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Big Bass Valley

• Credit: Karl Kalonka
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Big Bass Valley

Wakomata Lake Cottages has spectacular scenery and crystal clear lakes with a lot of smallmouth bass

I simply love fishing for smallmouth bass in ultra-clear water conditions! I’m talking about water so clear that you can literally see roaming bass 50 feet ahead of you and as deep as 15 feet below your boat! Sure, these bass can be a little skittish, and at times a little tougher to catch, but the sheer enjoyment and excitement of seeing these big brown bass crush your topwater bait or chase your crankbait back to the boat is unforgettable.


We enjoyed a trip to the Mississagi River valley area of Algoma Country last year, and came away with an experience that will soon not be forgotten in the memory bank. We visited with the nice folks who operate Wakomata Lake Cottages, located in the Laurentian Highlands, with spectacular scenery and crystal clear lakes that harbour a lot of big brown bass.


Wakomata Lake, originally named Wakomatogaming meaning "Big Clear," is a 6,000-plus-acre lake, with a mean depth of 102 feet. The lake features over 30 miles of shoreline with exceptionally clear water, long sandy beaches, islands, coves, and tons of prime smallmouth bass habitat including rocky points, gravel, and sand back bays, boulder-strewn humps, and lots of sunken timber that attracts some of the biggest of bass in Wakomata.

I wanted excitement, so I fished with a small popping and splashing style topwater bait, making long casts along the rocky shorelines and points looking for roaming bass on the feed.

With the crystal-clear conditions, longer than average casts usually receive the most strikes and, on this trip, the big brownies left no doubt what they wanted to eat. Topwater it was!

The excitement of seeing a big bass appear out of nowhere under your topwater lure is half the fun of fishing clear water lakes like Wakomata.

Watching them eyeball your lure and slowly nose up to the bait and then without and warning, engulf the lure like they would a natural baitfish, and then start cartwheeling across the lake's surface while making long reel-drag screaming runs is as fun as it gets in bass fishing.

Fishing clear water lakes like Wakomata is not only a topwater paradise; smaller-profile tube jigs, drop shot presentations, and jerkbaits account for a lot of the bigger bass catches throughout the entire season on this lake. With an “open all year” season for bass, it is critical to the future of the lake's bass fishery to enjoy the excellent bass fishing opportunities this lake provides, but practising responsible catch and release with the lake's bigger female bass ensures the next generation can experience the same joys and adventure as we do today.

Wakomata Lake is also home to lake trout, northern pike, walleye, and whitefish. For those interested in speckled trout or rainbows, there are a number of rivers, creeks, and back country lakes to explore.

The lake is remote, but road-accessible. This unspoiled wilderness invites you to relax and unwind while experiencing some of the finest smallmouth bass fishing of your life in a family-friendly atmosphere that makes Wakomata Lake Cottages a great vacation destination for families, corporate retreats, weddings, stag parties, and many other special occasions.


The cottages are modern and come fully equipped. They also supply all bedding and all towels. Towels are also supplied for our outside hot tub and sauna, which are very popular activities year-round.

Your hosts Mark & Candice Bouchard invite you and your family to come enjoy all that Wakomata Lake Cottages has to offer, and experience some of the finest fishing of the season while relaxing in the unspoiled beauty of the Laurentian Highlands located just off highway 129, north of Thessalon, Ontario.

Contact Information

Wakomata Lake Cottages
9538A Hwy 129
Thessalon, Ontario P0R 1L0
Phone: 1-705-992-5900

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