There's nothing more humbling than the realization that you're part of something much larger than yourself.    I live in a small city located deep in the northern forest of Ontario. There's an unmeasurable amount of woodland bordering all directions of my house and I live literally 30 seconds away from a beautiful lake. I, like many northerners, enjoy the outdoors. I love fishing, camping, and simply being out amongst nature. All of these things…
There's lots of excitement in store for this year's Canada Day Celebration - be sure not to miss out on your chance to be apart of the festivities.   The time has almost arrived. In less than a week from now hundreds of thousands of people clad in their best red and white apparel will begin flooding downtown streets and rural backroads in celebration of Canada's 148th year as a unified Country. Each year the…
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Being in the fishing industry for years - I've fielded many a fishing question. Likely the top question: "What is your best or favorite lake?" (These questions are generally referencing muskie, as this is the species I'm most known for.) Impossible question, actually, the way I perceive it – as my favorite lake varies with regard to current "catching" – which is always subject to many factors including individual lake dynamics, weather changes ... for…
Published in Thunder Bay
Breakwater Taphouse 2212 Sleeping Giant ParkwaySecond floor of the CN Railway Station,Stair located on the far left side.807-767-2337 (807-SOS-BEER) Open 11am to 11pm. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. “Every time I walk through that door,” begins Kerry Berlinquette, the vivacious owner the Breakwater Taphouse, “it’s like someone arranged a surprise party for me. There are always friends here. That’s my favourite thing.” Others are equally stoked. After only nine months of operation Kerry’s little bar on…
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What is The Real Deal and how did we come to be? Living in Northwestern Ontario sure has its advantages, and small town living has many benefits as well. Sure, we may not have 15 movie theatres or 5 malls, but being able to literally drive 20 minutes from my house and be in quality deer or bear hunting area more than makes up for those things. Not to mention being able to fish right…
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Sunset_Country Last night's fireworks at Harbourfest Kenora Ontario!
Sunset_Country Come visit @Sunset_Country next time you are in Canada
Sunset_Country So many nice arts and gifts at the Sioux Narrows Arts Festival!
Sunset_Country Day 2 of the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival!!
Sunset_Country Beautiful photo from the Eagle Lake Pow Wow!
visitthunderbay RT @BeanFiendCafe: Setting up for Buskers Fest! Get down here today! @visitthunderbay #tbay @thewalleye #buskerstbay
visitthunderbay The newest vid in the Let The Day Happen series... On The Water. Featuring #2Heads by @colemanhell #tbay
visitthunderbay Let the Day Happen in Thunder Bay - On the Water: via @YouTube
visitthunderbay RT @OntarioTravel: Just beautiful :) RT @Ray_Mears: An early morning misty scene from Woodlore's Canadian Canoeing Expedition: