Northern Ontario, Canada

5 Ways to Explore The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area This Summer!
Some people may not be aware of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, or may have heard of it but aren’t quite sure what we do…Well I am going to tell you all about it! Once established, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area will be the LARGEST freshwater protected area in Canada! The ecologically sustainable management by Parks Canada of this HUGE area will ensure its conservation for the enjoyment and appreciation of…
Give Dad the Perfect Northwest Ontario Father's Day
He probably taught you how to drive, how to throw and catch, how to fish and how to build the perfect campfire. He gave you his time and his money and his advice. Father and Son, Jerry and Ben Stiller in Zoolander Oh yeah! And also tons and tons of his love. As the day to celebrate Dads gets closer, we look at a few ways that this man who gives so much can take…
2014 Pride Parade - Photo by Brian Holden
  In 2010, just five days before Christmas, a group of wonderful and enthusiastic folks crammed into a small, but cozy, union office space to discuss and ultimately plan a week-long LGBTQ pride event for the city of Thunder Bay. Throughout the years, there have been many initiatives, programs, centres and events that have transpired, specifically for people, and friends and families of the LGBTQ community. All this was accomplished through individuals - activists and…
Experience the breeze of a sail on Lake Superior
A sailing adventure on Lake Superior with Sail Superior is something you will want to put on your bucket list of things to do on your visit to Thunder Bay this summer. You’ll find Captain Greg & his crew at Thunder Bay’s Waterfront in Prince Arthur’s Landing – Marina Park. Captain Greg ties up sail - Thunder Bay Harbour - Photo by Goh Iromoto Sail Superior’s 2015 Line Up includes a varied range of options from a 90…
Firefighter's 10-Miler, A Spring Road Race of Tradition and History
If you are an avid runner, a trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario, to take part in one of Canada's oldest road races, the Fire Fighters 10-Mile Road Race is one to mark on your calendar! The 10-Miler held on the Canadian May long weekend (Victoria Day) is an exciting and historic race that dates back to 1910. The 2014 event was the best ever, attracting over 1100 runners, a record field showing the growing popularity of this local Thunder Bay event.…
Birds Flock to Dorion on Lake Superior's north shore
A Birder's Paradise on the North Shore of Superior The north shore of Lake Superior is one of the most scenic stretches of shoreline in Canada. Rugged beauty abounds in rocky bays, towering headlands, dense green forests and clear blue water for as far as your eyes can see.  But there’s much more to this area than just raw beauty, and all it takes is a closer look to reveal one of the area’s best…
Dorion – A Birding Paradise on Superior's Shore
Do you have an interest in Birds? Birding? Or Bird Watching? If your answer is yes, you will want to plan a trip to the north shore of Lake Superior region to take in the annual Canyon Country Birding Festival in Dorion held each year in late May. The Dorion Birding Festival is your opportunity to spend two great days in Canada's Great Outdoors experiencing bird watching in the majestic setting of Lake Superior and the…
Explore Northwest Ontario's Rich Aviation History
  Pioneering bush pilots exploring remote boreal territory under perilous flying conditions. Thousands of “Rosie the Riveters” breaking ground for women by building some of the most important aircraft of the Second World War. Men who flew these aircraft, and trained others to do the same. And… a connection to Canada’s first plane hijacking? These are just some of the stories you can uncover at the Northwestern Ontario Aviation Heritage Centre, a little gem tucked…
New Thunder Bay waterfront has revitalized the city.
Leif Pettersen who made the seven-hour drive from the Twin Cities last summer has suggestions for a perfect two-day itinerary noting how Thunder Bay has undergone a heartening revitalization that will surprise people who haven’t visited the city for a few years. You will appreciate the impressive improvements made to the Lake Superior waterfront at Prince Arthur’s Landing alone, resulting in a magazine photo shoot-ready harbor adorned with wonderful public art. Condos and a five…
Flip, flop and fly...
The four-year-olds are losing their minds with excitement. The 40-year-old parents are having a pretty good time too. We’re at the AeroSports Trampoline Park, a new attraction in Thunder Bay located in the big white bubble of the Sports Dome on Northern and Memorial. It’s less than a week after the trampoline park opened its doors and it already looks like a hit: even on a Friday morning the place is buzzing. Teenagers are doing flips…
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