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Time Stops in Frontier Village

by  Jasmyn Pozzo
Frontier Village Frontier Village

As you take a stroll through Frontier Village, you also take a step back in time to the turn of the 19th century. This popular Sault Ste. Marie tourist stop gives passersby a glimpse into what the Sault area looked and felt like during Frontier times in the 1800s.

Located on the side of Highway 17 north, the Village is conveniently situated on your way in or out of town, and features a collection of unique shops and restaurants associated with the era. When you stop at Frontier Village, which also features an oldfashioned Trading Post – a terrific source for all of your outdoor sporting needs, ensure you leave yourself some extra time to visit the true-to-theme surroundings of centuries passed.

Frontier village

If souvenirs of your Northern adventure are what you seek, Frontier Village is sure to please,with many local artisans offering their work to passing visitors. Towering totem poles adorn the area, and multiple life-size woodcarvings depicting scenes from the Old West catch your eye as you enter the Village.

The array of life-size woodcarvings is one of Canada's largest collections, and depicts animals in a natural setting surrounded by a wooden population of interesting pioneer folk. These life size carvings, native sculptures and Canadian wildlife all tell stories of the past.

FroVillage 7

Other attractions situated at Frontier Village include Jack's Chicken & Ribs, Frenchies Fries, Wild West Pizza, the Trading Post, the Totem Pole (a popular local souvenir shop), and the Sault's first fudge manufacturing store, Sweet Tooth Fudge Factory. But, arguably the most popular stop is for ice cream at the Big Moose Ice Cream Parlour.

FroVillage 2

Opened in 2011 as an expansion to the previous ice cream shop in the Village, Big Moose boasts 60 kinds of hard ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve. Anyone craving a sweet treat will have a hard time passing these up, and if they do, they'll definitely be hard pressed to make it out of the Village without trying some fresh-made fudge from nearby Sweet Tooth.

FroVillage 6

After picking up your treats, you can take a seat at the cozy fire pit situated just outside of the ice cream parlour, which is kept stoked throughout each day. The fire pit adds to the frontier feel that the owners (the Koprash's) are going for with their themed village. The Koprash's took over the Frontier Village Trading Post with plans to give the 80 year-old establishment a true frontier makeover.

FroVillage 3

The main store, Trading Post, has served locals and travellers for over eight decades. The area attraction not only provides the perfect spot to sit and eat lunch before browsing through the colourful shops, but it's also ideal for hunting and fishing licenses, camping goods, food and live bait, something the Trading Post has been known for since it opened decades ago.

The locally owned and operated Frontier Village provides a taste from the past, while providing modern-day travellers with all the amenities they need.
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