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Get Treated Like the King (or Queen) That You Are

You'll enjoy the meals at an American Plan Lodge

All-inclusive Lodges and Resorts

Leave nothing to chance with our American plan packages. These all-inclusive plans are sure to please.

If you want to concentrate on fishing or relaxing and nothing else then an American Plan Package at one of the lodges or resorts is what you'll need. Hearty meals are served up for you along with a shore lunch kit or boxed lunch and a scrumptious full course meal in the evening. Tasty home-cooked dinners like steaks, walleye, or lasagne are topped off with a delicious dessert, perhaps even a homemade blueberry pie with sweet Canadian wild blueberries. Modified American Plan Packages generally mean that the supper is included. All you have to worry about is having a good time!

Dessert at Delaney Lake Lodge!

While many of the all-inclusive resorts are accessible by car, some of these full-service lodges are located in fly in only lakes. Here you are taken to a far away secluded lake with awesome fishing and hunting. You can also try out a boat-to AP lodge on one of the many beautiful islands in the area. These lodges are literally "Diamonds in the rough". All meals are included and this is a great chance for you to sit back and really relax.

Duck Bay Lodge Boat Rentals

Along with the large selection of American Plan Lodges in Northwestern Ontario comes a large selection of AP Packages. They all include meals, but some will include boat rentals and/or guide service. There's nothing better than pulling up to shore and frying up your freshly caught walleye for a Canadian shore lunch prepared by your guide.

Lucky for you, there are many options to choose from. With all these full-service lodges available, does that mean it is over crowded? No, we have over 70,000 lakes, rivers, and streams in Sunset Country, so definitely not overcrowded.

To find out more about the specifics of each American Plan Package, visit the tourist outfitters in Sunset Country that offer full and modified American Plan Packages and have a great time on your vacation in Northern Ontario!

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