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Fish For All Seasons

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Fish For All Seasons

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Who Says You Can’t Fish All Year round in Ontario?

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It’s funny, I have quite a few buddies that can’t wait for Bass season to open, but in Ontario there are (in most cases) seasons for different species of fish. But a lot of people only fish in the summer, or they target just Bass or Musky or Walleye. Whatever you fancy and/or like to fish for is your choice in Ontario.

I have been fishing for over 40 years of my life, and there is still nothing better than fishing for all kinds of different fish in all four seasons.

I live in Port Perry, Ontario, so I’m close to the heart of the Kawarthas, boasting some of the best fishing in the world! I must say I am pretty lucky to be within an hour or two of some of the best fishing, including every species that Ontario has to offer.


First, I want to start with Steelhead (Rainbow Trout). In the spring they run the rivers to spawn. When the temperature is right and after a few days of good rain, you can get in to some of the best fishing you can imagine, with fish up to 15 lbs, and this fish is very easily accessible.


As we move on to late spring-early summer, you have Crappie that come shallow to spawn; they are a great fish for kids to catch and get them into the sport. You can fish them in warming bays with very little current for great success.

From there, Walleye opens, and we all know how much we love to catch them as they are great table fare. Check near fast water, rivers, or moving current in the spring for best results. Then Bass and Musky opens, and Ontario offers trophy fishing for these species. Try drop offs and weed beds as the temperature starts to rise in the summer.


And lastly, it doesn’t stop there… ice fishing is an unbelievable sport for the whole family, from perch to walleye to crappie, it is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors in the winter.

So don’t sit around watching fishing shows (except Fish TV of course, lol); get out in this beautiful province of Ontario and enjoy fishing all year around.

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