Covering a 60,000 square mile area, stretching from Lake of the Woods to Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country offers some of Canada's finest freshwater fishing, snowmobiling, and outdoor adventure opportunities! On this website you'll find a wide range of stories about living and playing in Sunset Country, written by local experts and travel authors from around the world. When you're ready for more, visit, the region's official website with all the resources you'll need to plan your trip.
Published in Sunset Country
It's blueberry season in Northwest Ontario! These sweet, succulent wild blueberries are not the blueberries you find in the supermarkets. Compared to down south, the summer in Sunset Country is relatively short. Even shorter is the blueberry season. But during those few weeks beginning in mid-to-late July and into August, you'll find the bushes around here full of these sweet berries. They are much smaller and sweeter than the blueberry variety (highbush) you find in…
Published in Sunset Country
With the Canadian dollar at an eleven year low, now is the time Americans can really save on trips to Canada.   As I am writing this (August 4, 2015), if you exchanged one American dollar you would almost get $1.32 back in Canadian currency. With the Canadian dollar so low, now is really the time to take a last minute summer vacation to Ontario's Sunset Country.  Think about it, your hotel, gas, food, and…
There's nothing more humbling than the realization that you're part of something much larger than yourself.    I live in a small city located deep in the northern forest of Ontario. There's an unmeasurable amount of woodland bordering all directions of my house and I live literally 30 seconds away from a beautiful lake. I, like many northerners, enjoy the outdoors. I love fishing, camping, and simply being out amongst nature. All of these things…
For years the Wine Lake icehouse has been an important part of the camp's infrastructure. Today, the icehouse holds much more than just ice, it preserves a way of life.    There's something to be said about tradition. It's the desire to do something not for the sake of convenience or conformity, but instead to acknowledge the memories of old so that future generations can appreciate the footings from which they came. Tradition not only…
There's lots of excitement in store for this year's Canada Day Celebration - be sure not to miss out on your chance to be apart of the festivities.   The time has almost arrived. In less than a week from now hundreds of thousands of people clad in their best red and white apparel will begin flooding downtown streets and rural backroads in celebration of Canada's 148th year as a unified Country. Each year the…
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Sunset_Country Awesome northern lights over the water near Ignace. Thanks to Ignace Ignace Airways for sharing.
Sunset_Country RT @OntarioParksNWZ: Enjoy the next week of #camping at #BlueLakePP & enjoy the murder mystery program Aug28th! #NHE @Sunset_Country http:/…
Sunset_Country I wish I was camping at Blue Lake Provincial Park this coming week, there's lots of great events!
Sunset_Country Some pretty funny #fishingfails on here. Do you have any to add? Warning: some profanity.