftsmen of yesteryear and their achievements that continue to amaze us to this day. As you'll see, cruising these roads is exhilarating enough on it's own—you don't need to overdo it by including a police chase. We…
Good times on Northeys Bay Road
The sun sits high in a cerulean sky on a cloudless, sunny Sunday just outside of Peterborough as 17 bikes head north to Fowlers Corners. Tooling along Frank Hill Road, beautiful Chemong Lake rolls out like an artist's canvas. Yankee Line takes us over to the causeway near Bridgenorth and Robinson Rd. brings us into the cute little hamlet of Ennismore. Tara Road heads uphill out of town and it's gentle curves sweep us through…
How To Get To Ride Manitoulin—July 18-20, 2014
Manitoulin Island’s natural beauty lend itself to some scenic touring. The Ride Manitoulin Rally, held on the third week of July, made the Top 10 Motorcycle Events again this year. This motorcycle event has something for everybody including an Adventure Ride.    The Route There are a number of different ways you can weave your way to this fine island. The Interactive Online Touring Tool features the The Georgian Bay Coastal Route you can do it as part of your trip or use…
Deb and Dave at the Ontario Press Release
More Episodes Coming Soon   This riding season travel bloggers extraordinaire, Deb and Dave of The Planet D, will embark on an incredible journey to Ride Lake Superior on motorcycles - but there's one catch - neither of them have their license!  Click here to find out how to follow the team as they ride Ride Lake Superior from July 19-28th. The province of Ontario recently announced this partnership with the travel bloggers to show…


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