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Putting the POW in Powder

Putting the POW in Powder

This could be you. Read below to find out how to make it happen!

Why Wawa is Where to Go Backcountry Riding

For some it's controversial. For others, it's the best thing to happen to Ontario snowmobiling.

You might ask, what is backcountry riding? This is a great question. To all corners of this great country (Canada), it means no fresh water, no electricity or sewer utilities while camping in an RV. Living without conveniences such as municipal electricity, indoor plumbing, or grocery stores, especially when camping with a recreational vehicle; in other words, roughing it. For a full explanation watch the video below. But be warned, it will have you packing up your sled and heading North. It will make you exhilarated, make your hands sweat and you will want more . . . a lot more.

Why are we trying to keep it a secret? Because it's not for the faint at heart, it's not for those folks that are afraid of going somewhere where no one has gone before them. It's for those riders that like to brag about where they've been, what they have done and have the pictures to prove it!

algoma boondocking secretlookout

A lookout...somewhere.

boondocking icecaves

Exploring ice caves...

boondocking nowhere

Where is this? It's nowhere.

So travel to Wawa, Ontario. Yes, Wawa, the big Goose, Lake Superior, and lake effect snow for a trip like no other. Looking for a weekend getaway that includes powder riding? Then you'll want to check out this event:

You'll Need: OFSC permit www.ofsc.on.ca

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