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Catching Really Big Pike On A Fly

Catching Really Big Pike On A Fly

Enjoy non-stop action for big northern pike on a fly at Brace Lake Outfitters.

Brace Lake Outfitters

For fly fishers who love to catch really BIG pike on a fly, Brace Lake Outfitters is the place you want to go. Mark Melnyk, one of the hosts of The New Fly Fisher Television Show, had heard about this legendary fishery for years and was quite excited at the prospect of fishing there.

The lake system here has cold-water springs which helps keep the lake water cool all season long. That is why it has huge pike and walleye in shallow water throughout the summer. This type of fishery and water system has made them famous with all types of anglers.

Mark recommends a combination of big and medium sized streamer flies for the pike. Specifically blue/white, green/yellow and all white flies in 6- to 10-inch lengths are perfect for the fish on this lake system. The topwater action for pike can be absolutely explosive and Mark found early morning and late evening light perfect for this style of fishing. Mark used either a 9- or 10-weight fast-action rod coupled to a floating line. A stiff mono leader of 6 to 8 feet in length (25 - 35 pounds) joined to a 30-pound wire bite leader is an absolute necessity with the monsters here.

Watch Anatomy of a Pike Attack:

This fly-in facility features great boats, season long great fishing access and wonderful accommodations. You can opt for the full American Plan packages or bring your own food. Kyle and his wife Teri are experts at taking care of anglers. Whether large groups, families or even father and sons, they can accommodate everyone. Mark had a great week here, you will too. Give them a call to learn more!

To contact the lodge directly visit: www.bracelakeoutfitters.com or phone (807) 329-1116

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