Northern Ontario, Canada

Kate Paceway, North Bay
Northeastern Ontario is BIG on cycling, and we have plenty of trails just waiting to take you on your next cycling adventure! Whether you’re looking for a challenge or looking for a way to get the family outdoors, you’re sure to find the perfect route. We've broken down some of our region's best trail systems by association: North Bay's Discovery Routes, the Timmins Community Trail System, Sudbury's Rainbow Routes, and Manitoulin Cycling Advocates. We encourage…
Grace Lake, Killarney Park
Editor's Note: Sarah Furchner, an award-winning Wildlife and Nature Photographer from Northern Ontario, shares with us her unique perspective of Northeastern Ontario. Explore all the natural beauty that our photogenic region has to offer throughout the year. While summer may be the obvious choice for exploring our region, the rest of the year, including winter, proves to be equally stunning. Experience a sampling of just one part of our region's big, breathtaking vistas and wildlife that will…
Manitoulin day trip rest stop with Mike
Let’s face it, Dads don’t always get the credit they deserve. When you’re young, Dad teaches you how to ride a bike or bait a hook, while dealing with all the tantrums and “boo-boos” along the way; when you're a teenager, he has to ride along with you, flinching in fear of you scratching the car, as he desperately tries to teach you to parallel-park; and once you reach adulthood and leave the nest, he…
Escape to Northeastern Ontario During the Pan Am Games
This summer, Toronto will welcome 7500 athletes, 4000 media, and 1.4 million spectators to the Pan Am Games. It promises to be an exciting sporting event for sure, but if you're looking to escape the buzz, there's no better place to escape to than Northeastern Ontario for a little peace and quiet. Trade the traffic and overcrowded restaurants for calming scenery and great hospitality! Unbelievably close, Northeastern Ontario is where your next BIG memories are…
Gear up for the BIG Catch - Spring Fishing Gear Maintenance
Editor's note: Mathew Korprash will be joining us to write about fishing in Northeastern Ontario every month; check back for more, and if you haven't booked your drive-in, train-in or fly-in fishing excursion, check out our Fishing Page! With spring in the air and the Northeastern Ontario coming to life, I am sure many of you are getting excited for the upcoming fishing and boating season. With fishing season just freshly opened, are you and…
Summer Festivals in Northeastern Ontario: Updated For 2015
As a premier destination for festivals in Northern Ontario, it's promising to be a fantastic lineup of events in Northeastern Ontario this summer! Whether you're looking for a musical experience, or a more culturally uplifting exploit, there's an event planned to suit you. Plus, as we're only 3 1/2 hours from Ontario's major cities of Toronto and Ottawa (see map), we could easily become your next weekend getaway. Events will be added as more information becomes available, so…
Stonehenge Conundrum in Northeastern Ontario
Myth or belief, maybe it is like the Loch Ness monster? You see what you want to see; you think what you want to think. What’s more fun than a mystery where you can write the ending? On a back road near a unique shoreline is a configuration of huge boulders that pose more questions than answers. The unusual aggregation of these rounded rocks may not have the same visual impact as Stonehenge, the prehistoric…
Blanding's turtle are crossing roads, in search of nesting grounds.
The snow has melted, buds are appearing, tulips are sprouting and ... turtles are on the move. It's turtle nesting season in Northern Ontario, which typically happens between May and July. This means there will be more turtle sightings as these mostly aquatic reptiles are searching for a nesting ground on land, but it also means the turtles are facing the highest fatality risk of their lives. Besides the vulnerability turtles face from predators in…
A Family Paddle on Lake Temiskaming/Upper Ottawa River
It’s true that Lake Temiskaming deserves the same respect given to other large water bodies, like Lake Superior or Lake Nipigon. But it’s also true that it’s an absolute paradise to paddle. Combine it with the upper stretch of the Ottawa River, right to the town of Mattawa, and you’ve got one perfect canoe or kayak trip. My wife, daughter, dog and I paddled this route a few years back, with another family. It added up to…
Using Jerk Baits to Catch Northeastern Ontario Brook Trout
Over the last few seasons, the spoons and spinners of my trout box have been sharing their quarters with an increasing number of minnow baits. Rooting through my bass and walleye gear is becoming regular procedure before sliding the canoe into the inland lakes that Northeastern Ontario brook trout call home. I'm looking for small, slender minnow baits, particularly those that suspend. Traditional trout favourites are still in rotation but small suspending jerk baits are…
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