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Anticipating the Ride

Anticipating the Ride

Hitting the Dirt Trails in Parry Sound and Haliburton This Season

800 km of trails. Tons of wildlife spotting. No wonder this ATV enthusiast is psyched up to get muddy.

This past snowmobile season was the best I have ever experienced; I was on the snowmobile every weekend, and even went on a quick ride April 5. The snowmobile clubs throughout Ontario did an amazing job of keeping the trails groomed and maintained, even with the amount of snow that we had. Every trail that I rode was in amazing condition and made this past snowmobile season worthwhile.

IMG 9213

However, with the warmer weather beginning to come, and the snow rapidly melting, creating mass amounts of mud… I can’t help but get excited for the muddy spring ATV season, dirt bikes and summer fun with my family and friends!

I live and mostly ride in the Parry Sound area, which is run by the Parry Sound ATV Club. So far, I'm looking forward to just getting out, getting stuck and very muddy! My favourite trail in the winter is also my favourite trail in the spring, summer and fall months. When we go out on rides, we usually trailer the ATVs or dirt bikes down to the Georgian Bay Travel Centre/Petro Canada service centre and get onto the Seguin trail from there (it's right across the road from the Petro Canada). Then, we ride to Sprucedale for lunch! The ride to Sprucedale on the Seguin is always a great time; it's adventurous enough for an avid rider, yet easy and manageable enough for a beginner, or for riding with children on a two-up seat. Along the trail, there are lots of places to stop for a quick rest for snacks and pictures.

IMG 0538 IMG 0547 IMG 9242


A few other trails that I enjoy riding on are the Muskiig Trail, the Guncotton Trail and the Rose Point trail, all of which are easily accessible, fun and enjoyable for both advanced and beginner riders. Out of the three listed above, the one that I enjoy the most is the Rose Point trail—the Rose Point is adjacent to Oastler Provincial Park, which is really neat because typically you get a chance to spot wildlife... anything from massive snapping turtles to deer. This trail is great to take beginners and children on, both to learn about ATVing or dirt biking, as well as to see and experience the outdoors and wildlife.

IMG 0545

I am also very excited to venture out of Parry Sound for some dirt biking and ATVing. I'm most excited about traveling to Haliburton to ride. I had such a great experience there this past snowmobile season—the trails and scenery were amazing. I am so excited for ATVing and dirt biking there. After doing some research about the Haliburton Highlands Trail system, the Five Points Trail System and the Queen Elizabeth II Provincial parks trails, I discovered that there's over 800 km of trails to ride there!

IMG 0906 IMG 0912

Even though winter was thoroughly enjoyed by snowmobilers and outdoors sports enthusiasts, I think it's pretty safe to say that we are all excited for the warmer weather. I am most excited for going on new adventures and experiencing Ontario ATV trails with my friends and family.

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