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Algoma On The Edge Of Seasons

Waterfalls in Algoma are scenic and pictureque in any season. • Credit: Martin Lortz
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Algoma On The Edge Of Seasons

9 reasons Algoma is the best place to be this fall

Not ready to embrace the winter season just yet? Algoma is the place for you. Read on for 9 reasons why this region is the best place to experience fall.

When you think of fall, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Peak colour? Ah, that magic moment when every leaf in sight shows off its colourful best self. To some, the pursuit of peak colour is an annual obsession (when I say some, I mean many). So while Algoma is one of the best places anywhere to experience fall at its showiest, there is more to the fall season than just leaves, and some of the most memorable experiences can be had after the crowds have gone home. Not convinced? 

Read on and we'll soon have you planning a late fall visit to Algoma.

Late fall colours in Algoma

Beauty in the details, as the leaves fade from their red, yellow, and orange brilliance to equally impressive shades of rust and gold, the surrounding landscape of grass and shrubs join in and fill the visual frame with a spectacle of a changing season. Best enjoyed from the edge of one of Algoma's many lakes where the morning stillness mirrors the scene twofold.

Enjoy Ontario's most scenic drive all to yourself

Highway 17 in the fall along Lake Superior provides incredible views.

Highway 17 never disappoints with spectacular views of the rocky landscape and the shores of Lake Superior. The area's beauty is no secret, and often you will have to share the experience with others. Late October happens to be a window of time when chances are in your favour to have it all to yourself.

Life's a beach

Sandy Beach in Wawa

Another example where less is more–fewer people means more beach to enjoy. Sure going for a swim in late October in Lake Superior might be reserved for the bravest of souls, however, there is something special about finding yourself immersed in a grand landscape. A Lake Superior beach is that setting and October is that time.

Watch the seasons change right in front of your eyes

Old Woman Bay on Lake Superior.

One moment you're enjoying the last pockets of fall colour, the next, white flakes flutter from above, and you find that yours are the first snow footprints of winter. Old Woman's Bay on the western side of Lake Superior Provincial Park is a memorable location any time of year but covered in the first snow of the season, unforgettable.

Fall Paddling

Paddling in Lake Superior in the fall is a thrilling experience

Paddling Lake Superior in October is not for the faint of heart, but if adventure is what you're after, you won't find a better time or place to hone your kayaking skills. Naturally Superior Adventures is all about, well, the adventure, and they will happily outfit you with all the gear from kayak to the drysuit. Their experienced staff will have you surfing the late October swells in no time.

Take a hike

Hiking in late October could bring some snowy weather

Few things in life will clear the mind and reduce stress more than a walk in the woods. Add to that the last specks of fall colour, the first flakes of winter, and Lake Superior as a destination, and you have the makings of a story to tell for life. With many trails to choose from within the boundaries of Lake Superior Provincial Park and more beyond, your late-season hike awaits.

late season cycling

Cycling late season in the region provides a different perspective for cyclists

Algoma is promptly becoming one of the best mountain biking destinations in Ontario. So while the first flake of snow might be a sign of the end of another mountain biking season, they also make you appreciate every chance for one more ride. With spectacular landscapes, excellent trails, cooler days, and friends along for the ride, this might be the best mountain biking time of the year.

LATE-SEASON bass fishing

Lortz Angling Algoma
Bundle up for fall fishing for bass and experience a great backdrop of colours.

Who would have thought that while discussing the fall colours in Algoma, green would even be mentioned? If your idea of a good time involves a fishing rod in your hand, then green is what you're after. After a season of gorging, the bass are big and plentiful. The above-pictured largemouth bass is one of a couple of dozen of equally impressive bass that made for a memorable day courtesy of local knowledge by Angling Algoma.

serene snaps

The Wawa Goose is a must-stop in Wawa.

Less is more. Fewer people mean it's easier to get that perfect shot. No waiting around for every other tourist to take their photos first. This is the time to snap Algoma's many attractions.

there's no better time for a cozy cabin in the woods

Lortz Snowshoe Camp
No better way to warm up than a fall fire outside your cabin.

There is a calmness that comes as the season transitions from fall to winter, and there is no better place to experience this change than a cabin in the woods. The hustle and bustle of the summer season at Snowshoe Camp Resort is displaced by silence and solitude. Short days and long nights mean a good night's rest, but don't miss a thing, as sunrise comes late and sunset early. Days of activities and long evenings by the fire or the wood stove in a cozy cabin make this the perfect season to truly relax.

There you have it, fall in Algoma Country is spectacular, but there is more to fall than meets the eye, and some of the best experiences can be had on the other side of peak colour.

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