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Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

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Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

It is not usual to catch lots of 30 to 39 inch pike with a fly. But there are even larger fish in this system. • Credit: Colin McKeown

Catching northern pike in Northern Ontario a true high

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Catching big northern pike on a fly is one of the true highs an angler dreams of.

At Esnagami Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario making dreams into reality is their specialty. Eric and Sue Lund run the lodge and are both hardcore anglers and fly fishers.

They know where and how to catch the big pike that inhabit their lake. It is not usual to catch lots of 30 to 39 inch pike with a fly. But there are even larger fish in this system.

Trophy-sized pike of 40 to 46 inches are frequently caught by anglers. Eric has had a strict catch and release rule for all large fish for over 20 years. This measure is truly paying off which is why so many trophy fish are caught every week. Pike here are caught on or near weed beds. Using flies that look like small walleye, cisco or perch work exceptionally well.

The water in this lake is very clear and pike will see your offering from a distance. It is recommended you take both floating and sinking lines to fish Esnagami. Nine or ten weight rods are an absolute necessity here as the pike are strong thanks to cold water temperatures throughout the lake thanks to underwater springs. Use 50 to 70 pound leaders matched to wire tippet of 40 pounds or more. Topwater flies can work well, especially in late day or early morning. If you want to try some brook trout fishing, there is both river and lake trout to be caught on a fly. This lodge is known for exceptional service, food and fishing.

For more information visit: www.esnagami.com

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