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Dogs just want to have fun!
We get so many great questions from Ontario travelers and one in particular has just kept coming up: “Where are the best places in Ontario to take your pet on vacation with you?”. Here’s just a few of our picks. Add your own suggestions and favourites in the comments section!  Note:  Original blog was created by Ontario Tourism.   PAMPERED VACATIONS Woodhaven Country Lodge  The motto at Woodhaven Country Lodge says it all: “If your…
Moose Photography Safari in Algonquin Park
"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." - Ansel Adams     It's time to rekindle your enthusiasm and passion for outdoor photography. You'll be inspired, surprised, amazed and wowed at these nature and landscape photography workshops offered by some of Ontario’s best professional photographers.  Night Skies Workshop with Barry Wojciechowski April 5th 2014 at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park - Visitor Centre  …
Niagara River Recreational Trail
Editor’s Note:  Ontario By Bike, a program of Transportation Options, supports the growing network of destinations and businesses that welcome cyclists across the province.  It provides information and maps to help you easily plan a fun cycling experience.  The following top picks are featured in the Cycling in Ontario Guide – 2014 (available in English and French).     Ontario’s off-road trails provide relaxing car-free cycling experiences along picturesque waterways and through interesting countryside.  Some…
From Tree to Table
Now Your Cooking - with Maple Syrup!  A key staple of local cuisine, Canadian maple syrup is now being touted as a superfood, like berries, tea, red wine and flax seeds by scientists from the University of Rhode Island as noted in the Globe and Mail. That’s no surprise to Greg Waters, from Northern Edge Algonquin in South River.  Greg, a strong avocate  for using local ingredients in his cooking, uses only maple syrup or…
Honeymoon Bay, Beausoleil Island
Have you ever dreamed of going to live on a desert island? Want to leave the hustle, bustle and noise of the big city behind?    Well, why not escape to a world where there are no motor vehicles and no traffic jams – a place where you can explore the spectacular landscape of the UNESCO Georgian Bay World Biosphere Reserve, the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, by bicycle, foot or boat only. No, it's not…
Glamping at Barlett Lodge
Camping But With All the Comforts of Home  Although a relatively new trend in Canada and the United States, glamping has provided people a comfortable and luxurious way to experience the wonders of the great outdoors in Africa, Thailand and many other countries for decades. Glamping combines the best of both worlds – exciting outdoor activities such as wildlife viewing, hiking, paddling, cycling, etc. with the luxury of a comfortable sleeping area and in many…
Paddling in the morning mist in 1000 Islands
Homeland and sacred hunting grounds of the six nations, the 1000 Islands continue to majestically rise through the morning mists and her keep stories of war, romance, smuggling and exploration hidden among the labyrinth of islands. The evocative creation legend of the 1000 Islands begins with the Great Manitou. High above the lands, soaring on his Thunderbird, Great Manitou looked down from the sky and saw that his people were fighting and destroying each other.…
Zip it good - trekking in Ontario's tree tops
Explore Ontario From The Trees This Spring What is zip-lining? Zip-lining is best described as close to flying through the trees with the birds as it comes. Participants don a harness with a carabiner that is attached to a wheel on a cable strung between trees. You push off from a platform on one tree and zip along the cable to a platform on another tree. You can be anywhere from 20- to 80-feet off…
Majestic moose in Algonquin Provincial Park
When I paddle my canoe through the twisting creeks and grasslands of Algonquin Park, I often wonder what creature of the north is tromping through the marshlands on the other side of the tall grasses that tower around me. At times, my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have stood up in my canoe to get a glimpse of a moose or black bear.  This has not always ended well, as, on more…
Canoeing is an iconic Canadian experience.
Discover Ontario’s Signature Experiences Looking for a unique Canadian holiday?  Then come to Ontario for 16 experiences that are part of the Canadian Tourism’s elite Signature Experiences Collection. A Signature Experience is an exceptional travel experience offered in Canada.  These unique activities show-case what Canada is all about.  They are authentic, engage your senses, immerse you in Canada’s nature, offer opportunities to experience and learn about Canadian culture, history, cuisine and to meet real Canadians. …
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  • Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    Lake Superior is a MUST DO Paddle
    " Lake Superior- it should be on every paddlers' "to do" list.  It is the world's largest body of fresh water and the fact that the Canadian side is still mostly remote makes it very unique.   After paddling, relax at Rock Island Lodge."  Megan Gamble, Trip Coordinator and Guide…
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  • Explore Almaguin's Woods and Water
    Explore Almaguin's Woods and Water
      Fern Glen Inn Makes It Easy! Discover the incredible woodland trails, mossy forests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers near Fern Glen Inn, Emsdale, Ontario, Canada.  The owners, Jim and Jackie Leung are happy to help you plan your ideal outdoor getaway. You can experience the natural treasures of the Muskoka,…
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  • The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    The Magic of Seeing Wildlife
    "Getting close to a wild animal is a unique experience, both exciting and unforgettable.   One afternoon, I almost jumped out of my canoe when an otter popped up right beside my paddle and snorted!  Canoeing through the mist at sunrise is dramatic, but watching a 1,000 lb bull moose…
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  • I Love Getting Outdoors in Ontario, Canada
    I Love Getting Outdoors in Ontario, Canada
    Each year, I travel to Northern Ontario to enjoy the great outdoors.  I love camping at Ontario Parks and exploring the quaint communities along the way.  The air is so clean and water so refreshing.  I can hardly wait for my next adventure.    Catherine Keetch For great Ontario Outdoor Adventures,…
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  • Dog-friendly Vacations In Ontario
    Dog-friendly Vacations In Ontario
    "If you're like me and love travelling with your dog, you need to check out  Nature's Harmony Ecolodge in Mattawa.   They have really nice pet-friendly cabins and allow dogs on their cross-country ski, snowshoe and kicksled trails.  I can't wait to go back and hike and bike there this…
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