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Just an Example of the Best Trails in Ontario
Experience breathtaking winter scenery, trailside accommodations, and some of the best-groomed trails Northeastern Ontario has to offer - on us. The Prize The 2013 contest winners Northeastern Ontario Tourism in parternship with Ontario Tourism is giving away the following 2 day/ 3 night snowmobile adventure for two: Three nights accommodations All meals included Two sleds provided by Guided snowmobile ride on the OFSC Chiniguchi Wolf Loop and Cartier Moose Loop, as well as adjoining…
A BIG contender for top fishing photo
Northeastern Ontario Tourism has a Fishing & Hunting Facebook page, where fans are free to share their love of fishing. And love, we do. Since the year is coming to an end, we're compiling our fan's favourite photos of 2014 based on the amount of likes the photo received. Of course, there are photos of BIG fish, but in some cases the stories are even bigger. Here they are, the biggest fishing photos of 2014:…
A Wildlife Tour at Cedar Meadows Resort
The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the pressure to buy the perfect gift for everyone on your list. There is almost always someone on your list who would prefer getting the next best gadget, or the practical home appliance. But I wonder, what could be better than giving the gift of an experience you can do together, or as a family? That way, you're giving the most valuable gift (time) and leaving…
Stack brings the return of a brewery to Sudbury
I was sitting in Greater Sudbury’s Fionn MacCool’s with some co-workers of mine when I first tasted a Stack beer. I was in the mood to try something new, and this restaurant has a large selection, so I asked the waitress what she had on tap. After listening to her spout her knowledge of a local brewery, I decided to try Valley Girl, a traditional German-style wheat beer, which is just one of a variety…
Celebrating the Holidays in Sudbury
If you’re spending the Holidays in Greater Sudbury or have visiting friends and family, you may be looking for something to do. From the Festival of Lights at Science North to Sudbury Burlesque’s A Crystal Ball, Sudbury has something for everyone this Holiday season. Do you love to marvel at brilliant displays of Christmas lights and decorations? From now until January 7, 2015, check out the Festival of Lights, where thousands of Christmas lights illuminate…
Dark Skies, and Long Drives
It was an unusually cold Friday night, on March 9, 2012, when I was driving after work from North Bay to Temagami to enter the MCTV Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby the next morning. When I got onto Highway 11N, I realized the snow was blowing fiercely. In true Canadian fashion I decided to travel on. The roads were slick, and soon there was a line-up of 10+ cars going 60 kilometres an hour in a…
The West Nipissing ATV Club
It's not unusual for a club to have a dress code. So when the email insisted I bring waterproof boots, warm clothing, rain gear and a helmet I thought nothing of it. When morning coffee conversation turned to chest waders, I became concerned. When my hosts began to don said chest waders, I began to second-guess my choice of boots. Next came bags of food stuffed into the top case of the ATV, and lastly,…
Devils Rock
It's hard to believe that one of Northeastern Ontario's best and most accessible vistas is seldom seen. This view would become very important to one of Canada's most successful writers.     To young detectives worldwide, he was known under the pseudonyms Carolyn Keene, Roy Rockwood and most famously Franklin W. Dixon author of The Hardy Boys series. Author Leslie McFarlane, who passed away on September 6, 1977, was one of the most successful Canadian…
My first photo of North Bay, ever.
