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History, culture, community
All across Northern Ontario
History, culture, community
All across Northern Ontario
Celebrate With Us!

We’re lucky to live here. We’re happy to be here. We’re having a big birthday party… and we’d love for you to join us!

If you're looking for a Canada Day celebration, there's a wealth of choices – from historical reenactment in Thunder Bay to world-class music artists in Timmins to the relaunch of a Canadian icon in Wawa. Of course, the celebrations don't stop after July 1  check out the events going on all year in Sudbury or Sault Ste-Marie, and be sure to check back on this page for more announcements.

Or if outdoor adventure is more your thing, take a look at options from exploring the French River in Northeastern Ontario, to tracing the trail of the Voyageurs in a guided giant canoe tour in Lake Superior Provincial Park, to motorcycling all over the province.

It’s been 150 years since the writing of Canada’s first constitution. In that time, so much has changed. From an agreement between British and French colonial powers, we’ve come to look at our nation and culture more deeply with an ever-evolving understanding  whether we're welcoming the ongoing waves of new Canadians that continue to transform our collective identity, or paying respect to the cultures and struggles of the First Nations who have inhabited this land for thousands of years.

So what's Canada all about? Is it, as Margaret Atwood once wrote, survival? Is it our propensity for exporting world-class comedians and musicians? Our shared love of hockey? Or our peculiar ability to turn a massive coffee franchise into a place of community gathering?

Our country is always growing and changing, but one thing has stayed solid: our wealth of beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, and welcoming communities. And here in Northern Ontario, we have so much of that to celebrate and be grateful for.

Watch this space for more events going on in the north to celebrate the 150th anniversaries of both Canada and Ontario, as well as opportunities to explore the history of our regions. Happy birthday Canada!

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