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Walk this way: Self-guided history tours in Thunder Bay
There’s a new explore-the-city program called Big Boreal Adventure Goes Historical. (The sister program, Big Boreal Adventure, is a fun, nature-based scavenger hunt that takes you all over Thunder Bay in search of cedar posts topped with round metal engravings by local artists, read more about the Big Boreal Adventure here.) “I wanted to put a Big Boreal Adventure post near the Ontario Power Generation station near Mission Marsh, but the site wasn’t right for a…
Last Call for Winter: Cross-Country Skiing in Thunder Bay
In Duluth, Minnesota, all of the snow has gone in less than a week and on Saturday it was sunny, 60F (15C) and with warm south winds..... Personally I am not ready for that. My buddies Jim and Tony were in the same mindset. We found ourselves nodding heads and saying, "yeah" a lot...lamenting and dreaming. Somehow it just came to a point where we decided we should load up and drive north until we…
Play, explore and learn in Thunder Bay with Big Boreal Adventure.
When my family moved to Thunder Bay four years ago, we started exploring our new city and it wasn’t long before we started seeing cedar posts with round metal engravings on them—one at Vanderwees Home and Garden, another at Chippewa Park, a third at Vickers Park. Was it some kind of public art project, we wondered? Then we discovered it was nature-based scavenger hunt called the Big Boreal Adventure. Here’s how it works: you pick…
Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Centennial Botanical Conservatory Today!
    Thunder Bay’s Centennial Botanical Conservatory is having a bit of a moment, as residents and visitors alike discover or rediscover its charms. It’s a great year-round destination but it’s especially appealing as we shiver through another frosty winter. Here are five reasons to put it on your must-visit list. Reason #1: It’s a mini tropical vacation When you walk in from this... You see this... And this...  And how about this? It’s a positive…
Fort William Historical Park - Image by Stephanie Reid
  Trapping wild fur bearing animals has come a long way since the height of the fur trade as depicted at Fort William Historical Park. Fort William Historical Park - Photo by Stephanie Reid Even up until 1948, trapping was a free-for-all with no regulations or management in Ontario. Today, however, the culture of trapping encompasses a respect for nature and a responsible wildlife management plan through regulations administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources.…
Visit Kakabeka Falls - There's a Reason, Every Season.
Kakabeka Falls, a 25-minute drive west of Thunder Bay, is a no-brainer for a spring, summer or fall destination—consider the awesome majesty of the falls, the quiet trails and beach at the provincial park, and the opportunity to sample the treats at the wide variety of ice cream shops in the village. Related: Reasons to Stop in Kakabeka Falls But winter? As a matter of fact, yes! I had heard good things about a diner-style restaurant…
A Winter Adventure in Quetico Provincial Park
  Each March, cross country skiers of all abilities descend on Quetico Provincial Park and the nearby town of Atikokan for the Cross Quetico Tour.  Normally known for its world class wilderness canoeing opportunities, Quetico’s interconnected waterways become a venue for a ski adventure like no other in winter. The one day Cross Quetico Tour is a group event where participants are encouraged to stay together over their choice of 35, 45 or 60 km…
Explore Greenstone on Skis
  Quality of life is as important to the residents of Northwest Ontario as it is to visitors and there is no shortage of calming, stress-relieving, natural sites to explore in the region.   In winter, the nordic ski is the preferred method of exploration and Greenstone is unique as it offers 2 Cross Country Ski Clubs within a 30 km distance. It is just a short drive along Highway 11, from Geraldton to Longlac and…
Big Tires and Big Adventures: Fat Biking in Thunder Bay
I strain against the tug of normalcy and because of that every once in a while I need to toss off the reigns of that insidious beast and head for parts unknown to me.   With winter dragging on I decided with my friend Casey, to toss our Fat Bikes in the truck and head north from Duluth to Thunder Bay for some frozen inspiration. We grabbed a nice room at the Prince Arthur Hotel,…
5 Cool Facts About Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay has existed as a community for well over 100 years and the history from the city is an interesting one. We've had some name changes along the way but there's so much more than that.  Here are 5 cool things you may not have known about the Lakehead. 1. We almost won the Stanley Cup. In 1911, the Port Arthur Hockey Club played in the Stanley Cup finals. Unfortunately, the team lost to the…
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