I guess you could call me a local. I was born and raised in Sudbury, ON, and transplanted to North Bay, ON for post-secondary in 2008.  Growing up here, I found there were two common threads among young people. First, you have to get a car or your life is over. So much of the north was designed for driving. Second, when you're old enough, you have to move away. My friends and I were guilty…
At the edge of Cup & Saucer Trail
Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world. With an area of 2766 km2 it could take weeks to truly explore all its freshwater lakes and rivers and to hike its countless trails. Located just a two-hour drive from Sudbury or a two-hour ferry ride form Tobermory, Manitoulin Island is an outdoor lovers playground. We had the opportunity to explore the island from Little Current to Providence Bay and here are some of…
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  • Locals Know: Fishing For Walleye with Michelle Matte @EatSleepFish
    Locals Know: Fishing For Walleye with Michelle Matte @EatSleepFish
    I grew up in the greater Sudbury area, where my parents owned a camp before I was even born. As soon as I was old enough to hold a fishing rod, I was on the dock and in the boat fishing my days away. Let's just say, I found my…
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  • A Group of Seven Primer: Everything You Need To Know About the Canadian Artists
    A Group of Seven Primer: Everything You Need To Know About the Canadian Artists
    Perhaps you've heard of the Group of Seven, and their broad connection to Canadian art. You maybe even made a mental note to research it when you found the downtime ... and never did. Here's your chance to learn about the artists who, through their dedication to bring a distinct…
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  • Winter Hunt - Keeping Warm and Enjoying the Outdoors
    Winter Hunt - Keeping Warm and Enjoying the Outdoors
    Huddling in front of a spruce tree to break the stiff wind, half my body is protected from the elements by a snow pit I have dug. My .257 Magnum Weatherby Vanguard rifle is cradled in my arms protecting the Quigley-Ford scope from the driving snow. A short while ago,…
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  • A Collection Of Events Celebrating the Infamous Group of Seven
    A Collection Of Events Celebrating the Infamous Group of Seven
    The unique and wild Canadian landscape had an impact on the Group of Seven, and their art. One area that caught their attention was Northeastern Ontario, and in honour of that, the Art Gallery of Sudbury created Festival of the Seven, a summer-long celebration of events, highlighting Sudbury, Killarney and…
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  • Local Legends: 15th Annual Kapuskasing Lumberjack Festival
    Local Legends: 15th Annual Kapuskasing Lumberjack Festival
    With summer festivals in full swing, I had that opportunity to take part in the 15th Anniversary of the Kapuskasing Lumberjack Festival. The sweet smell of BBQ ran through the park as I walked through the 15+ vendors. As I walked through the park, I noticed a lot of proud…
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  • Confessions of a First Time ATV Rider: Mattawa Voyageur Multi Use Trails
    Confessions of a First Time ATV Rider: Mattawa Voyageur Multi Use Trails
    Thrilling, muddy, fast-paced, exciting…addictive. Those are the best words to describe my experience ATV riding for the first time in Mattawa, Ontario. Located in Northeastern Ontario, where the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers meet, Mattawa is full of adventure, history, and local artists to attract any type of traveler. Taking full…
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  • The Legendary Polar Bear
    The Legendary Polar Bear
    Throughout the year, I will be highlighting interesting places to stay, and or things to see and do in this beautiful part of Northeastern Ontario. Today's feature is all about one of the most interesting attractions in all of the north. One that lets you swim with a real live polar…
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  • Abitibi Lake Ice Fishing Adventure
    Abitibi Lake Ice Fishing Adventure
    This is the first time I’ve started an ice fishing adventure with a trip to the mall but according to my partner, my 13-year-old daughter who simply must have the right shoes for her grade 8 graduation, not stopping to shop in Timmins would be unacceptable. We’re on our way…
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  • The Fire 'Pit' List - Camping in Northeastern Ontario
    The Fire 'Pit' List - Camping in Northeastern Ontario
    Escape the bright lights of the city and experience the true brilliance of the night sky. Hey, you may even witness the northern lights on a cool night, or hear the cry of a loon at dawn. Northeastern Ontario has the power to re-connect you to the things that really matter.…
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  • Nickels to Polar Bears: Roadside Attractions in Northeastern Ontario
    Nickels to Polar Bears: Roadside Attractions in Northeastern Ontario
     Northeastern Ontario takes roadside kitsch to a whole other level, and it could be because we know the value of fun on those long road trips. Call it weird, or call it Canadian folk art, these roadside attractions are beckoning you in to their welcoming towns, and most of them…
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