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Balsam Lake Bruisers

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Balsam Lake Bruisers

Stay at Balsam Resort

Balsam Lake is well known for its Walleye, Bass and Muskelunge fishing. Three golf courses are nearby. Shopping, particularly for quality craft goods and antiques, is excellent. Water and air tours are available for pickup at the resort, and ski boats are available for rental nearby.
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A beautiful Balsam Lake sunrise and the anticipation of another great muskie day awaiting you at Balsam Resort.

Tips for fishing muskie in Ontario's Balsam Lake

The Kawartha lakes are known for their variety and muskie action. However, the Kawartha lakes aren’t always associated with trophy muskies. Balsam Lake is the trophy muskie gem of the Kawartha Lakes. It's located approximately 100 miles northeast of Toronto and just south of the town of Coboconk, it is a great muskie lake.

While filming The Musky Hunter Television Show we stayed at Balsam Resort, which is absolutely incredible. The entire property, the cabins, beach and breath-taking views, symbolize one thing: relaxation. Fishing waters all across the province, there was just something different about Balsam Resort, as we felt extremely welcome and left totally relaxed. Balsam Resort has studio apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom chalets and townhouses.

When fishing Balsam Lake, it’s all about fishing weeds. There are large bays with weeds and both deep water pockets in the bays, as well has hard-bottomed, shallow spots that are worth locating within the bays as well. You'll find incredible points with deep weeds as well. When we were filming in mid-summer we found most of the muskies associated with the weeds on mid-lake humps. Some humps did have rocky areas, but every hump we had muskies had vegetation on the top. The clear water of Balsam Lake allows the weeds to grow to 15 feet and deeper. We simply went from hump to hump, keeping the boat away from the weed cover, but circling around each one and casting toward the top or shallowest point.

Jim Saric with a Kawartha Lakes muskie. (Photo credit: Jim Saric)

We caught muskies on soft plastics such as Bulldawgs, and despite the deep weed growth the muskies were chasing shallow-running bucktails as well. When fishing Balsam lake you can cast or troll to cover water and try to find active muskies. Trolling shallow running crankbaits adjacent to the weed edges and over the tops of the weeds can be extremely effective.

One of the other great things about the Kawarthas is that you can fish several lakes nearby. Since the Kawartha lakes are part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, you can fish several other lakes within a 15 - 30 minute drive. If you encounter big winds, or simply want to fish another lake for variety, it’s easy to fish nearby waters. Plus Balsam Resort is one block from the public boat launch so it’s easy to fish multiple lakes.

If you are searching for a great muskie and/or family vacation, Balsam Resort on the Kawarthas is a great option. The family can enjoy the beach while you chase muskies or have them join you, because given the large musky population there’s a good chance you’ll catch a muskie!

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