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Walleye, Relaxation and Shore Lunch

Bill Spicer fishing for walleye. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher
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Walleye, Relaxation and Shore Lunch

The New Fly Fisher Visits Errington's Wilderness Island

The most sought after fish in Ontario has to be the walleye.

In my recent travels, I visited a lake system that boasts large numbers of walleye along with good pike fishing. This lake is called Wabatongushi and on it is Errington's Wilderness Island. Al and Doris Errington welcomed us to their family-run facility.

The walleye fishing was nothing short of outstanding. Whether you were fly fishing or spin fishing, the fish were aggressive, with good numbers being taken daily. Although I was not trying for them, the northern pike is always mixed in with the walleye. You never know when one of these wolves of the deep will strike. Pike average in the 7- to 8-pound area with occasionally large monsters over 20 being taken. Early morning and late evening were the best times to fish for walleye, as walleye are very light sensitive.

The lodge is very family orientated with swimming, kayaking, and hiking available for the kids, and nothing but relaxation for the parents. Whether you want the full American Plan of meals or Housekeeping Plan, they can accommodate you. Mealtime is always an occasion with light music, delicious food, and friendly staff.

erringtons american plan dinnerDelicious homecooked meals prepared by chefs. (Photo credit: Virgil Knapp)

Getting to Errington's is quite interesting. You may take a floatplane, which flies out of Sault Ste. Marie or Hawk Junction. 

One of the highlights of my trip was the shore lunch. If you've never experienced one of these you must try it in the future. We were treated to a meal of freshly caught walleye and pike along with all the trimmings. Very enjoyable.

To learn more about Errington's Wilderness Island visit their website at www.wildernessisland.com

Watch the full episode here:

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