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Algoma Country: Catching Trophy Pike

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Algoma Country: Catching Trophy Pike

The New Fly Fisher catches trophy pike at Leuenberger's Kag Lodge in Algoma Country. • Credit: Colin McKeown

Leuenberger's Kag Lodge

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There are some lakes in Northern Ontario that are known for producing massive northern pike.

One of those places is Kag Lake in Algoma Country. Kag Lake is run by Leuenberger's Air Service based in Nakina. A short floatplane ride from Nakina, Kag Lake Lodge is situated on Kagianagami Lake.

This lake possess excellent populations of walleye, lake trout and northern pike. Many fly fishers come here to catch big pike in shallow water flats. Kag lake has classic pike structure: large weedy flats, drop-offs, sunken islands and even narrow channels that all hold big pike.

What size are we talking? It is not unusual to catch lots of pike in the 30 to 38 inch range. But there is much bigger pike in this system. Trophy-sized pike in 40 to 50 inch range are caught every week here -- even on a fly!

Recommended flies include topwater poppers and large streamers in white and orange. Bring both a floating line and a full-sinking line to ensure you can present your fly in all parts of the water column. All the pike fishing here is done from comfortable boats with nice casting desks in the bow. Kag Lake even has some nice brook trout fishing on the rivers that run into the main lake. For an outstanding pike fishing experience, we strongly recommend Kag Lake Lodge.

For more info: www.leuenberger.ca/landing.html or phone toll free 1-888-246-6533

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