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Three lodges, three different experiences with two things in common: Beautiful sunrises and great fishing. KABEELO LODGE: 6:30 am and an old, familiar sound wakes me. The throaty puff of a radial engine echos out in front of KaBeeLo Lodge. I quickly hop out of bed, throw on my clothes and make it to the deck just in time to watch C-DGYT lift from calm water into calm Ontario skies. Life is good... Every morning,…
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One beautiful fall morning my boss got a call from pro-angler Jeff Gustafson asking him if he wanted join him in filming a TV episode for Fishing With Gussy. Gerry was unfortunately too busy to go and asked me if I wanted to go fishing with Jeff for the day. Of course I said yes! An opportunity to go fishing with one of the best anglers in Ontario? Yes please! What Gerry failed to mention…
The season of change and discovery is among us in Northwestern Ontario. It's that time again. Long passed are the carefree dog days of summer as we're starting to venture into the coming months full of snow suits and slippery roads. The days are now getting shorter and the nights are getting just a little bit colder. But fear not because just as winter beckons its icy call so to does it herald the coming…
Paddling is entrenched in the history of Sunset Country, and there's no better way to experience Sunset Country's ancient rocks, timeless forests, hidden beaches and wildlife than from a canoe or kayak. Here are five top paddling day trips to try this summer or fall. To share your personal favourites, tweet @Sunset_Country and use the hashtag #bestpaddling. French Lake-Pickerel Lake Jim Clark with Canoe Canada, an outfitter operating in the Quetico Provincial Park area, puts…
  The man who made history continues to inspire Canadian's through his legacy. It's been over three and a half decades since Terry Fox, a man undeterred by illness, swept the nation by setting forth on a Canada-wide journey in efforts to raised money for cancer research. Though succumbing to his malady after completing only half of his cross-country journey on September 1st 1980, Fox's noble cause has sounded in the hearts of Canadians young…
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Sunset_Country Like Consumers Frosted Foods by tomorrow for a chance to win a Thanksgiving turkey!
Sunset_Country This is how gorgeous fall in Sunset Country. Thanks to Northwest Flying Inc. for sharing!
Sunset_Country Cool event for teens in #tbay - Food Frenzy October 17th 2-7pm. For more info click on the post below from...
Sunset_Country Demolition of the old Rainy Lake Hotel is happening now in #FortFrances.
Sunset_Country Welcome to our newest member Pakuni Lodge. You could be sitting in that chair next summer!