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Uptown Cut is a little steak house offering fine dining in a comfortable venue with premium cut steak house fare that is unique to Thunder Bay. The meals, service and quality are outstanding. There are a few vegetarian offerings so the less carnivorous among you can still lunch with your burger and steak loving friends. Along with working shifts at the restaurant, the chefs – four in all; chef Corey, Graham, Stacey and pastry chef,…
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The Thunder Bay trend of new gastro pub food offerings continues with the exploding success of with ExCuria, located in the south core between the Fort William Gardens and the Courthouse. “ExCuria” is a Latin for “away from court.” From day one, in July of 2015, their success was so great they were unprepared for the swarm. They even shut down for two weeks to reorganize. “The response from the city was unbelievable,” says Chris Bernst, one…
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A popular addition to upscale food culture in Thunder Bay is Nook, an Italian restaurant, which can be found in the Bay and Algoma District at the corner of Bay St. and Machar. Related: Unique Shopping in the Bay & Algoma District Nook is another example of a restaurant obtaining immediate success upon opening its doors, which was in July of 2015. Owner Caitlin Jeffs comments that Thunder Bay residents are so keen they can…
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If you are an adventurer or wilderness seeker in search of the perfect piece of untouched nature, Northwest Ontario is the place to find it. And finding it is about to get a lot easier now that Greenstone Tourism has a new plan in the works to reveal what the town has to offer. Related: 10 Things to Do in Greenstone Like our most sacred fishing holes, Greenstone is “a well kept secret,” says Gord Ellis,…
From inspiring to quirky, Sunset Country has a wide array of roadside attractions that are definitely worth a quick pitstop. There are so many great things about Northwestern Ontario to see and experience. From dynamic scenery to mountainous rocks and rolling hills, crystal clear waters, and miles of lush green forests as far as the eye can see, there are a variety of reasons why people call Sunset Country their home away from home. Some…

Sunset_Country Thanks to Jayson Botel for sharing this beauty sunset over Red Lake.
Sunset_Country What a difference a day makes!
Sunset_Country It is well below zero up here so we need something warm to look at! Have a good weekend everyone!
Sunset_Country Thanks to Dianne for sharing this catch with us - that is a beautiful Sunset Country pike! #shareyourcatch
Sunset_Country Here is this evening's sunset - quite pretty in my opinion!
visitthunderbay Where to stay, what to eat and things to do. All you need. :) #tbay
visitthunderbay RT @JosephRosendo: In our NW Ontario show I take the plunge...from the sauna into Lake Superior! #Canada @visitthunderbay #travel https://…
visitthunderbay Looking for a great place for dinner tonight in #tbay? Try ExCuria!
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