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Brace Lake Bonanza

Ang holds a Brace Lake northern pike that was caught in the evening within viewing distance of the lodge. • Credit: Fish'n Canada
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Brace Lake Bonanza

A Gem for Fishing Walleye and Northern Pike

Oftentimes here at Fish'n Canada the name of an outfitter or lodge operator comes up in conversation or is mentioned to us by an outsider. Many of them quite honestly we have never heard of. When we heard the name Brace Lake Outfitters, however, we knew something had to be up since it definitely rang a bell.

"I made a call to the lodge," says Pete, "and talked to Kyle Polesky the owner/operator. He gave me the lowdown of the accommodations as well as the fishing. . .lots of walleye and some really big pike. It sounded good to me!"

With that, we booked a shoot in mid-July.

To get to the lodge you fly in from just outside the town of Nakina with Nakina Air Service.

Brace-Lake aerials fishncanadaThe view during the flight into Brace Lake Outfitters is outstanding. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

Brace Lake is situated northwest of Lake Nipigon, which is perfectly placed in Ontario's untouched fishing paradise. The lake consists of 2 sections, north and south. It has 2 adjoining lakes Ara and Meta which are connected via a navigable river system. All 3 lakes as well as the rivers have incredible fishing available.

There is a newly renovated main lodge with an amazing waterfront deck. As well there are cabins where you sleep and if you want, cook your own food. We chose the "American Plan" and trust us when we tell you, the meals here are some of the best in the north. . .outstanding!

Brace is not a very big lake and at first glance, one would think that it's too small to hold big fish. WRONG!

We were totally surprised by the size of the pike in this little gem. When Kyle told us the best fishing for big northerns was directly in front of the lodge, we were even more surprised. Normally at lodges, it seems like we pretty much can bank of driving to the furthest point away to get to the #1 fishing spot. Heck, we even tried it here but. . .Kyle was right. Trolling the open water with big baits in front of the lodge is where we caught our largest Pike of the trip.

As far as walleye are concerned on Brace. . .well it's pretty much what you would expect. . .unbelievable action pretty much all day long!

The beauty of a lake like Brace is the fact that "if" the conditions aren't perfect for walleye fishing, a bad day would still be something like 10 - 20 fish per person! That's a lot of walleye on a bad day.

We did take the time to check out Ara and Meta Lakes. The long boat ride goes by very quickly due to the great northern Ontario scenery. Once on these lakes, again it was fish after fish. Although it wasn't necessary to take this trip due to the great fishing on Brace, we highly recommend it.

Brace-Lake-Fillets shorelunchNo fly-in Northern Ontario adventure is complete without the famous shore lunch. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

If you are looking for a great escape in Ontario's north, check out Brace Lake Outfitters www.bracelakeoutfitters.com

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