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Fly Fishing on Lake Huron

Fly Fishing on Lake Huron

Drive-in Cottage Fishing Packages

Housekeeping, Evening Meal or American Plan packages available by the night or week.
Starting at $120 per night / $565 per week per person
Host Rebekka Redd with her catch at Brennan Harbour Resort.

Brennan Harbour Resort and Flymart.ca

Located in beautiful Algoma Country in Northern Ontario, Brennan Harbour Resort is nestled on the shores of Lake Huron. This very comfortable and exceptionally clean lodge facility is ideal for fly fishers because it provides access to some fantastic fishing. Huge northern pike, smallmouth bass, even steelhead and salmon -- they are all here. Best of all, Brennan Harbour Resort works hand-in-hand with a local flyshop known as Flymart.ca to help fly fishers target trophy sized fish.

Brennan Harbour Resort Brennan Harbour Resort's waterfront cabins are extremely clean, comfortable and have gorgeous views of Whalesback Channel. (Photo credit James Smedley)

Flymart.ca is run by Scott Currie who has designed some truly deadly flies for the local waters. One of the best known is Scotty's McFly which is very effective for triggering big bass to strike. In this area, anglers should bring miniumum 8 weight rods for the bass and 8 and 9 weight rods for the large northern pike. For the pike, big streamer flies in white, orange and black work well. For the bass smelt patterns, crayfish flies and poppers are very effective.

scottymcfly flymart
Scotty's McFly appeals to Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye and even Steelhead. (Photo credit: Flymart.ca)

Smallmouth Bass. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

As a drive to location, Brennan Harbour is an excellent choice for fly fishers who are looking for a great fishing vacation. You can book Housekeeping and American Plan fishing packages at Brennan Harbour Resort. Guide services can be arranged upon request. For more information visit brennanharbour.com

About Flymart.ca

This riverside store not only carries the newest and innovative products on the market, but each item is tried and tested by their experienced staff. Flymart.ca was created to promote and facilitate fly fishing on the north shore of Lake Huron, and beyond. You can also purchase products from Flymart's online shop. Guiding services are available for all levels from beginner to experienced anglers. For more information visit the website at flymart.ca or phone 1-888-811-1163.

Watch Rebecca with guide Scott Currie as she catches a nice northern pike in the Whalesback Channel of Lake Huron:

Learn how to tie Scotty's McFly:

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