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A Fall Colour Chaser's Dream

Fall hiking in Algoma Country. • Credit: Holly Witteman
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A Fall Colour Chaser's Dream

Five trails to experience a real Northern Ontario fall colour season

Our region's touring routes are great for those that want to see the colours by car or motorcycle but for the outdoor enthusiast, hiking trails that lead you through a brightly coloured forest and feeling the crisp fresh air is the way to go.

We invite you to experience fall in Algoma on foot: hiking trails that lead to extraordinary panoramic views from mountain top lookouts, peaceful solitude and no noisy urban traffic. Indulge in simple pleasures like sharing a picnic lunch under a brilliant maple tree, or maybe you just love the crunchy sound that gravel and fallen leaves make under your shoe.

No matter what pleasure you want to indulge, Algoma's provincial parks and conservation areas have trails designed for the outdoor adventure you've been looking for. Below are just five hiking trails in Algoma Country we think you'll love, for a number of reasons: these trails can be completed in a day, are good for beginners and experts, and will bring you to some amazing scenic lookouts, breathtaking panoramic views of rugged landscape and Lake Superior -- all photo-worthy for Instagram, Facebook or your travel blog.

cobre lake trail mississagi provincial park
Cobre Lake Trail in Mississagi Provincial Park. (Photo credit: Ontario Parks)

Pancake Bay Lookout Trail

4 km (5 - 7 hours), 7 km return (2 - 3 hours) to the lookout

What makes this trail special? From the lookout you can see to Whitefish Point -- this stretch of Lake Superior is also called the "graveyard of the Great Lakes" where the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a fierce storm in 1975. There are two lookout platforms offering magnificent views of Lake Superior and Pancake Bay. Access to the trail is across Hwy 17 from Pancake Bay campground. The trail leads through a forest and there are opportunities for wildlife viewing.
Remember to Pack:  Water, a picnic lunch, wear suitable clothing and sturdy hiking boots/shoes.

stairs to the edmund fitzgerald lookout
The Lookout Trail at Pancake Bay overlooking the spot where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in 1975. (Photo credit: Dave Sproule, Ontario Parks)

Semiwite Lake Trail

Mississagi Provincial Park – 12 km (3 - 5 hours)

This challenging trail circles Semiwite Lake. Follow it to see an old abandoned mining camp, evidence of the area's rich mining history. A unique feature you may stumble upon is the ruins of a 1946 British jet fighter that crashed in Helenbar Lake when the pilot ran out of fuel. He survived three weeks alone in the wilderness. There are many beaches along the trail and shoreline the perfect stop for a picnic lunch.
How to Get Here: Take the Deer Trail Touring Route

Helenbar Lake Mississagi Provincial ParkView from the Helenbar Lake trail at Mississagi Provincial Park. (Photo credit: Ontario Parks)

Nokomis Trail

Lake Superior Provincial Park, 5 km (1.5 - 3 hours)

A moderate trail that follows through Old Woman River Valley with hiking over ancient cobble beaches to an upward climb to a lookout with a fantastic view of the valley and forests. Going north, cross a granite ridge -- there are spectacular lookouts of Lake Superior. To the west, Old Woman Bay rises 200 metres above the water; you should be able to see the face of an old woman immortalized in the rock. The trail descends past lookouts through pine to a sandy beach at Old Woman Bay.
Where to Stay: Batchawana Bay, and Sault Ste. Marie where you can stay at motels, hotels, cottages, or campgrounds.

Magpie Voyageur Trail

Wawa, 2.75 km (1-1.5 hours)

The trail begins from the famous Wawa Goose and Wawa Tourist Information Centre. Follow the trail to the Magpie River to Scenic High Falls, an impressive waterfall of 75 feet high. You can hike to the base of the falls and a path leads to the very top. The trail continues to Silver Falls in the Mission. The hike is fairly easy with some moderate climbs.
Where to Stay: Wawa. This tourist town offers great accommodations, food, and its own unique tourist spots.
Recommended Route: The Grand Algoma

silverfalls wawaSilver Falls in Wawa. (Photo credit: Algoma Country)

Orphan Lake Trail

Lake Superior Provincial Park, 8 km (2 - 4 hours)

One of the most diverse trails in the park, the first part passes through sugar maples and yellow birch to a vista overlooking Orphan Lake. From here, climb to spectacular lookouts over Lake Superior then descend 100 metres to an isolated pebble beach. The trail winds upstream along the river past rapids and waterfalls. This hike is moderate and picks up the Coastal Trail towards Katherine's Cove.
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