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5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Fly-In Adventure

• Credit: Alisha Elford
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5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Fly-In Adventure

Make your escape to a Fly-in remote lodge for an incredible outdoor experience

Enjoy the beauty of the remote wilderness and all-inclusive luxury—it's more than just fishing!

Northern Ontario’s remote wilderness isn’t just for anglers. Yes, the fishing experience and the quiet waterfront cabins are what most people will rave about, but a fly-in trip in Algoma Country offers more than that.

If I had to describe myself in ten words, angler would not be one of them. But if someone asked me if I’d go back to Mar Mac Lodge, an all-inclusive wilderness resort located on Esnagi Lake, I’d hop on the float plane with White River Air in a heartbeat!

After spending 4-days on this above-and-beyond SUP getaway, here are five reasons why everyone should experience a fly-in adventure (whether you’re a fan of fish or not):


1. The float plane views and experience!

If you’ve never seen the expanse of remote northern Ontario, a float plane ride is a must! And if it’s been a while since you’ve been on a plane, the float plane experience will bring the joy of flight back into your heart. I know it did for me, especially since I had never been on a float plane before this adventure.

If planes or flying isn’t your thing – there is an option to train in (or train out as I did) to Mar Mac Lodge on the VIA Rail. Not all wilderness resorts have this option, but it can help reduce the cost while providing an alternative method of transportation to access this kind of adventure.



2. Nature Therapy

Disconnect from the busy city life and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of northern Ontario.

Escape the crowds and overflowing email inboxes (embrace the low Wifi connection here). No traffic noise (no roads or cars here). Just the sound of loons and endless views of the lake at sunrise and sunset.



3. Paddle your heart out!

Located on Esnagi Lake, a 27-mile (43+ kilometres) long lake, there’s no shortage of the paddling adventures you can go on. With countless hidden bays, scenic rocky shoreline spots and hidden hikes to connecting lakes, your guide can help you design your paddling adventure.

My dream was to make this a fly-in SUP adventure, but you can bring your kayak or use Mar Mac Lodge’s canoes. There is no additional cost to packing along an inflatable SUP aboard White River Air’s float planes. Let them know you’re bringing your own vessel, and they can make all the arrangements. 

The best part about all this is you can launch right from your cabin’s front porch!

And if you enjoy being on a boat but not one you have to paddle, you can still explore the lake aboard one of Mar Mac Lodge’s iconic 18-foot cedar strip boats.


4. The Fish

If you want the experience of catching giant fish, Mar Mac Lodge is the place (don’t take my word for it, take a look at their Instagram).

But don’t worry if you’re not into fishing or handling the fish. You can enjoy a fresh catch of the day for lunch or dinner! Whether you catch your own or with the help of a guide, you can enjoy wild-caught, lake-to-table shoreline meals during your stay.

If you prefer to leave the fish alone, but you enjoy learning about them – walleye, northern pike, perch, and whitefish are found in Esnagi Lake, with brook trout in nearby connecting lakes.


5. Customize Your Visit   

Wilderness resorts sometimes show hunters or anglers spending days in the woods, but Mar Mac Lodge can customize the experience you want, which can mean not roughing it.

Go solo or book a women’s weekend! Make it packed with activities like paddling and hiking, or customize it to be as chill and relaxing as you want. Take a boat ride to the far end of the lake or cast right from your cabin’s front porch.

There are so many ways you can customize your visit, but one thing is for sure – you’ll have delicious meals (which you can also customize down to the desserts) with lakeside views, outdoors or from inside the lodge’s cozy dining room.



Fly-in adventures aren’t just for fishing! By plane (or by train), explore northern Ontario through this above-and-beyond experience.

Want to see more of Diana’s 4-day Northern Ontario fly-in SUP trip to Mar Mac Lodge? Watch the Get Out There Magazine recap here:

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