Northern Ontario, Canada

Blanding's turtle are crossing roads, in search of nesting grounds.
The snow has melted, buds are appearing, tulips are sprouting and ... turtles are on the move. It's turtle nesting season in Northern Ontario, which typically happens between May and July. This means there will be more turtle sightings as these mostly aquatic reptiles are searching for a nesting ground on land, but it also means the turtles are facing the highest fatality risk of their lives. Besides the vulnerability turtles face from predators in…
Canoeing Killarney’s Northern Access - Less Crowds and Easier Portaging
A few years back I volunteered to paddle and portage the newly expanded section of Killarney Provincial Park - a section between the Panache Lake area and the northern range of the La Cloche Mountains. I re-discovered some perfect canoe and kayak routes through Panache, Bear and Walter Lakes - all connecting to the neighboring lakes already in the park. I recorded them in my guide book - A Paddlers Guide to Killarney and the…
Visit New Post Falls Before it is Reduced to a Trickle!
“All history,” the saying goes, is “contemporary history.” People instinctively turn to the past to help understand the present or “it isn’t often we can turn back the clock.” There is one journey to a destination in Northeastern Ontario where you will enjoy a breathtaking vista, a towering gorge and revel in the sounds of the roaring water as it plunges into a pool many tens of metres below. Because of the narrow gorge it…
A Family Paddle on Lake Temiskaming/Upper Ottawa River
It’s true that Lake Temiskaming deserves the same respect given to other large water bodies, like Lake Superior or Lake Nipigon. But it’s also true that it’s an absolute paradise to paddle. Combine it with the upper stretch of the Ottawa River, right to the town of Mattawa, and you’ve got one perfect canoe or kayak trip. My wife, daughter, dog and I paddled this route a few years back, with another family. It added up to…
Using Jerk Baits to Catch Northeastern Ontario Brook Trout
Over the last few seasons, the spoons and spinners of my trout box have been sharing their quarters with an increasing number of minnow baits. Rooting through my bass and walleye gear is becoming regular procedure before sliding the canoe into the inland lakes that Northeastern Ontario brook trout call home. I'm looking for small, slender minnow baits, particularly those that suspend. Traditional trout favourites are still in rotation but small suspending jerk baits are…
Northern Lights, Milky Way and Full Moon: A Trifecta of Awesome, Manitoulin Island
Photos have been submitted by local talents within Northeastern Ontario. The camera settings used by these photographers have been shared to assist you in your pursuit to capture the Aurora.   With widespread and smaller communities in Northeastern Ontario, we have darker night skies, which means a clearer view of the stars and the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. While you can never guarantee you will see them, you can increase your odds if you…
Into the Wild—Exploring the Trails at Booth Landing
Editors Note: In anticipation of the spring thaw, arguably the best time of year for ATVing, we wanted to find the ideal place to plan a trip around. We'd never heard of Booth Landing before but now that it's on our radar we can't wait to book our first visit! Nunzio and Cindy are fortunate enough to have set up on Wasi Lake in Chisholm, one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario. Midway between Timmins,…
Kap-Kig-Iwan: Discover Your Perfect Hike to See Waterfalls
Whitewater rapids, roaring waterfalls, rocky ravines, and towering birch and pine. Sounds like a piece of untouched, hard-to-access piece of Canadian wilderness. In fact, Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park near Englehart and Kirkland Lake offers some of the most accessible scenery in Northern Ontario. The park boasts an excellent hiking distance to scenic lookout ratio—with several just a few steps from the park’s main road. There are many must-do hikes, starting at a 2.5-km loop perfect for…
Father and daughter hoisting nice eating-sized Nipissing walleye caught from inside the on-ice bungalow
“Can we stay another night?” Lillian asks as we sit down to our feast of barbecued steak and salad under the warm glow of propane lights. “We haven’t even spent our first night,” I tell my young daughter, “you might not even like it.” She looks around knowingly at the 10x20-foot ice bungalow complete with bunk beds, table, chairs, propane furnace and kitchenette. “Oh I like it here”, she says with all the conviction a…
The Sky's the Limit at Sudbury National Snowcross Championships
Rockstar Energy National Snowcross Championship racing action came to North Eastern Ontario February 28th to March 1st for the Sudbury National Snowcross Championships. The event was presented by Blackstone Golf Club, G-Force Racing and NORTRAX, and was held at the Blackstone Golf Club in Sudbury, Ontario. The Sport 600 final on Saturday saw 15 riders battling off the start line! The Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) has been organizing, promoting and regulating snowmobile racing competitions…
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