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Real wilderness, real easy

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

10 Canoeing adventures full of pure Canadian Wow

No time to plan a trip? Ontario's experts will get you into the wild fast and easy.

Some of my best memories are of canoeing in the wilderness. Years ago, my friends and I would spend days researching and planning routes, taking wilderness canoe tripping and paddling courses, making menus, then shopping and packing the gear. We would purchase new equipment – barrel packs, tarps, thicker sleeping mats and little things to make our trip more comfortable. 

But as my life changed, I found I didn’t have that kind of time anymore so I gave up doing something I loved.

But now I have discovered the “all-inclusive holiday" equivalent – the guided canoe trip.  It is an easy, no hassle and safe way to go paddling in the wilderness. All I have to do is decide where I want to paddle, then check out the adventure companies offering trips, make a phone call and I am on my way. 

Everything is supplied and it is truly great value. When I consider all the time I save not doing the preparation, the cost of buying equipment and the excellent care and lessons that the guides provide, taking an all-inclusive canoeing adventure is the way to go for me. By spending just a little more per night then the cost of a hotel room, I get a really enhanced adventure - one where I feel comfortable and secure enough to push my boundaries.  

Canoeing is as quintessentially Canadian as it gets. It is “liquid medicine for our soul”.


 Here are ten adventures that will get you into real wilderness, real easy and safely – even if you have never been in a canoe before.    


Train In, Paddle Out


The most spectacular of Lake Superior’s rivers, the Agawa, flows 30 kilometres through a dramatic canyon landscape. A perfect learning river for new whitewater canoeists, the Agawa features nearly continuous easy to intermediate whitewater. On this guided whitewater canoe trip, you’ll learn how to safely paddle a tandem canoe in moving water and enjoy some of the most scenic paddling in Ontario.  Read about a first-time whitewater paddler's experience on this trip.   


The Algonquin Canoe and Log Cabin Adventure


Rated as one of Canada’s Signature Experiences, this 3 day guided canoe trip combined with 2 nights at the Log Cabin, lets you fully experience Algonquin’s world-renowned wilderness and waterways. The canoe trip provides lots of time to paddle, search for moose, swim and roast smores around a campfire. The Log Cabin is the perfect finishing place, with comfortable beds, a wood fired floating sauna and tasty home style meals. 

FRENCH RIVER – A Canadian Heritage River

Learn to Paddle Like a Canadian


 If you have ever dreamed of paddling a canoe, the quintessentially Canadian boat, why not combine it with a stay at the luxurious Lodge at Pine Cove? You will enjoy fine dining, a soft bed in a private cottage, deluxe hamper breakfasts on your screened-in porch and a set of progressive canoeing lessons that will culminate in a half-day guided canoe trip.


Path of the Paddle


Carve a paddle through the still waters on Margaret, Dan, Horse and McEwen Lakes. On this full day guided canoe trip, you will learn paddle strokes, portage a canoe, get some canoe tripping tips and visit a canoe builder who crafts birch bark canoes.  

MATTAWA RIVER – A Canadian Heritage River

Paddle Back in Time for a Day 


After orientation and instruction, you will paddle down the scenic Mattawa River, once an important route for Voyageurs, trappers and loggers. Your knowledgeable guide will share stories about the rich heritage of the area.  A great family trip! 


Weekend Whitewater Canoe Clinic


Enter the exciting world of whitewater! Learn the basic skills of whitewater canoeing or refresh your skills if you are preparing for a multi-day river trip. Operated by Claudia Van Wijk (10 x Canadian Whitewater Kayak Slalom Champion and Bronze medalist at the World Championship) and her husband Dirk, MKC is one of Canada’s premier whitewater schools. 


Lower Missinaibi: Northern Expedition – For Adventurous Women!


After a flying over Thunderhouse Falls, you will land on the Missinaibi River, 40 miles north of the last road and the last portage. From here, it’s an easy downstream paddle to Mooseonee and the historic Cree settlement of Moose Factory on the James Bay coast. 


The Nor'Wester


Quetico is a world renowned destination for backcountry canoeing and angling. Explore its rugged beauty, towering rock cliffs, majestic waterfalls, virgin pine and spruce forests. Enjoy its magnificent sunsets and spectacular stargazing. Your trip starts with a delicious dinner and overnight stay at the eco-friendly lodge where you will get a professional orientation and fully outfitted for a self-guided canoe trip.     


A Backcountry Canoeist’s Paradise


Leave all your worries behind as expert guides help you get the most out of your wilderness adventure. Experience the pristine beauty of this Northern Ontario wilderness, home to the world’s largest old-growth red and white pines, in safety and comfort. 


Boreal Primer:  Interpretive Learning in the Land of the Caribou


Get ready for adventure Woodland Caribou style on this all inclusive exploration to one of the most remote paddling destinations in Ontario. On this 15 day trip, you’ll paddle and portage through this unique landscape, home to the elusive Woodland Caribou, Wolves, Moose, Beaver, Marten, Bald Eagles and more! 


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