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Friends, Food and Beer at Breakwater Taphouse

2212 Sleeping Giant Parkway
Second floor of the CN Railway Station,
Stair located on the far left side.
807-767-2337 (807-SOS-BEER)

Open 11am to 11pm. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

outside vertical station sign

“Every time I walk through that door,” begins Kerry Berlinquette, the vivacious owner the Breakwater Taphouse, “it’s like someone arranged a surprise party for me. There are always friends here. That’s my favourite thing.”


Others are equally stoked. After only nine months of operation Kerry’s little bar on the second floor of the CN Railway Station has won the city’s Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award. The staff, who have professional day jobs as nurses and teachers, love working there. It helps that everyone goes home at a reasonable hour, 11pm. And that everyone can talk. The music is kept at a reasonable volume as the bar caters to a more mature crowd; sailors, local condo owners, tradesmen, construction workers, civil servants, and of course, tourists. Breakwater Taphouse is a great place to start a night’s adventure strolling through the Waterfront District - from Prince Arthur's Landing into the downtown North Core.

beer menu

For beer lovers the Breakwater is Mardi Gras, offering regional flavours on tap, all from Northern Ontario, including Kenora (Lake of the Woods Brewing Company), Thunder Bay (Sleeping Giant Brewing Company), Sudbury (Stack), Bracebridge (Muskoka), and Barrie, (Flying Monkey). Kerry’s favourite beer at the moment is Chocolate Cherry Stout.

beer and glass

Food is provided by Pinetree Catering, and made from regional ingredients. There are only eight items on the menu, including grilled cheese and roast beef sandwiches; nachos made with pita chips, and the signature delight that everyone talks about – bacon in a glass! Five pieces.

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Kerry explains a unique concept called, “Beer it forward,” where Breakwater encourages customers to buy a stranger a beer. “You get better value on the beer when you buy a beer for a stranger. We’ve watched it happen. It’s incredible,” says Kerry as she describes how people get to know each other, share stories. “It’s indicative of the kind of atmosphere we want here,” Kerry gleams.


Kerry leans to the window with a wonderful view of the docks and the lake, and for the third time Kerry calls down to another friend she recognizes.

outside train station


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