Northern Ontario, Canada

Into the Wild—Exploring the Trails at Booth Landing
Editors Note: In anticipation of the spring thaw, arguably the best time of year for ATVing, we wanted to find the ideal place to plan a trip around. We'd never heard of Booth Landing before but now that it's on our radar we can't wait to book our first visit! Nunzio and Cindy are fortunate enough to have set up on Wasi Lake in Chisholm, one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario. Midway between Timmins,…
Northern Lights, Milky Way and Full Moon: A Trifecta of Awesome, Manitoulin Island
Photos have been submitted by local talents within Northeastern Ontario. The camera settings used by these photographers have been shared to assist you in your pursuit to capture the Aurora.   With widespread and smaller communities in Northeastern Ontario, we have darker night skies, which means a clearer view of the stars and the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. While you can never guarantee you will see them, you can increase your odds if you…
Kap-Kig-Iwan: Discover Your Perfect Hike to See Waterfalls
Whitewater rapids, roaring waterfalls, rocky ravines, and towering birch and pine. Sounds like a piece of untouched, hard-to-access piece of Canadian wilderness. In fact, Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park near Englehart and Kirkland Lake offers some of the most accessible scenery in Northern Ontario. The park boasts an excellent hiking distance to scenic lookout ratio—with several just a few steps from the park’s main road. There are many must-do hikes, starting at a 2.5-km loop perfect for…
Father and daughter hoisting nice eating-sized Nipissing walleye caught from inside the on-ice bungalow
“Can we stay another night?” Lillian asks as we sit down to our feast of barbecued steak and salad under the warm glow of propane lights. “We haven’t even spent our first night,” I tell my young daughter, “you might not even like it.” She looks around knowingly at the 10x20-foot ice bungalow complete with bunk beds, table, chairs, propane furnace and kitchenette. “Oh I like it here”, she says with all the conviction a…
The Sky's the Limit at Sudbury National Snowcross Championships
Rockstar Energy National Snowcross Championship racing action came to North Eastern Ontario February 28th to March 1st for the Sudbury National Snowcross Championships. The event was presented by Blackstone Golf Club, G-Force Racing and NORTRAX, and was held at the Blackstone Golf Club in Sudbury, Ontario. The Sport 600 final on Saturday saw 15 riders battling off the start line! The Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) has been organizing, promoting and regulating snowmobile racing competitions…
Ontario Northland's Polar Bear Express train
Northeastern Ontario has an abundance of nature and outdoor opportunities, but have you ever wondered what lies in the heart of that remote and untouched wilderness? You can find out for yourself when you book a train-in outdoor getaway with Shooting Star Camp, North to Adventure's Lodge Eighty Eight or when you jump aboard the Polar Bear Express. Whether you’re a seasoned rider of the rails or it's your first time, consider the many advantages…
Mountain Lions, Foxes and Bears, Oh My!—Tracking Footprints in Ontario’s Northeast
If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of Ontario’s most majestic creatures or simply learn more about the creatures you share a habitat with, animal tracking is a great skill to add to your wilderness toolkit. Northeastern Ontario, with its sly red fox, beautiful snowshoe hare, iconic black bear, magnificent moose and elusive lynx, is a great region to track animals by studying footprints left in fresh snow and earth. The study of animal footprints…
Big Taste & Big Craft Beer—Gastropubs of North Bay
We’re at the peak of Big Winter in North Bay with Snowmobile, Skiing, Ice Fishing & Battalion OHL Hockey all going on. I can’t think of a better way to spend some warmer hours by wetting your whistle and filling up on some good grub than a visit to one of a couple of the trending food stops in North Bay! In this BIG Bite mission, I set out to discover the changing local landscape in…
On the way to the North Bay Outdoor Show
I have a soft spot for tourism and hospitality. When people think of their travels as one long romantic novel, they tend to become snobs and can't just enjoy the moment. We are lucky and don't have to travel to see the beauty of the outdoors, awesome beaches, great parties, amazing people, it's all right here in North Bay. I have worked serving tourists in different ways, from flipping burgers to promoting tourism itself. This…
Discover A World of Flavour in Modern North Bay
New Look North Bay Let’s play a game of word association. North Bay: endless forests, lakes of with bass and pike, an outdoorsman’s dream, a place to refuel and restock when camping or cottaging. In some ways, North Bay retains many of the charms forged in the days of early twentieth century resource exploration. Modest but historic buildings still line the classic main street, the railroad still cuts a path along the sparkling waters of…
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