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Drummond Island Ice Bridge

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Drummond Island Ice Bridge

All the information you need for crossing the Ice Bridge by snowmobile. • Credit: Algoma Country

What it is, Where it is and how to use it to access Ontario Snowmobile Trails

What trails are open in Ontario? Check out the OFSC Interactive Trail Map for regular updates.

If you're a snowmobiler from Michigan and have never used the Ice Bridge (also known as the Tree Line) to access snowmobile trails in Ontario, then this is something you should plan to do this winter. The Ice Bridge allows you to access Algoma Country's snowmobile trails on the North Channel of Lake Huron: St. Joseph Island, Bruce Mines, Elliot Lake, Blind River, Iron Bridge, Spanish, and Thessalon.

WHAT the Ice Bridge IS

For Drummond Island snowmobilers and visiting snowmobilers from Michigan, the Ice Bridge is the Gateway to Canada. The Ice Bridge starts at Drummond Island and crosses the North Channel of Lake Huron on a marked snowmobile route lined with Christmas trees and reflectors to St. Joseph Island. Once you've arrived in Ontario, Canada, you'll be able to access the Island's snowmobile trails, the Island Getaway Loop, and mainland snowmobile trails, including the new Northshore Loop.

Ice Bridge Opening Season 2020

Please check back to find out when the Ice Bridge opens in 2020.

The Bridge opens when the ice is frozen enough to travel safely, usually the middle of winter sometime in mid-January or February each year. Keep up-to-date on the ice bridge:

Algoma Trails: www.algomatrails.com or phone (705) 356-5757
St. Joseph Island Voyageurs: (705) 246-3231
Drummond Island Resort: 1-800-999-6343
Drummond Island Tourism Association: 1-800-737-8666
Drummond Island Snow Report: www.facebook.com/DrummondIslandSnowReport

Buy Your Ontario Snowmobile Permit

You'll need to purchase an Ontario Snowmobile Permit to ride our trails. You can purchase one online at www.ofsc.on.ca

Order a Free Algoma Trails Guide at (705) 356-5757 or visit www.algomatrails.com

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Important Border Crossing Info (Entering into Canada, Returning to the United States)

Upon entering into Canada to St. Joseph Island, you must report to Canada Border Services. There is an auto/direct reporting phone directly at the landing on St. Joseph Island. Look for the big sign as to what is required.

  • You'll need to bring a piece of identification for both entering into Canada and returning home to the United States:
    • Proper documents include passports, passport cards, enhanced driver's licenses and CBP's Trusted Traveler Cards - NEXUS, FAST and SENTRI. For more information visit www.travel.state.gov
  • Upon your return to Drummond Island, all US citizens must check-in with US Customs and Border Protection at the reporting station located at Drummond Island Yacht Haven Dock. The reporting station is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, between the hours of 2pm to 10pm (days and times may vary). You must enter back onto Drummond Island using this location and between these days and times; entry at any other points will be subject to fines so keep this in mind.
  • Be prepared to declare merchandise purchased or acquired in Canada.
  • Declare "Duty-Free goods" even if purchased at "Duty-Free" stores.
  • Before leaving for the trip, obtain a "Know Before You Go" brochure available on the CBP Web page.
  • Remember that there are certain food products and prohibited items that you cannot bring back into the US. To find out what those items are visit www.cbp.gov/facts and www.cbp.gov/travel

Ice Bridge Snowmobile Safety

It's important to stay safe while you're having fun so below are a few things to keep in mind when using the Ice Bridge:

  • Only use the trail when the Tree Line is open; keep up to date on the ice conditions by contacting Algoma Trails, or Northern Michigan Snowmobile.
  • If you're riding at night make sure you are wearing reflective clothing.
  • Don't stray from the marked Tree Line; ensure you keep on the line for safety.
  • Please don't drink and ride.
  • Make sure to pack a survival kit -- an important tip for any snowmobile ride no matter where!
  • For more snowmobile safety tips, check out the Algoma Trails website at www.algomatrails.com

Recommended Snowmobile Loops for the Ice Bridge

Algoma Country's snowmobile trails connect to more trails in Ontario, so it's easy to plan a longer ride to enjoy the extensive wilderness riding!

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