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Paddling the Agawa River

Paddling the Agawa River

Paddling down a calmer stretch of the Agawa River before heading for a white water adventure.

How paddling this river will make you want more adventures in Algoma

What can be better than spending three days surrounded by wilderness, fresh water, and good company? If you thought "nothing," then you thought right!

My husband and I were ecstatic to be invited on a paddling trip down Algoma Country's Agawa River. We never thought twice about wanting to join in on the journey, despite the fact that I had never paddled white water before.

From beginning to end our trip was packed full of adventure; riding the winding train through the lush green peaks, paddling up to towering waterfalls, and wondering what we would see around the next bend as we meandered along with the current. I was in constant awe over the beauty offered by the Agawa, including its colossal white pine, mesmerizing vistas, thriving wildlife, and cozy camp sites to name some.

The guides and equipment provided by Naturally Superior Adventures were nothing short of top-notch. The skill level among our group of paddlers was quite varied, yet the river's diversity and the expertise of our guides allowed each of us to be safely challenged. We learned quite a lot in a relatively short period of time, and best of all, we had fun doing it! After gaining some skills and confidence, I am anxious to explore many, if not all, of the other white water rivers in this amazing area. I am happy to say all of this exists in place I call home.

- Natalie Sacher, outdoor enthusiast

algoma central railway passenger rail serviceThe train will drop them off at their designated stop. (Photo credit: James Smedley)
wilderness camping in algoma countryHiking near the campsite. (Photo credit: James Smedley)
wilderness camping in algoma country After a day of paddling, there's no better way to relax than a campfire on the beach. (Photo credit: James Smedley)
agawa river white water canoe tripThe white water adventure begins! (Photo credit: James Smedley)
agawariver whitewatercanoeingThe Algoma Country landscape has amazing backdrops for paddling adventures. (Photo credit: James Smedley)
wilderness breakfast Not only was gear provided but guides were experienced wilderness chefs too, cooking delicious healthy meals before and after a full day of paddling. (Photo credit: James Smedley)
hiking to waterfalls near agawa riverEnjoying the roaring waterfall. (Photo credit: James Smedley)

The Agawa River is one of Lake Superior's most impressive rivers: it flows 30 km through a magnificent canyon landscape. If you're new to white water canoeing, the Agawa River is the perfect place to learn -- it offers continuous white water for any skill level.

Book your white water paddling adventure at www.naturallysuperior.com

All gear and meals were provided by wilderness guides at Naturally Superior Adventures. 

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