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Parks Canada

The Superintendent's Residence at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site. • Credit: Rob LaRue
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Parks Canada

5 Activities We Bet You Haven't Done At These Sites

Every site has its own story to tell and how it shaped Canada.

If you think you've done it and seen it all at the Parks Canada sites in Algoma Country, we think you may have only scratched the surface. The Algoma region is home to Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site and Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

Think you know everything about these sites? Keep reading to find out what types of activities you didn't know you could do at our Parks Canada sites.

Parks Canada Discovery Pass

With the Discovery Pass, you can enjoy unlimited admission to all 80 sites in Canada.
PH: 1-888-773-8888

1. Heritage demonstrations

demonstration outdoor cooking

(Photo credit: Lortz Photo)

History comes alive with demonstrations at Fort St. Joseph. Visitors can experience Flintlock Musket Firing, 18th Century Blacksmithing and Historic Bake Oven Cooking.


If you're looking for an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary place to host an event, the Sault Ste. Marie Canal Site NHS offers a lovely Victorian backdrop: beautiful gardens and the stunning red sandstone Gothic Revival Style architecture of the Superintendent's Residence.
Host: wedding ceremonies, engagement photos, receptions, special events, and family get-togethers
Contact: parkscanada.gc.ca/saultstemariecanal


ParksCanada FortStJosephNationalHistoricSite
The Heritage Hide'n'Seek Geotour is fun for the whole family. (Photo courtesy of Parks Canada)

If you like hiking and treasure hunting, then you'll love geocaching. The Heritage Hide'n'Seek GeoTour is a series of geocaches hidden at Parks Canada sites located in Northern Ontario that tell the story of the people, places, and events that helped shape Canada. It's really simple to participate in this GeoTour. All you need is a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone.


whitefishisland naturewalksCross the lock gates to access the beautiful nature trail on Whitefish Island. (Photo credit: Rob LaRue)

Fort St. Joseph NHS: Hike Huron's Edge
A tour at Fort St. Joseph is a time-travel tour back to the early 1800s when the fort was a vibrant frontier outpost. Once you've completed a tour of the centre and grounds of the old fort ruins, there's more to explore!

The Rains Point Trail is a short walk (and wheelchair accessible) through the forest and then connects to an old road that leads to the site of an early settlement founded by Major Rains where you'll see the remnants of the grapevines, rose bushes, and lilac bushes that were planted over a hundred years ago.

The Cemetery Trail branches off this main trail and leads to an old cemetery containing graves dating from 1796 - 1812. Nature trails can take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes.

Sault Ste. Marie Canal NHS: The Attikamek Trail
Located on Whitefish Island, beside the Sault Ste. Marie Canal Site, follow the boardwalk and trails that will take you through this pretty island in the St. Marys River. Whitefish Island was once a gathering place for local Ojibwe fishermen to harvest whitefish. Today, the island is home to many birds, beaverville, and beautiful foliage.
Nearby: Mill Market operates Saturdays


red chairs, lake and bicycle

(Photo credit: Lortz Photo)

Both the Sault Ste. Marie Canal and Fort St. Joseph have fat bike rentals that can be used on-site to enjoy the trails. Adult and youth sizes are available and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Or bring your own bike.

Other Experiences

The Red Chair Experience
Connect with nature and take a rest on one of the red chairs located at Parks Canada sites across Canada, then share your moment with family, friends, and others across the country. Take a photo and use #sharethechair
The Red Chair Experience

Heritage Gourmet
Indulge your inner foodie with tried and true Canadian recipes from heritage sites across Canada that will impress your family and friends.
Find Recipes by clicking here

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