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A Fins and Fur Adventure

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A Fins and Fur Adventure

A fly-in experience is a great way to eliminate life's daily stresses

Getting to Agich’s Kaby Kabins is an easy and scenic drive from the US/Canadian border in the heart of the Algoma Region of Ontario. Your first stop before a short flight into the lodge is White River, Ontario, which is the birthplace of Winnie-the-Pooh. White River may be famous for Winnie, but Agich’s Kaby Kabins is well known for its amazing black bear hunting.

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The lodge was first owned by Maurice Oliver in 1970. He also owned Horne Air Service around the same time. Stewart and Donna Agich have owned Agich’s Kaby Kabins for the past 15 years and have run the lodge as a family-operated business, which is very evident by the great service, home-cooked meals, and comfortable cabins. 

Agich’s Kaby Kabin has a main lodge that consists of a beautiful dining area where the amazing home-cooked meals are served with first-rate hospitality to go along with the hearty breakfasts and delicious dinners just like your mom used to make! Agich’s offers an American or Housekeeping plan, with seven guest cabins that all sleep two to eight people with all the comforts of home: 24-hour electricity, full baths, full kitchen with cooking stove, and spacious living area.

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Stuart and Donna continue to build, renovate and improve their facility; this, in combination with the trophy hunting and fishing, keeps their guests coming back year after year, evident with over 70% of their guests being repeat customers, a number of which have been coming back for over 50 years. Year after year, they continue to provide an economical, but top-notch fishing and hunting destination for their customers. For example, they provide 16-foot Lund boats with 25 hp electric start motors, depth finders, and live wells to make your time on the water comfortable when chasing the multitude of fish species Kabinakagami Lake has to offer.

And when it comes to hunting, they provide guests with an opportunity to experience a hunt of a lifetime, whether pursuing a moose or targeting a trophy black bear. Agich’s offers both guided or unguided hunts and successfully put their clients on moose and bear year after year. Whatever the game, you will enjoy an amazing wilderness hunt that offers breathtaking scenery and top-notch service and accommodations.

If fall fishing and hunting are in your DNA—and you’re looking for a trophy bear or moose hunt along with fantastic multi-species fishing all wrapped into one trip—Agich’s Kaby Kabins provides world-class fly-in fishing and hunting packages, all while experiencing Northern Ontario’s unspoiled beauty that is sure to be etched in your soul.

angler holding 2 walleye fish

This fall, I was fortunate to experience some of this awesome double duty, two trips in one, fins and fur adventures that Agich’s Kaby Kabins has to offer! All I can say is it’s simply awesome when you can go out and spend part of the day setting the hook on walleye after walleye, or reel rippin’ pike, and part of the day in a blind waiting on a big bear. That truly amounts to the best of both worlds when it comes to feeding two passions all wrapped into one!

On arrival to the lodge, we reviewed the trail camera photos to see when the bears were visiting the bait sites and we planned accordingly. Stuart and I spent the mornings keeping our arms sore catching walleyes and pike, then guide Ken (Stuart and Donna’s son) would drop me off at my blind, after a quick lunch at the lodge, to wait on that trophy black bear. According to the trail cam pictures and video we had, a big, and I mean a big, old sow that was visiting right at last light. She was so big she waddled. Typically, we wouldn’t go after a sow but because she was old, hadn’t had cubs in a few years, and was basically chasing every other bear out of the area, Ken wanted her to be my target on this trip. So, my pursuit was the queen of the area, and looking at trail cam pictures, it was very evident why!

There was definitely a reason why she was as old and wise as she was; when we would zig, it always seemed like she zagged. When we were at one bait site, she was visiting a different site. I definitely had my heart set on the big ol’ queen, which is why I passed on bear after bear after bear—four different bears kept us entertained during the course of our hunt. Tagging a trophy bear is always my goal, but that doesn’t make it a reality—that’s hunting! She outsmarted me on this trip…but there is no doubt in my mind, I’m coming back next year with the hope of closing the deal on this big old monarch!

trail cam sow bear

black bear sow on camera

About Kabinakagami Lake

Kabinakagami Lake better known as, “Big Kaby,” is a 30,000-acre lake, 25 miles long with 140 islands and full of great structure. Big Kaby is a multi-species dream with fantastic walleye, trophy pike, abundant giant perch and hard fighting whitefish. The amazing wildlife and scenic views around the lake are a big draw to guests as well.

big kaby lake ontario

There are definitely things that stand out in trips like this. One part I won’t forget is how Stuart, Donna, and their family and staff made me feel like family and right at home. As soon as I boarded the plane, the experience had me wanting to make this a yearly trip. Well, the awesome fishing, and of course the bear hunting, may have solidified that planning to make this a repeat destination. Truly, the whole Ontario Experience at Agich’s Kaby Kabins is sure to eliminate your life’s stresses!

For more information on Agich’s Kaby Kabins please visit: www.kabykabins.ca

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