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Abamasagi Lake Outpost Camp

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Abamasagi Lake Outpost Camp

Fishing Abamasagi Lake in Northern Ontario. • Credit: Mike Borger

A family fishing trip to catch big walleye in Northern Ontario

Journey To A North Of Nakina Walleye Factory

My kids are still fairly young and, although they've had more than their share of angling experiences, they had yet to travel to a truly world-class destination -- a place where catching fish is as easy as dropping a jig over the side of the boat. The trip in every way exceeded our expectations.

Fishing Abamasagi Lake in Northern Ontario (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

After researching possibilities I settled on Abamasagi Lake north of Nakina. I'm a big fan of sprawling windswept bodies of water and Aba is just that. It's 14 km long and three wide, studded with islands and offers countless inflowing rivers and tons of classic structure. It's a fisherman’s dream.

Fishing Abamasagi Lake (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

Howard Meshake of O'Sullivan Lake Outfitters just north of Nakina operates a rustic outpost camp on Aba. It’s sold as a fly-in but, if asked, Howard will also take you in via boat down the Kowkash River. That entails a scenic run of several kilometres downriver before spilling into the big lake. Not only does this add to the adventure but there are no weight restrictions or weather-related delays that can accompany a fly-in.

Less than a month later, we are anchored over a mid-lake shoal-catching walleye virtually at will. My seven-year-old daughter Riley is keeping count with a crayon and paper plate and she has 48 fish marked in the first hour. It never does slow down.

Fishing Abamasagi Lake in Northern Ontario (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

Howard’s camp is nestled in a snug cove at the far end of the northeast arm. Situated on a wide expanse of beach and completely sheltered from the elements it is an idyllic spot for a family vacation. There are two cabins on site which is great for larger groups, and while they’re not the Ritz they’re clean, comfortable and fully equipped. We love the place!

Fishing Abamasagi Lake Fishing Abamasagi Lake in Northern Ontario. (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

When the main lake is too rough to fish we stick to the protected waters of the northeast arm and catch oodles of fish. Even better, by poling the boat through a reedy creek mouth next to camp we are able to navigate and explore several more kilometres of water, all teeming with fish.

Abamasagi is definitely a jig lake, but the unsophisticated and abundant walleye will hit anything. My four-year-old son has great fun carefully choosing different lures from my tackle box. To his everlasting delight, they all work.

Fishing Abamasagi Lake in Northern Ontario (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

The mythical benchmark of 100 fish a day is easily attainable on this true north-of-Nakina walleye factory.

For more information contact Howard Meshake at (807) 329-5280 or visit www.osullivanlakeoutfitters.com

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