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Images by Stephanie Reid
Thanksgiving weekend I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding held at Rose Valley Lodge. I had heard many wonderful things about this venue prior to making the drive out: how delicious the food was, how incredible the views and scenery and how welcoming the owners Markus Hoffman and his wife Debbie were to visitors. Knowing these things, I was looking forward to experiencing it for myself.   The Drive is as Beautiful as…
Images courtesy of FWHP
Trick-or-treating, dressing up, carving pumpkins, and gobbling candy: these are just some of the ghoulish joys of Halloween time for children and adults alike! If you are in Northwest Ontario and find yourself visiting Thunder Bay on a weekend in the month of October, you can partake in another fun Halloween experience by bringing your kids out to Fort William Historical Park for the Kids' Halloween Hoot! Geared towards children ages 6 – 12, the…
Finnish Culture in Thunder Bay: A City of Sisu
Sisu (see-soo, pronounced quickly) is a little Finnish word with a big meaning. You will see it all over Thunder Bay on bumper stickers, clothing, and even tattooed on youth. It means tenacity, strength, stamina, strong will, even stubbornness. For the descendents of the Finnish immigrants, the pop cultural branding of the word is a way to pay homage and to recognize the challenges of the Finnish ancestors who settled here. Sisu is more than…
Images by Fort William Historical Park
Startling shrieks and ominous sounds lurk in the background as you and your group wind through the dark, brooding night... apprehension grows... then suddenly, you see a ghastly figure in the corner of your eye... you begin to tremble..."AAHHHH!" - a bloodcurdling scream right beside you! Who is it? What is it? Hairs tingle on the back of your neck...what's next? What's happening??? Welcome to... Haunted Fort Night! At Fort William Historical Park. This is…
Images by Duncan Weller
Organic Garden Café415 Fort William Road344-1917 Hours:Tues to Thurs  11:30 – 6pmFridays 11:30 – 8pmClosed Sunday and Monday   A hidden treasure in Thunder Bay is a little vegetarian eatery that is worth seeking out: The Organic Garden Cafe.  Upon entering, you might wonder what it’s all about. The eatery is but a section of a much larger space, a brewery. There’s a lazy rustic handyman’s feel to the restaurant side, which gives it character. Their prices…
Images by Heather Peden
While exploring Thunder Bay, don’t miss Little Trout Bay, located just 5kms down Little Trout Bay Road off of Highway 61. It is a perfect spot to get a little taste of everything Northwest Ontario has to offer. The best part about walking the trail at Little Trout Bay Conservation Area is hearing the lap of Lake Superior through the trees.  I stroll over the moss-covered path, which makes a loop through the woods, and…
Images by Heather Peden
It is a perfect blue sky, golden tree autumn afternoon the day I drive to Cedar Falls Conservation Area. Tucked away in the shadow of the mighty Kakabeka Falls, Cedar Falls is not a well-known spot, but it is one of the eleven conservation areas maintained in the Thunder Bay area by the Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority and is definitely worth discovering. It might not be well-known, but it is clearly well loved I realize…
Images by Heather Peden
There is no shortage of fabulous hiking areas in Northwest Ontario. While in Thunder Bay, be sure to take the short drive to Pigeon River Provincial Park. There's a hike for every skill level and an abundance of beautiful, scenic views to be enjoyed.   Our introduction to the trails of Pigeon River Provincial Park began with a quick study of the trail map planted beneath a tree on the edge of the gravel parking…
Images by Stephanie Reid
If the idea of having another plastic-wrapped sandwich or microwaved meal makes your taste buds shrivel, have no fear. There are many great lunch spots in Thunder Bay’s Waterfront District that can reinvigorate them in an instant. Here is a list of the top 5 lunch spots in downtown Thunder Bay (In alphabetical order because they are all too good to choose a favourite) 1. The Foundry – Open for lunch Wed-Sat 242 Red River Rd.   A…
Food Trucks at City Hall Thursday Event
On your next visit to Thunder Bay you may be amazed at the food truck frenzy that has hit Northwest Ontario's largest metropolitan centre on the shores of Lake Superior. These food trucks, like in other large urban centres, no longer serve just hot dogs and hamburgers but offer fine food on four wheels. Barbecupid, Success in First Year “In my opinion, owning a food truck is like having seven restaurant locations a week. I…
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