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Agich's Kaby Kabins

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Agich's Kaby Kabins

Showing off a large northern pike caught in Ontario's Algoma Country. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher

Fly Fishing for Big Northern Pike at this remote fly-in lodge

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For those that have caught northern pike on a fly rod, they know what an exciting event it is. Pike always aggressively take a fly, whether on the surface or below it. In Northern Ontario there are thousands of lakes that posses pike and Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher wanted to experience some good early season pike fishing.

That is what brought him to Agich's Kaby Kabins on Kabinakagmi Lake. This water system is well-known as being a first rate walleye fishery. In fact most of the anglers that come to Kaby Kabins are in search of walleye, catching easily on jigs. But there is also big northern pike in this lake that feed on the walleye.

An early season northern pike caught in Ontario's Algoma Country. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

Showing a walleye caught at Agich's Kaby Kabins. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

Bill went in the early season so he could find them in the shallows, most 4 - 8 feet of water. Weedy bays and rocky humps seemed to hold most of the big fish at this time of the year. These are post-spawn fish that really have the feedbag on. Flies to use include big deceivers that are in colours that match walleye and perch in 6 - 8 inch lengths.

Bill recommends marking the perch flies with black bars using a permanent marker. In terms of rods, Bill found an 8 or 9 weight was sufficient. Floating lines were ideal and he also found a sink-tip line in a type 3 (2 - 3 inches per second sink rate) helped get streamers down in the water column.

Agich's Kaby Kabins in located in Algoma Country and is a short flight via floatplane. Their cabins are very cozy and can accommodate anglers looking for a basic Housekeeping Plan (bring your own food) or the full American Plan Fishing Packages. May and June are considered the best months to come for their big shallow water pike.

For more information contact: Donna and Stewart Agich, www.kabykabins.ca or phone toll free 1-888-824-2040.

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