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Feeding Your Soul Café

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Feeding Your Soul Café

• Credit: Sandra Trainor

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, this restaurant has an eclectic menu and many healthy options

I think it’s accurate to say that finding a restaurant that grows much of their own food and uses it in their menu is rare. What is unique about Feeding Your Soul Café on White Oak Dr. in Sault Ste. Marie, is it does just that. 

Photo Credit: Sandra Trainor

I met with Mary Greenwood, owner of the café, who talked about her business and how it has grown and her plans for continued growth. “The building we’re in was once a daycare centre,” she says. Now it holds six different businesses in an area of Sault Ste. Marie one wouldn’t necessarily think was central to all of the action. The building is owned by Chris Cooper, who also owns Catalyst Fit. "We started with being able to seat twelve customers, we can now hold up to 40 people," adds Mary. 

Photo Credit: Sandra Trainor

"People have asked me why I don’t move downtown, and I tell them, I like being here with the land to grow food, land I wouldn’t have access to downtown. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to serve greens, tomatoes, beets, kale, swiss chard, and more to my customers, from just steps away from the kitchen." It’s these differences that have earned a very loyal following from her clients, who appreciate the effort that goes into the menu in just two years since opening.

"We are planning to expand the raised beds next season and will be partnering with Carson Beauregard owner of The Plant Farm Co. Carson is a local farmer from whom the café has been buying from since opening and who has the expertise to get as much production from a small space as possible. He will be planting, cultivating, and harvesting on-site for me, so I don’t have to worry about that part of the business," Mary says.

Photo Credit: Sandra Trainor
Photo Credit: Sandra Trainor

The menu at Feeding Your Soul Café is eclectic and has many healthy options. "I am the baker and we have brought in a very talented cook, Al Bjornia, who comes up with unique dishes people love," says Mary. Soup is one item that the café has become well known for, with dishes like apple parsnip, cauliflower kale, or roasted red pepper soup. "We offer a flight of soups, for instances when people can’t make up their minds which one they want. That way they get a taste of them all." Feeding Your Soul offers two specials everyday, for example, Butter Chicken or Dill pickle-bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. "We try to accommodate all types of diets including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options."

Photo Credit: Feeding Your Soul
Photo Credit: Feeding Your Soul

The café supports local Algoma producers by offering their products on the menu and/or selling their products on the shelves. Ones like Annanda Chaga, Tru North ChagaSt. Joseph Island Coffee, home-made jams made from Thomson’s Farms, sprouts and vegetables from The Plant Farm Co. and maple products from Hogan’s Homestead, who have just opened their storefront in the same building as Feeding Your Soul at 96 White Oak Drive. 

Photo Credit: Sandra Trainor

The café also offers catering services and can host showers, rehearsal parties, Christmas parties, paint nights, craft nights, and more. In addition, they offer PD day special menus for teachers and meals for residents at the Finnish Rest home.

Photo Credit: Feeding Your Soul

"Our newest endeavour is partnering with Hiawatha Highlands. For the 2019-2020 winter season we will be providing the food they will be serving at the Kincentre. Comfort foods, like chili, soups, muffins, baking and more will be available. We’re excited about this partnership that offers delicious food for the skiers, snowshoers and fat bikers during the winter season."  

Mary adds, "My next goal, besides expanding the garden, is to also start offering meals-to-go and sell The Plant Farm Co. pea shoots." 

Photo Credit: Feeding Your Soul

"Our customers range from local Sault residents to tourists from the US. We have many skiers who find us, either on their way to or back from Hiawatha Highlands, Stokley Creek, or Searchmont. We also have had road cyclists stop in during the summer months on their way through the Sault and looking for a healthy meal. Our pumpkin protein bites are a huge hit with many sports enthusiasts." 

Feeding Your Soul Café is a fantastic new find for delicious food, a great venue for parties, and it is situated right in the middle of the city. If you haven’t been there yet, check them out!

Due to COVID-19,  Feeding Your Soul Café is only available for curb side pick up. Please contact them directly for details.

Contact Information

Feeding Your Soul Café, 96 White Oak Drive. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Mary Greenwood, Owner
Open for breakfast and lunch
Monday to Friday 8 AM – 4 PM
Facebook @entertainingtastes
Instagram @feedingyoursoulcafe
Email: entertainingtastes@hotmail.com
Tel: 705 943-1685

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