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4 Reasons Why You MUST ATTEND This Friday the 13th

Port Dover, Friday the 13th

Why to head to Port Dover this year

As if you need more reasons...

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Any rider worth their salt has heard of the massive motorcycle event in Port Dover, Ontario known as Friday the 13th or PD13. This event, started by a group of riding buddies who resolved to meet in Port Dover every Friday the 13th, gets bigger every year and has only just narrowly missed being on the Guinness list as the world's largest motorcycle rally. 


First timers can expect a free-for-all of custom bikes, hot leather, blinding chrome and everything brash and flamboyant in rider culture. A Mardi Gras for motorcycles, all nestled in the heart of one of Ontario's most popular tourism regions.


But why is it imperative that every single rider attend this year's event? We've got four reasons why you can't afford to miss this PD13.

1. There won't be another PD13 in good weather until 2018. 

Every Friday the 13th between now and 2018 is in the spring, fall or winter. This year it's in May (this week!) and the weather looks good but the 2017 dates occur in the months of January and October.

2. This is the only one for 2016 and everyone will be making it their business to be there.

Early estimate put attendance at 150,000 placing this years event as one of the highest attended one day motorcycle events IN THE WORLD. Are you going to be part of it?

3. It's the Perfect Excuse to Ride some of the great riding roads in Ontario's Southwest and Norfolk County

It's not just about the raucous event, it's about getting there and back. Turn it into a three or four day tour around Lake Erie. Check out the route designed specifically for getting to Dover on Friday the 13th!

4. It's a Brilliant Way to Kick Off Motorcycle Event Season in Ontario

While there won't be another summer PD13 for a while, there are so many other motorcycle events (click here for our full list) that you might as well start it off with a bang!


There are plenty of other great reasons; meeting new people, hooking up with friends you've missed, sampling the food and getting the t-shirt, but perhaps none better than THIS IS FRIDAY THE 13th! If you ride in Ontario, you gotta ride here!

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