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“We must remember … that in the end … nature does not belong to us, we belong to it.” - Ray Mears
We Belong To It, a short film by Goh Iromoto, featuring Ray Mears exploring Ontario by canoe, recently won top honours in the Canoeing category at the 10th annual Reel Paddling Film Festival. Ray Mears – a renowned traveller and British TV Personality – travels the world employing his wilderness bushcraft knowledge. When he wants to purge his spirit of the unwanted static that accumulates from modern life, he embarks on a wilderness canoe trip…
WIN The Great Canadian Boreal Forest Adventure with Ray Mears
Over the past two decades, the name Ray Mears has become recognized throughout the world as an authority on the subjects of Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival.  He has also become a household name though his various television series including Tracks, World of Survival, Trips Money Can’t Buy, and many more. Ray has been a lover of Ontario’s pristine wilderness for many years. Last September, Ray travelled to Wabakimi Provincial Park, embarking on a seven day adventure…
Sunset paddle in Algonquin Park
Sunsets, moose, stunning views and magical moments captured by The Planet D on their sizzling summer adventures in Ontario.  There are many compelling images to choose from - here are a selection of my favourites! Why not up your game by learning essential photo tips at a pro photographers workshop in Ontario's outdoors.  Find out more here.    Deb soaking up the beauty from the top of the Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island. Witnessing…
Whitewater kayaking on the Madawaska River
Note:  The Planet D, world-renowned travel bloggers, spent the summer of 2014 exploring Ontario. This blog captures their experience learning to whitewater kayak at the Madawaska Kanu Centre.  It was originally posted on June 26th, 2014 on If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you’ll know that Dave and I are doing some pretty extraordinary adventures in Ontario, Canada. Who knew that some of our most challenging and exciting adventures to date…
Up Close and Personal with Bull Moose
Editors Note:  This trip runs annually in June. In 2015, the dates are June 5th to 7th and 7th to 9th. Space is limited so call Voyageur Quest today to book 1-800-794-9660. Unleash your creativity in Ontario. Click here for more Arts in the Wild adventures.       Our canoes drift ever so slowly towards the two moose in the marsh – a minute seems like an eternity but our tactics pay off as the moose…
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
Some of my best memories are of canoeing in the wilderness. Years ago, my friends and I would spend days researching and planning routes, taking wilderness canoe tripping and paddling courses, making menus, then shopping and packing the gear. We would purchase new equipment – barrel packs, tarps, thicker sleeping mats and little things to make our trip more comfortable.  But as my life changed, I found I didn’t have that kind of time anymore…
Up close and personal with the Woodland Caribou of the Slate Islands
Note:  The Planet D, world-renowned travel bloggers, spent the summer of 2014 exploring Ontario. This blog captures their experience kayaking the Slate Islands. It was originally posted on August 3rd, 2014 on We didn’t realize that woodland caribou existed in Ontario before we started planning our trip to the Slate Islands off the North Shore of Lake Superior. We also didn’t realize that there was a difference between the caribou that we all know…
Glamping at Barlett Lodge
Camping But With All the Comforts of Home  Although a relatively new trend in Canada and the United States, glamping has provided people a comfortable and luxurious way to experience the wonders of the great outdoors in Africa, Thailand and many other countries for decades. Glamping combines the best of both worlds – exciting outdoor activities such as wildlife viewing, hiking, paddling, cycling, etc. with the luxury of a comfortable sleeping area and in many…
Moose Photography Safari in Algonquin Park
"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." - Ansel Adams     It's time to rekindle your enthusiasm and passion for outdoor photography. You'll be inspired, surprised, amazed and wowed at these nature and landscape photography workshops offered by some of Ontario’s best professional photographers.  Awakening Woods and Waters Photography Workshop wtih James Smedley  June 4th to 7th, 2015 at Naturally Superior Adventure's Rock…
British Bushcraft Expert Ray Mears Explores Wabakimi Provincial Park
Note: This blog was used with permission from Ray Mears, world-renowned authority on Bushcraft and Survival, star of various television series including Tracks, World of Survival, and more, and founder of Woodlore, the UK's premier School of Wilderness Bushcraft. Read more of Ray's blogs at The Ray Mears & Woodlore Blog. ENTER TO WIN A TRIP OF A LIFE TIME TO THE GREAT CANADIAN BOREAL FOREST with RAY MEARS!  Find out more here. Canadian canoe journeys are always…
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  • The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    "Getting close to a wild animal is a unique experience, both exciting and unforgettable.   One afternoon, I almost jumped out of my canoe when an otter popped up right beside my paddle and snorted!  Canoeing through the mist at sunrise is dramatic, but watching a 1,000 lb bull moose…
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  • Manitoulin Island - A Paradise for Plant-Lovers and Botanists
    Manitoulin Island - A Paradise for Plant-Lovers and Botanists
    "The image of Manitoulin Island I hold is of the multitude of Yellow Lady's Slipper orchids clothing the verges of minor roads and byways in spring.  They reminded me of hosts of European daffodils - but so much more lush and exotic!"    Dr. Barbara Corker For exciting Ontario outdoor…
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  • Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    " Lake Superior- it should be on every paddlers' "to do" list.  It is the world's largest body of fresh water and the fact that the Canadian side is still mostly remote makes it very unique.   After paddling, relax at Rock Island Lodge."  Megan Gamble, Trip Coordinator and Guide…
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  • Visit Restoule or Mikisew Provincial Park
    Visit Restoule or Mikisew Provincial Park
    Hidden Gems for Family Campers Both Restoule Provincial Park and  Mikisew Provincial Park are considered hidden gems to a core group of family campers.  At first glance, the parks seem tucked away, off the main travel route.  In reality, they are a short drive from major population centres through quaint country…
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  • Wildflower Glory in Ontario
    Wildflower Glory in Ontario
    Best places to catch the spring wildflower blooms in Ontario There is a small window of wildflower glory each spring in Ontario. The time of year when wildflowers take centre stage before the leaves of the forest canopy cast their shadows. Here is an ideal tour route to help you…
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