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Fishing for Cedar Point Muskies

Cedar Point Resort is the perfect destination for the musky hunter—it's right in the heart of the musky action on Cedar Lake. • Credit: Musky Hunter
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Fishing for Cedar Point Muskies

The action was simply amazing for early September muskies

The Musky Hunter returns to Ontario for their first fishing trip after a long pandemic-imposed delay. Cedar Point Resort in the heart of the musky action did not disappoint!

After more than a year of not being able to fish in Ontario because of the pandemic, I can’t begin to describe the excitement of that first musky trip returning to Ontario.

We had spent months preparing gear and studying maps in anticipation of the trip. It was early September, and we arrived at Cedar Point Resort on Cedar Lake. Weather conditions weren’t ideal as the first couple of days brought northwest winds and cool weather. The lake, however, did not disappoint. We found the muskies tucked into the weed cover in isolated bays.

cottage resort lakeside

Cedar Point Resort has its own boat launch and a protected dock area. A beautiful fall morning from the deck of the cabin at Cedar Lake Lodge. (Photo credit: The Musky Hunter)

Casting Musky Frenzy IC9 bucktails we were able to pick apart the weed pockets to present our lures to muskies. The action was simply amazing. It was fast and furious, as we had muskies biting or following at almost every weed bed we fished. At the end of the first two days, we had boated 10 muskies and filmed an incredible episode of The Musky Hunter Television Show. It was a classic early fall musky movement to shallow cover at incredible musky water. What more can a musky hunter ask for?

angler musky fishing

Jim Saric with one of several muskies caught on Cedar Lake while fishing an episode of The Musky Hunter Television Show. (Photo credit: The Musky Hunter)

Cedar Lake is located in Northwest Ontario Canada in Perrault Falls, approximately 150 miles north of International Falls, MN. This lake is 16 miles long, encompassing 6500 acres, and is loaded with muskies. I have fished Cedar Lake several times, and each time I learn more about the lake and discover more musky spots. What’s great about this lake is there is a big population of muskies as well as giant fish, to help keep you focused and help you determine the pattern. Also, Cedar is like fishing three different lakes. There are a variety of watercolours with the west section being clear, the center of the lake is a bloom of colour, and the eastern end tea stained.

angler musky fishing

Bob Turgeon caught this giant musky caught on Cedar Lake while fishing one of the many spots available on the water. (Photo credit: The Musky Hunter)

We stayed at Cedar Point Resort, which is located in the famous “Times Square” area of the lake. Cedar Point Resort is right in the center of the lake, and the heart of the musky action. You can drive directly to the resort, unload your gear, use their boat launch, and literally have a dozen musky spots within sight of camp! Cedar Point Resort has nice cabins, a great docking system that keeps your boat protected from the wind, and offers many different plans, and serves meals. It’s the perfect location for fishing at Cedar Lake.

Another advantage to fishing Cedar is that the lake is long, but narrow with many bays and nooks and crannies along the shoreline. So, no matter what the conditions you can always find good spots to fish. Having fished the lake for several years, I have encountered strong winds from every direction and have been able to find active muskies regardless of the wind direction, while fishing in comfort. In fact, in our September trip, the bays that were tucked out of the wind were the best musky producers.

angler releasing musky into water

Releasing muskies properly is key to maintaining healthy fisheries on waters such as Cedar Lake. With a 54-inch size limit, the lake has the ability to grow trophy muskies. (Photo credit: The Musky Hunter)

If you are looking for an incredible Ontario musky lake that is manageable in almost any size boat, has lots of muskies with 54-inchers swimming as well, Cedar Lake is for you. There are several lodges on the lake, but there is no question the lodge for Musky Hunters is Cedar Point Resort, as it’s in the heart of the musky action.

Cedar Point Resort

(763) 807-4624

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