Northern Ontario, Canada

If you're looking for the best in outdoor adventures, then come visit Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country. Covering a 60,000 square mile area, stretching from Lake of the Woods to Thunder Bay, Sunset Country offers some of Canada's finest freshwater fishing and outdoor adventure opportunities! Enjoy your favourite outdoor activity be it fishing, snowmobiling, camping, or touring. Here you'll find a wide range of stories about living and playing in Sunset Country, written by local experts and travel authors from around the world. When you're ready for more, visit, the region's official website with all the resources you'll need to plan your trip.
Relax and watch the sun set over the water
If you've been to Ontario's Sunset Country, you know we got great fishing. If you're wondering if you'll enjoy your stay at a lodge in Northwest Ontario without fishing, the answer if YES!   Sunset Country may be one of the best areas to fish for species such as walleye, northern and muskie, but we are also so much more! Many of our resorts and lodges cater to the fishermen and with our fisheries, I…
Sunset over Lac Lu, Ontario, Canada
Whether you vacationed in Ontario's Sunset Country or not, these photos from the summer of 2014 may just entice you to plan a trip next year.   If you've never been to Ontario's Sunset Country, it's really hard to grasp just how beautiful it really is up here. Between Thunder Bay and the Manitoba border there are over 70,000 lakes, rivers and streams. Some people think Ontario ends at Thunder Bay. I may be prejudice,…
Crappie fishing on Rainy Lake
Crappie Season starts in the Fall in Sunset Country As the summer cools down, crappie fishing is heating up in Sunset Country. Fall is one of the best times of the year in Sunset Country to go crappie fishing; the weather is cooler and the mosquitos are gone. September, right through until the end of October is when you'll find the crappies biting the best in the fall. Often anglers like to fish for crappie…
Barbless 51" muskie caught at 10:15pm one night after full moon early August 2012
This writing is dedicated to the memory of Jack Burns. Gone, but never forgotten. To honor his memory and methods, I pinch down all the barbs on my casting baits. "Catch a nice one and let it go. Let them all go." DFDB! In my 23 years (as of 2014) of working & running Mylie's Place Resort on Lake of the Woods in Morson, Ontario, Canada, I've become very active in the promotion of CPR…
Smallmouth is just one of the many fish species found in Northwest Ontario
If it's true that "variety is the spice of life", and you're an angler who has yet to discover Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country, you're in for a pleasant surprise.     A fishy spice market of epic proportions.  Indeed, having lived in this watery Garden of Eden for almost 40 years now, I feel a tinge of sadness for visiting anglers.  I mean, with so many lakes and rivers, so many species of fish and…
Enjoy the Fall Colours on Your Road Trip
Head Out on the Open Road to Enjoy the Fall Colours In early September, the air is definitely much cooler in the evening and at night. With shorter days we all know (although we may not want to admit it) summer is on its way out! That's fine as they say, all good things must come to an end. Don't fret, autumn brings with it a whole new set of of things to see and…
A mature Northwest Ontario buck stands on a heavy deer trail.
Sunset Country has become one of the most popular and well-known whitetail deer destinations in North America Editor's Note: In his first article on this site, Jeff Gustafson, host of "Fishing with Gussy", gives some great hunting tips before and during your deer hunt. As a professional angler and hunter, Gussy uses his vast experience to give us some advice to help make our hunts successful. For more information about deer hunting trips in Ontario's…
Smallmouth Bass, just one of the many species in Sunset Country
Sunset Country: Canada's Premier Fishing Destination Since the 1920s, Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario has been the place in the Province for American and Canadian anglers to go on a fishing trip. Why you ask? Well for one thing consider the fact that in this region of Ontario, the lakes literally outnumber the people. We also have some of the most easily accessible fishing spots for our American friends looking to fish in Canada. Located…
Laurel Gosselin holds a beautiful stocked brook trout that she caught early in the ice season
Editor's Note: In his second article on this site, Jeff Gustafson, host of "Fishing with Gussy", gives some great tips on maximizing the "hot bite" for stocked species of trout in Ontario's Sunset Country. As a professional angler and experienced guide, Gussy uses his vast experience to give us some advice to help make our ice fishing efforts more successful. For more information about ice fishing trips in Ontario's Sunset Country, visit the website
Some of the information available on the Sunset Country
Trying find directions, things to do, where to stay or where to to eat in Sunset Country has never been easier!   Have you ever been travelling and wonder "I wonder where I can eat around here?", "How do I get to that museum?" or "Where is the next rest area?". Well, now if you are traveling through Northwestern Ontario you can find those answers on the Sunset Country mobile app. Download the app before…
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