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Finding the Right Route

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Finding the Right Route

Ride the Grand Algoma's twists and take in the epic rugged scenery. • Credit: Rob Stimpson

The Definitive List of Motorcycle Routes in Algoma

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Algoma is home to four of Ontario's best motorcycle routes:

A rider once explained to his non-rider friend the difference between touring in a motorcycle verses in a car; a motorbike is comparable to sitting on your deck and enjoying nature all around with the sights, sounds and smells.

From a car, it’s like watching it from your kitchen window!

lakesuperior coastline motorcycleLake Superior's coastline has lots of twists, turns, awesome views and a lot of cool stuff to see and do in its communities. (Photo credit: Virgil Knapp)

For the touring rider looking to get out of the kitchen, Highway 17 north of Sault Ste. Marie onward to Wawa is a great sample of what the true spirit of Algoma is. One of the Top Ten Drives in Canada, this stretch of roadway features twisty sections, hills and valleys, and vistas of the great lake with views of 30 miles or more. Some of the most scenic stops are Old Woman Bay, Alona Bay and Katherine Cove.

Rock faces hug the highway and shoreline all along Lake Superior, with big water views from highway and can be ridden in less than a day. There are so many great places to stop along the way, each with a different and incredible view of the Lake Superior coastline. Stop at a Voyageur Lodge and Cookhouse to experience some of friendly Northern hospitality and a delicious home cooked meal. The turning of the day, from dusk 'til dawn, presents views of beautiful sunsets and sunrises filling the sky with colours.

voyageurslodge cookhouse dinnerEnjoy hearty meals inspired by real voyageurs. (Photo credit: Mike Jacobs)

For Mike of Saginaw, Michigan, this northern stretch of highway is an old friend having travelled the area since the 1970s. He and his biking partner, Dennis from Spawling, Michigan have taken the Grand Algoma Tour. The route follows Highway 17 from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa, then Highway 101 to Chapleau and then down Highway 129 to the Mississagi Valley. Dennis joked that he comes for the peameal bacon but it’s also for the people: 

"I set out on a trip but often get hung up with the locals talking about the area and, as for the food, there is no such thing as bad food here."

The view simply can't be compared to anywhere else he's toured.

hwy 129

Le Show de Moto on their motorcycle ride along Hwy 129 in the Mississagi Valley. (Photo credit: Virgil Knapp)

For Marv of King City, Ontario this Northern stretch of highway was part of a package tour he participated in through Trillium Tours. In his senior years, Marv took up motorcycle touring and is always on the lookout for a route that is no less than thrilling.

"It was an exciting trip anyway but then Liz (Jansen of Trillium Tours) goes out of her way to find those interesting off-the-beaten-path experiences that include food, lodging and side trips."

One stop that is always listed as a favourite by participants is the pre-arranged side trip to the Michipicoten First Nations Reserve.

People really enjoy going into there because the people are so welcoming and the setting becomes extra special when you realize that they've been settled here for 7,000 years. . .where else can you get that experience?

Order a Free Motorcycle Route Map to start planning now. Toll Free 1-800-263-2546 or visit Algoma Country.

stjosephisland openroad The open roads of St. Joseph Island are the biggest appeal to riders. (Photo credit: Chris Hughes)
deertrail touringroute Take the road less traveled. The Deer Trail is a 120 km/72 mi journey through amazing wilderness and twisty roads. (Photo credit: Chris Hughes)

Whether you choose the summer months to see lush green forests, or during the fall months when the leaves are in their full prime colour, Algoma is an experience you won’t soon forget. The Grand Algoma Tour is just one of many tours avid motorcyclists can take through Algoma. 

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