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Fireside Lodge

Bill Spicer and a trophy smallmouth bass caught in Northern Ontario. • Credit: Colin McKeown
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Fireside Lodge

fly fishing for smallmouth bass on Little Vermilion Lake

Fireside Lodge is #6 on the Top 10 Ontario Fly Fishing Hotspots.

Many fly fishers enjoy topwater action. Seeing a big fish come to the surface and inhale a fly is a special moment. Catching BIG smallmouth on a fly rod gives you that opportunity to enjoy the best of topwater action. At Fireside Lodge located in Northern Ontario, they have some of the best smallmouth bass action to be had.

Nestled beside Little Vermilion Lake near Sioux Lookout, this drive-to fishery has incredible pike, muskie and even tiger muskie fishing. But what keeps people coming back is the smallmouth angling. The bass here are really big and strong. Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher filmed an episode at Fireside Lodge and found the fishing to be everything they brag about and more.

The bass can be taken with both topwater and subsurface flies from May until September. Favourite patterns include deceivers (small), woolly buggers and muddler minnows. The lake is full of small shiners and small muddlers in sizes 8 to 10 worked perfectly for eliciting strong takes using a sink tip or intermediate fly line.

For topwater action, poppers in black, yellow and orange seemed to work best in sizes 4 to 8. Orange is particularly good on this lake. Casting out flies and letting them sit for a few seconds and then giving them a slight “twitch” usually resulted in explosive takes.

The lake is renowned for trophy-sized bass, lots of fish over 20 inches in length that are as fat as a football. Fly fishers will find 6 and 7 weight rods are ideal but don’t forget to bring a 9- or 10-weight to cast some big streamers for the aggressive pike and musky. Lines to bring include: floating, intermediate, sink tip and full sinking in Type 3 or 4.

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Fireside Lodge
Toll-Free: 1-800-545-0815

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